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[FDFA] Switzerland need ambassadors!

Day 2,371, 15:15 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Swiss Dep. of Foreign Affairs

Hello everybody
I'am Daree II, the Director of Embassies of eSwitzerland. The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs(FDFA) of Switzerland need ambassadors who will represent Switzerland in other countries.

An Ambassador is the direct connection of the Swiss Government with other foreign Government, their main goal is keep the peaceful relations and write reports from other nations to Swiss citizens, keeping us informed about important events. Ambassadors need to look newspapers, looking for politic of that country and looking what is going on (how many congress do they have, who is president, what alliance are they in, etc.) So it is great chance for all who want new friendships or contacts around world or you looking for successful career in politics (Many politicians start the career as Ambassador). This is an important international position and we need your help. Short article about the country you are ambassador once a week preferably.
You should choose country which language you speak.

You can sign in for ambassador, applications are open. Just PM me asking to be Ambassador in some country:

Country President of eSwitzerland

Daree II,
Director of Embassies of eSwitzerland


For shout:

Switzerland need ambassadors!

Read this article and learn how to become an ambassador!


Walen II
Walen II Day 2,371, 15:26

Very good Daree!

Yaay for the Foreign Affairs org! \o/

Rican Day 2,371, 15:26


Ambassadors are a very important government position, especially for a small country.

Rican Day 2,371, 15:28

Comment deleted

Stenka Razin
Stenka Razin Day 2,371, 15:31


Persej Makedonski
Persej Makedonski Day 2,371, 15:34


IndoPhoenix Day 2,371, 16:29


Yosemite Sam01
Yosemite Sam01 Day 2,371, 16:42


Felllix Day 2,371, 16:49


Persej Makedonski
Persej Makedonski Day 2,371, 17:52

I can be your ambasador in eMacedonia 😉

eMacedon Day 2,371, 18:04

v, o/

Leonardo.DiCaprio Day 2,372, 08:54

Good work .keep it up

Nasionalis Sarawak
Nasionalis Sarawak Day 2,375, 08:52

Lol, I can do eMalaysia.

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