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[EZC] General Review

Day 1,910, 10:56 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

Easy Company General Review
by guest writer stewy
Day 1,910 of the New World
11 February, 2013

Most MU’s evaluate their members, policies, and capabilities constantly. Most often, this is done by MU Leaders or assigned groups. But, how often does the everyday member get to give their input and feedback? A CO will not always have the same way of thinking about things as a Pvt., so if we don’t go out and ask, how can we be certain that we are doing right by them?

It’s been about 3 months since our last evaluation, so it was indeed time to have EZC members evaluate MU performance and relate personal experiences. We believe in trying to keep and promote a family oriented atmosphere, where regardless of rank one person is no more important than the next guy or gal. On our first evaluation, we had about a 30% response rate. This time, we received a 25% response. While this may not sound like a good percentage, bear in mind that EZC hovers around the 275-325 total member range (last check was 306), so that turns into a lot of people giving their time to help us out with feedback and opinions.

One thing every MU out there likes to know is how well they stack up against other MUs. However, asking that question is a little pointless unless you also find out how many other MU’s a person has been in already to put their answer in perspective.

According to the results, our overall comparison with other MU’s comes in at 9.28 out of 10. However, to get a more accurate representation, we drop the 0 MU response, since they have nothing to compare EZC to. We also drop the the 10+ b/c there was only 1 member that responded in that category, as well as the 6-9 category (no responses). This leave us with an “accurate representation” score of 9.06 out of 10. Apparently, according to our members, we seem to stack up quite well with other MU’s they’ve been in.

Up next, we have a rematch of the QM vs Leadership ratings. Last time, the QM’s pulled out the win in a squeaker, grabbing a better score by a 0.29 margin. C’mon leadership, let’s see if we can even the score this round ^.^

ZOMG.. You’ve have to be kidding me, a 0.08 margin? Well hell, looks like the QM’s win again. I’m starting to see a pattern emerge here... the guys with the goods are more liked.. who’da thunk it. I do believe congrats to the QM’s are in order again, you guys are just awesome. As per the secret bet, the losers went streaking.

-Deepchill’s not fast enough apparently 🙂

On our last evaluation, we learned that our members wanted more media and information from EZC about stuff. To see how we’ve done since then, the members were asked 2 questions that go together. “ How well do you feel that you are informed of how/what EZC is doing?” and “How often would you consider adequate for EZC media/updates?”.

While 41% of the the responders feel that they are well informed, it seems that the other 59% are either in the comfortable but could know more range, or feel uninformed.

(Our resident RL math teacher Vijalob informs me that “PRN is pro re nata -- acronym that fits in a pie wedge for "as needed" (used in prescriptions)” so learned something new today didn’t you xD)

While it seems the majority of the responses are for the “Whenever there’s something to inform me of” answer, almost 40% would like to see something every week or two. Looking at these graphs and at commented suggestions, it appears we’ve got some work to do in the future to improve in our member’s eyes. In other words, you can expect to see more EZC media / updates coming soon.

We also wanted to know what our members dislike about EZC, and what they would add/change/remove if they were CO. We’ve all heard the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. To that end, if you don’t find out what is “broke”, you can’t really fix it can you?. Unfortunately, finding out what is “broke” is the hard part, as members are sometimes reluctant to say bad things about the MU they are in. We’ll go ahead and address a few of those real quickly. ( “member response” -EZC’s response )

“Sometimes, to complete the DO's, it costs money to move to the required zone. I don't know if it's possible to make the DO free...”
- There has been times in the recent months where that has been the case. Normally it has to do with a lack of an active mpp battle to fight in. When that happens, there’s not a whole lot we can do other than ride it out until an active mpp battle becomes available to set as a DO.

“With the large amount of people, connecting with others in the MU is difficult at first.”
- This is a very good concern as we do have a lot of members, so coming in and not knowing anyone or only a few people can be difficult. We’ll have to look and see if we can come up with some things to help the new people connect easier. In the meantime, there are ways to break the ice so to speak, such as simply posting a “hi, I’m new” on the MU feed, or popping into our irc channel.

