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[Fed4Congress] Vote for Awesomeness.

Day 1,798, 14:53 Published in USA USA by Duncan Crowe

^Props to fingerguns for making me the banner!

Hai Peoples.

Sorry I have not written for a while. Was a little busy, and then I had some problems logging onto eRepublik. Regardless, I decided to write today, and I hope you enjoy. I'll try to write this article with as little of a bias as possible, but I will not deny the fact that there might be SOME biased opinions in this article.

Please don't flame me.



Ask any eAmerican, and they might say the eCP is the most important figure in the government. Maybe they would be right.


eCongress is one of the most integral pieces in any functioning government. The members control whether an alliance is ratified or not. They control the funding of the government, and the many declarations of war that the CP may choose to enact. Love it or hate it, Congress is one of the biggest and most important institutions in the eGovernment.

Without integrity, eAmerican values and honor within such, the demise of eAmerica would be almost certain, including a potential wipe due to lack of funding. And no-one wants that. (Hopefully)We want integrity, patriotism, and honesty.

Moreover, we want awesome peoples.

On Congressional voting day, many choices will be present. The Feds, WTP, USWP, AFA, and inCi will all have candidates and tickets.

Which party's ticket is best?

That's for you to decide, but let me have a chance at swaying you to vote Fed.

To do this, I'm going to tell you a story, instead of just shouting my obvious bias.

Please, I hope you read and enjoy.

When I returned to this game after a long hiatus, let's just say I was a political adventurer. I traveled parties. I spent time in the American Military Party, the United States Workers Party, and the We The People party. While some of them represented the proper ideals and had some very active members, I just wasn't feeling any of them. I didn't find myself enjoying logging onto the forum or onto IRC.

Finally, I joined the Federalist Party.

Sure, I just joined for the ATO attempt at first. I knew nothing about the Feds, and I knew nothing about their omnipresent awesomeness or their P/H attitude. Then, I started delving into the party happenings. I joined the forum. I joined IRC, and I started posting. Interacting.

After that, something happened. I started becoming more and more Fed, more and more P/H! After this, I became hooked. I wrote articles. I created programs. I found myself getting involved, working with the members of the party. I started caring about this game again, and moreover I really just started to enjoy myself again.

I became inspired by the members. Inspired by their accomplishments, their histories, and their honesty, integrity and activity. I was able to enjoy myself within an awesome group of people.

It was, and still is, awesome.


You should be able to experience their integrity.
You should be able to experience their honesty.
You should be able to experience their history.
You should be able to experience their activity.

Moreover, you should be able to experience their awesomeness.

When you go to elect the 59th Congressional representatives, don't elect those who do not represent what I saw in the Fed Party.

Vote for Awesomeness.

Vote for the...

^The Federalist Party, OFC

Vote Fed. Vote P/H!

Here are our candidates...

Molly Emma -> The Awesome
bigcdizzle -> The Epic
fingerguns -> ...Too Epic For eRepublik
Duncan Crowe -> Who's this damn nub?
AlexJ1890 -> Pretty awesome dude
Malarkey83 -> Legend
bunny toaster -> Boss. Total, complete boss.
Kara Beth -> I heard she's awesome.
Slade Cash -> This guy is pretty damn awesome.
Harry W. Hill -> EZC legend and very active.
Dennis McVicker -> The man.
logamac -> Active man. Very, very active man.
5440 -> This guy is pretty freaking awesome.
OneTakeTony -> I took two takes. Cuz he's so damn awesome!
General Robert Lee -> Lee is a damn boss.
George Armstrong Custer -> Custer!?! Isn't he the WHPR legend?
Talio Extremist -> Very active, very awesome.
Ulysses101164 -> Awesome.
Sozo -> This guy is a legend.
Jetsmets -> So epic.

Overall, I know you have opinions, ideas, and thoughts. But, on election day, please look at the ticket.

Look at the awesomeness.

Okay, time to end this TL:DR

Summary: Feds = Awesome.

Vote Feds for..


Please vote Fed for Congress! Thanks for reading!

Vote/Comment/Subscribe to show your appreciation.

Best Regards,

Duncan Crowe
-Awesome Fed
-Does Stuff

For The Men

^Louise Cliffe

For The Women

^Andre Mull


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,798, 14:55


logamac Day 1,798, 15:39

Time to make america proud and horny. :3

bigcdizzle Day 1,798, 16:04

You should be able to experience their integrity.
You should be able to experience their honesty.
You should be able to experience their history.
You should be able to experience their activity.

^ this is awesome.

Voted, and will be voting Fed on the 25th!


Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,798, 16:07


Viarizi Day 1,798, 16:22


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,798, 16:25

^ AFA. Clearly not the party of common sense anymore. xD

fingerguns Day 1,798, 16:36

So P/H! Let's rock Congress and make shit happen!!!

Tiacha Day 1,798, 17:44

Go Feds!

Mike Schmittson
Mike Schmittson Day 1,798, 18:20

Proud. Horny. Federalist. American. These four words are all exactly the same thing. 😃

olivermellors Day 1,798, 18:51

Bonuses: what is the party's policy and why?
alliances: what is the party's policy and why?
allegiance: what is the party's policy and why?
vapour: see the article above ?????
________ 🙂 ____________________

Capt.Wolf Day 1,798, 19:26

Voting for the kittens.

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,798, 19:48

"You should be able to experience their integrity.
You should be able to experience their honesty.
You should be able to experience their history.
You should be able to experience their activity.

Moreover, you should be able to experience their awesomeness."

great message, great delivery.

Sozo Day 1,798, 20:29

I have achieved legendary status only by virtue of being aged and venerable. I look forward to another round of congress though, good luck Feds and worthy contenders from other parties! 🙂

Malpazar Day 1,798, 23:00


Slade Cash
Slade Cash Day 1,799, 04:41

So p/h I just ji... never mind.

Ramilas Day 1,799, 08:22

P to the H my friend.


Kara Zor El
Kara Zor El Day 1,799, 10:39


EnterAwesome Day 1,799, 20:47

I don't find andre mull attractive... is that weird?

Btw this Article has EnterAwesome's Awesome approval. (Not that it means anything)

Viarizi Day 1,800, 02:46

"Make a concerted effort to log in on Thursday the 25th and vote for the AMERICAN FREEDOM ALLIANCE".


Join the only opposition that exists in the eUSA, all other parties are Dictatorial, Anti-Freedom or just plain Turks and Serbs PTOers !


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,800, 03:06

The real goal of RGR:

Psychomuch?...1 of several pages during his bia stalkfest

And what happens when you don't respond at all?

DO NOT VOTE AFA for Congress, or you get this guy. Greedy, unstable, he doesn't care about any of us, just himself, and because eAmerica hasn't let him be CP and been his "friend", he's throwing us to the enemies.

Animis Day 1,800, 06:31

Ask any FED, I am a friend

Do you like Girls and Guns?

Viarizi Day 1,800, 14:40 - SHAME ON YOU POTUS!

- So a boycott on MU supplies to AFA members is the best you can do? You try to drive American soldiers away from the AFA just so you can call us PTOers?!

Threats to AFA members will just make us stronger.


- A. F. A. !

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