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[Fed.] The Leaders of Tomorrow

Day 1,931, 13:01 Published in USA USA by Duncan Crowe

Fellow eAmericans o/,

The composition of eAmerica's leading force is changing; no longer are the old-fags safe. New leaders are emerging, even ones who run for CP, and we see new people campaigning in Congress and for Congress.

While the cry of elitism still rings in everyone’s ears, and many still hold it to be true (tin-foil hat brigade), brilliant parties are fostering creative minds, patriotic citizens, and new CPs. These citizens are most likely going to be the future of eAmerican leadership.

Generally speaking, The Feds. have had their fair of new leaders, which, of course, begs the question:

What is it about the Feds that fosters leaders?

Well, read on and do enjoy my explanation. Or, at the very least, pretend that you did so, since I can’t really tell the difference :3.


First, an interesting quote:

"The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born - that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; In fact, the opposite is true. leaders are made rather than born."
—Warren Bennis

Now, I’m going to tell you a little story that might give a little hint at why the Feds are great are producing leaders, and then I’ll clarify.


When I joined the Feds. in early August, I immediately noticed the activity, both on the forums, in-game, and on IRC. I expected this to be the social norm. across all parties, and thus I was a tad bit surprised to learn that this was not entirely the case.

As a result, perhaps, of this discovery, I saw the Feds. as an active, bustling community in which I could really prosper. It certainly did not seem dead, and it was very easy to talk to people on IRC, many of whom were very friendly, such as Jefferson Locke and fingerguns, to name but a few.

As I progressed through the party, ultimately rising to become PP, I realized that the community had shaped me, and allowed me to deal with large number of people in ways that I would not have been able had those people not been actively involved.

The communication I had within the community allowed people to notice my work ethic, my skills, and thus opened doors to jobs. In dealing with these jobs and the community at large, I was crafted into a sort of “people person”, if you will, and I certainly was open to new players in the community.


Anyways, I’m trying to say that while other parties might have the elites, the experience perhaps, that’s not entirely important. To be honest, anyone can be elite, but only few have the ideas to be a true leader.

So, in crafting a leader, experience is not necessary, nor are old-fags. In my opinion, what fosters leadership the most is an active community where the leaders of tomorrow, the "new" generation, can grow.

One that accepts newbs, accepts their ideas, and allows them to integrate within. Once one becomes integrated within a community, leadership ultimately follows.

The Feds.

Well, that’s all I got. Thanks for reading, and please do remember to vote VANEK26 for CP.

He is fully Fed. endorsed.

Please vote, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed this article!!


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Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,931, 13:01

first reserved for Fed. leadership!

DMV3 Day 1,931, 20:18

Nominate America's turrible elitists:

Let your voice be heard!

SinaAria Day 1,931, 13:11


Bucephalus92 Day 1,931, 13:12


Kody5. Day 1,931, 13:23


Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 1,931, 14:44


SColbert Day 1,931, 15:20


Lord Phenome
Lord Phenome Day 1,931, 15:32

P/H like always

Bacon Empire
Bacon Empire Day 1,931, 15:39

As a USWPer some of my favorite people are Feds 🙂

fingerguns Day 1,932, 14:31

We want you inside us, Bacon Empire.

Lord Phenome
Lord Phenome Day 1,936, 11:22


Magnanimous Day 1,931, 16:03


Dogpyle Day 1,931, 16:08

Gay comment after kody5.

Cubby Day 1,931, 16:51

Makes me wish I was still P/H. Good work Dunks.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,931, 18:34

Thanks Cubby!

crashthompson. Day 1,931, 17:35


One Sky
One Sky Day 1,932, 05:26

You just stole the 1st place

fingerguns Day 1,932, 14:32

oooOOOOooo srs contender is srs

Great article, Dunks!


Grocsev Day 1,933, 08:35

I don't know why I haven't subscribed to this paper earlier. It is a good read. :)

The Original Fawkie
The Original Fawkie Day 1,936, 12:22

We got elitists too, Dunks 😉

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