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[Feds] So Now What?

Day 2,857, 09:41 Published in USA Poland by Apollo221

I want to thank all of you who supported me and voted for my campaign to be Party President. It is something I always strive for even though I have already done it. This party has always been my home, and though at one point I may have strayed away from home, I always came back. The Feds are the place where I spent so much of my personal time, not because it was always fun, but because the people here meant a lot to me. They are in fact, the reason I still log in today.

So what happens now?

Now the real fun begins. Through my time here, I see party activity dwindle more and more each month. Some of this cannot be helped because of game mechanics and because of well, the game is getting stale with barely any changes of an already atrocious game. So what can us lowly little citizens do?

Well for starters we can pump more money into a members. This can be accomplished with more prizes for games through the Fed Forum. We have such a grand treasury for a party but we never use it. It simply sits all month long with occasional games here and there. However, I believe players should be awarded for their activity. Fedicare is a good example of this, which rewards those who participate in just about everything. But this will need an upgrade to be successful where I believe party standards should be. Afterall, how great can a party be without a grand reward system. Finally the treasury will receive the attention it has deserved since its creation.

SHIELD has always been a great Military Unit. With Cashuea as CO I believe it can continue to be great. However, like the Feds, activity is slowing down here too. I believe this is due to the fact that there isn't much going on. I do not see very many contest or joint strikes or anything of the like. There are next to no reward programs and again, rewards are an integral part of activity. Again the treasury will be used here. Even though it is the Fed treasury, and SHIELD is in part a separate entity, something to sustain rewards, contest, and joint strikes must be used.

Keep an eye out for Fed media and myself my friends, because there will be more things to come.



Apollo221 Day 2,857, 09:42

First for an exciting term!

SAR97 Day 2,857, 11:22

Good article!!

kyerby Day 2,858, 08:49


dk3dknight Day 2,858, 12:58


Senryaku Day 2,858, 14:52

Or you could come join a good party.

nick.bergman Day 2,858, 21:08

I endorsed because you wrote it.

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