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[FC] Survey Time!

Day 1,823, 13:26 Published in Canada Canada by Jacobi

Look, Plugson! It's green!

It is time once again for a survey and the chance to win 5 gold.

I’m very thankful for the help I received yesterday, and for everyone banding together and saving the UPC from trollishness. Reading Muglack’s article about the end of the coalition and the ethos of being a Dictator makes me chuckle at how completely opposite ends of the spectrum I am from him. Here I am, crowdsourcing ideas for a new party, surveying the public and attempting to capture sentiments and moods, and there he is suggesting that if you don’t agree with his decisions well, there’s the door.

It’s like a case study in a pragmatist versus an ideologue.

And I am a pragmatist. I believe in doing things that work, I believe that erepublik changes so often that to remain married to your ideas is simply advertising your inability to adapt. I think that if I believed the exact same things I believed in June 2009 about this game that I do now that I’d be a piss poor source of information and advice.

So primarily this survey asks you, the active Canadian public, how necessary a fifth party would be. We have one now, but whether it sits here and rots in neutrality or gets developed into something more I’m going to take the pulse of.

So same rules as before, here’s the survey link, only Canadians will be entered into a draw to determine who wins the 5 gold.

Good luck, and we’ll see what can be gleaned from your views!


ArslanbekSultanbekov Day 1,823, 13:26

v2 s810

ArslanbekSultanbekov Day 1,823, 13:27

sent q7 please. in turkey first comment write first(pirinç) and sent q7 xD so i m praying for you to get mm. we that we share our happiness. making the distribution

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,823, 13:36

A fifth party with no ideas, no structure, no set membership, no plan.
Best to use the party to restart EPIC and run independents.

NoobPower Day 1,823, 13:39

Well, maybe we change something in ecan 🙂

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,823, 14:45

bribery, disgusting.

Crock Crosby
Crock Crosby Day 1,823, 14:45

not enough citizens in eCanada to warrant a 5th party, We barely have need for a 4th at this point.

chewytaz Day 1,823, 14:50

Adam Sutler for CP.

George Beeman
George Beeman Day 1,823, 15:00

I put three people for CP.

I wonder who would win if EPD, Jacobi and Plugson ran against each other.

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,823, 15:18

Need an "other" option for the alliance

klop123 Day 1,824, 07:04

I agree with Homer, an other option is needed.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,824, 10:55

Do we need a fifth party? What kind of question is that?

It doesn't matter whether you need it or not, there will always be a fifth party.

A more relevant question would be "How do you keep each of the top five parties relevant?"

George Beeman
George Beeman Day 1,824, 18:43

We have a democracy (CPF).
We have an in-game. (CW)
We have a dictatorship. (MDP)
We have something else. (UPC)
We're missing an economic party, or the equivalent of MOO.

Plugson Day 1,825, 06:59

I'm looking for a party that places priority on protecting a healthy stack of MPPs, stablizing MU funding with a basic donations for infrastructure upgrades, and maintaining moderate to low taxes so that the independent players and suppliers can purchase weapons affordably.

In other words, a FrankenParty that takes the "military" from MDP, the "in-game process" from CW, and "minimalist economics" from the old CPF. MOO is no longer necessary now that the economy is oversimplified/broken.

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