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EZC News & beer

heyy sup people,
I actually wanted to get this out in the beginning of November, but I was distracted with stuff in RL.. so well, here we are now, finally!
I am trying to get this a regular scheduled thing. Going to post about any interesting EZC stuff that is going on. Furthermore you can find the latest information about our current TW partners and our safe states, so that you can get easy info of where to fight.


Daily Orders / Battle Orders
Training Wars
Other stuff

News in EZC

There was a CO shuffle in EZC back in the first days of November. WhyDoIBotherToo resigned from the CO spot. He has done great work and he will remain an important part of our leadership crew.
ubuntu21 took over the CO seat. Animis will remain XO. The other spot was filled by Dinnyin.
If you have any problems or thoughts you want to talk about, EZC leadership listens.

Daily Orders / Battle Orders

DOI Battle Orders usually has the latest orders to maintain our TWs and stuff.
Within EZC, our Daily Orders are usually set to eUS winning battles. Either PING-PONG directs that we win or RWs from regular TWs that we also win.
If there is no DO set and no BO posted on the national feed and you are not sure where to fight, better don't just fight at random. Ask or read the guideline bellow.

Training Wars

What do we do them for?
Training Wars are being created so we can farm the Gold. That is the main reason. Gold is the currency all soldiers need. Gold pays for energy bars and energy bars win wars.

How do they work?
This is an overall guideline. You will learn how TWs work and will be able to identify whether we win or lose. There might be temporary changes about orders, you will find them on the eUS national feed. Anyway, we basically have two different systems running TWs. We PING-PONG or we do REGULAR (ROTATIONAL).
PING-PONG: Defender wins. That's what you have to remember. Let's say COUNTRY XY airstrikes one of our core regions. They win and settle down. After that, from their arrival point they attack a neighboring region and lose. IF they lost, they lose initiative to attack and USA gets the initiative to attack. USA attacks, loses (remember: Defender wins in PONG-PONG). Repeat. And that way we maintain our PING-PONG TW.
REGULAR: Regular TWs are a bit different. A TW partner airstrikes one of our core regions. They again win and settle down. After that, any direct with that said TW partner is being lost. As soon as that TW partner has at least two of our regions conquered, we start RWing one of them. That continues that way.

How to identify winning and losing battles
Okay, you are fully stacked and you want your energy to be dropped somewhere. CO -> sleeping. XOs -> sleeping. National feed? No orders. Wtf.. everyone is inactive, sleeping or whatever. Well, you don't need them. Be better than the rest and KNOW where to fight.
In general, all our open wars are TWs. That means, none of the campaigns are a threat to our country. Conclusion, we only need to maintain the TWs, so we don't kick our TW partners from our cores.
You need to know whether this campaign you are looking to fight in is a WINNING or a LOSING battle. What battles do we win? We win ANY campaign, where our PING-PONG TW partner attacked us.

That little sword on Lithuanias side signalizes the attacking country.

Other than that, you can also identify that from the national feed. Let's say Japan attacked USA. "Japan attacked Alaska, USA": This will be written somewhere on the national feed. They (Japan, PING-PONG TW partner) attacked, we WIN.
We also win any governmental approved RW against our regular TW partners. You don't see any approvals for RW's? Well, if it's not our TW partners MAIN region in our cores and as long as they have two or more regions occupied, there will be at least one region that can be freed or is already being freed right now. You should only support governmental approved TWs, otherwise you might be sticked to a non opening TW for months.
Last but not least, we have a set list of safe states for our production bonuses. We win any attack by any TW partner against those safe regions UNLESS told different by the Department of Defense.

List of our current TW partnesr:

PING-PONG TW partners:
Brazil (Still on TW, we might cut it soon)
Colombia (Is not a TW partner per se, we rather have them on our cores for securiy reasons)
Latvia (Waiting for instructions to land)
Pakistan (Is not a TW partner per se, we rather have them on our cores for securiy reasons)
Republic of China (Taiwan)
South Korea
United Arab Emirates

REGULAR TW partners:
Republic of Macedonia

List of all safe regions:
Washington, D.C.
West Virginia

Other stuff

Wanna have some fun and win prices? Enter Fantasy Fighter League, have a look at our eUS leaderboards and the people who fill it, do a bit of easy math or go intuitive and earn some nice cash.

The Department of Interior has a great list of Assistance programs to support our eUS citizen. Make sure to use them every time possible. The most important program is GIMP, which sets its focus on air development.

So that's for now, friends. Keep rockin' and get some beer!


Together, we stand alone. CURRAHEE!