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[EXTRA] eNihon-Koku BANZAI!

Day 1,819, 00:38 Published in Japan Japan by ahava3233

Hiya, ahava3233 reporting from Kanto!

(Reporting from the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo)

For the past three months, our country has been subjugated by the Taiwanese against the will of its citizens. Our pleas and desire for a free country were consistently ignored by those in power despite the fact that our oppressors never plundered any real wealth through the conquest of our nation. Japan's future seemed to appear bleaker as the months went by and people ceased playing or left the country...

That changed moments ago this evening though! I am hesitant to even believe it given my doubts that such an amazing success was even remotely possible (82-18, by a huge margin of victory at that), but as of this evening at roughly 17:38 JST on November 12th, 2012 (00:38 Erepublik Standard Time, Day 1,819)...we finally did it. Through internal teamwork, the work of Koppanyi's government and close communication and cooperation with well-chosen and respectable allies we finally managed to get some of our rightful territory back from the Taiwanese. Kanto is free! Despite a lengthy and tumultuous period of oppression, our nation stands once again!

Now nation, savor in this victory, it is certainly a historic one of the little guy winning despite all odds. Don't let down your guard though, brace yourselves for a future fight. We have no guarantee that ROC will not attempt to retake our newly liberated territory through war. In fact given the current political outlook it seems inevitable that they will attempt to do so at some point. Keep an eye out for any updates and opinions from major eJapanese political figures as well as Koppanyi's government...someone in there has to be keeping a close eye on the Taiwanese and should be reporting within the executive in order to determine if further military action or readiness is prudent.

Furthermore, if you haven't already get involved on IRC at #nippon on (mibbit link here) and log into our forums on With a now partially freed country, it would be nice to see the community thrive once more as it did during my youth here in the New World. If you're new don't be discouraged, try to get involved as well--the more connected, resourceful and well-informed eJapanese we have the better!

May Japan stand once more for ten thousand generations (or even better, infinitely longer than that 😉)! ahava3233 signing off!



War3hous313 Day 1,819, 00:45

May Japan stand once more for ten thousand generations.

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 1,819, 00:45



Arari Kara
Arari Kara Day 1,819, 01:02


Darshu Day 1,819, 01:43


Shirobu Day 1,819, 03:07

For the Land of the Rising Sun


Lonqu Day 1,819, 04:11

Congrats on liberation. o7

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,819, 07:39

独立万歳! 万歳! 万歳!

PPLalo Day 1,819, 13:03


Akiyama Sairei
Akiyama Sairei Day 1,819, 14:19


Zodiarque Day 1,819, 17:04


Kagami Hiiragi
Kagami Hiiragi Day 1,820, 23:19


Kitarou Day 1,820, 08:49


Demonaire Day 1,820, 10:52

Congrats by your liberation, even as your enemy.

But with that, I don't have any issue left in ER. So I can dedicate to observe my country (but I'll still pass here for the Lucky Channel and other magazines. = )

Auraborus Day 1,820, 16:19

GRATZ eJapan!

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