(If I were) CO:
“Adding a bonus supply for the top 5 fighter in each regiment. + 3 tank or something little to encourage more fights per day , not only for the daily mission”
- Starting soon, we will start giving extra supplies to the leader(s) of each division in damage (If the sites are down, we’ll use kills that day)

“A list of the Leadership would be great, mentioned in articles etc. i.e. Captain, QMs, Need Help?”
- We can do that easy enough, and it would help with the questions about who people are. We’ll start doing that immediately. (check bottom of article)

“I'd have more rewards for people and a designated person to have all donations sent to. Also i'd try to show as many pages where u can ask for supplies, like the I can has tanks the feds has and other pages”
- As far as rewards, we’ll just leave it with the earlier mentioned rewards for the moment, but we can always look more into it. The supply links though, you are absolutely right. We should be doing our part to help keep our people informed of where help is if it’s needed. We’ll have to get all the links together and start putting them into our future media/updates.

There are tons more we could get into, but in the interest of keeping this from more tl;dr, we’ll have to stop for now. However, EZC members can see a copy of the poll results on the forum (with names of poll responders removed for anonymity) so we can be transparent of our happenings. There is also discussions on how best to continue to answer the other likes/dislikes/CO suggestions so we can attempt to address all the input given to us.

Special thanks to Vijalob and Aoi The Fish for making up some graphs for this article. We’d also like to thank all the members that helped us with this by giving their time, feedback, and suggestions to help us continue to improve and do the best we can. It’s the members that make the mu, and without you all, EZC would be meaningless. We’ll leave you with a list of the current EZC officers and positions.

CO- Deepchill
XO’s- Bigcdizzle, Stewy
Commune- Gnilraps
Uniforms- StVaRcA, Laiskloom
Security- kody5
QMG- Harry W. Hill
QMs- Nemanja2012, Fabio Robota, randomjacker, dbsndust, Duncan Crowe
Donations can be sent to:
Food/Weapons- Harry W. Hill (preferred) or CO/XO’s/Commune
RM- Gnilraps, stewy
Monetary- CO/XOs/Commune

Until next time, CURRAHEE!!

Graph #1 data
# MU - Rate- overall score = 9.28 … accurate representation (1-2&3-5) = 9.06
0 (6) - 10.0
1-2 (28)- 9.46
3-5 (15)- 8.66
6-9 (0) - 0 (No responses)
10+ (1)- 9 (list b/c of a response, but lacks data for more accurate representation)

Graph #2 data (49)
QM’s - 9.51 (466\49)
Leadership- 9.43(462\49)
well sumbitch, we lost again in another squeaker 😣

Data #3 Informed (49)
Overall- 7.65 (375/49)
0-6 - 28.6% (14/49)
7-8 - 30.6% (15/49)
9-10- 40.8% (20/49)
Data #4 How often (50)
weekly- 28% (14/50)
2 weeks- 10% (5/50)
Monthly- 4% (2/50)
Update- 58% (29/50)
See the raw data here
You may now return to your regularly scheduled clicking


Gnilraps Day 1,910, 10:56


Deepchill Day 1,910, 11:07

Awesome, thanks Gnilraps and Stewy for the article.


stewy Day 1,910, 11:16

Oh look, EZC stuff \o/


Evil.Elvis Day 1,910, 11:43


mcatalin Day 1,910, 11:59



joshua tucker
joshua tucker Day 1,910, 12:02


One Sky
One Sky Day 1,910, 12:20

CURRAHEE ! one of the best MU in the eUS

KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli
KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli Day 1,910, 12:30


jmoneytizzle Day 1,910, 12:40


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,910, 13:52


maximum ride
maximum ride Day 1,910, 14:14


MaestroAkel Day 1,910, 14:15

CURRAHEE!! you maw'fuckas

Saltheart Foamfollower
Saltheart Foamfollower Day 1,910, 14:22

Bravo Zulu Gnil.

Bucephalus92 Day 1,910, 14:25


Kishvier Day 1,910, 15:30


Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Day 1,910, 16:12


chimichonga barbosa
chimichonga barbosa Day 1,910, 16:38

Git some sucka!

bigcdizzle Day 1,910, 16:56

Love the raw info. Best MU in the eWorld.


Clydeo Day 1,910, 19:20


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Satellizer L. Bridgette
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