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[ 出来事Event] Coming of Age Day

Day 1,878, 22:08 Published in Japan Austria by Oraizan

Japan has a holiday coming up called the ‘coming of age day’ and I like to believe that it’s correspondence with Empress Day is a happy accident. 20 is the age at which you are considered an adult in eJapan, and as such the entrance into adulthood is celebrated the second monday of january. (January 14th 2013)

Since educating new citizens is becoming much more popular as of late, we will be having a large event to celebrate the occasion, and have it will run the same amount of time as the Empress Day voting.

We are kicking off the event with a giveaway! One part of the event will be a trivia for players under 25. As such, we are asking old and young to submit at least one question. The prize for submitting one question will be 5 Q7 weapons, handed out by none other than Empress Horo. (皇后ホロ) See the link bellow.

To advertise the event, of course we have Mikuru running around town while Haruhi supervises. Horo is currently busy preparing for her trip home. Don’t waste their efforts!

1. Each citizen is only viable to collect the reward once.
2. MoCH holds the right to determine if the submitted questions are qualified to be used in the event and will not use incomplete or inappropriate submissions.

Click here to take part!

Donations and Spending
So far!
iYiJosse (3g!)
Daisuke Hideyoshi (5g!)

I will be putting 5000cc into the accounts as well as the donations, and creating a sheet for MoCH donations and spending. At the end of the month the money will be sent to the new MoCH and/or MoF, as per request of next month’s CP. This event will not be part of it, I have already bought the items and that money will come from my own pocket. The information will be up on the forums sometime in the next few days, as well as in my next MoCH article.

Empress day is soon, and horo will be stepping down. Sadly Empress day was too close to CP elections to make any real reforms, but there is a brainstorming session going down in the forums. Click heeeeeere!

Also, you still have 3 days to nominate and campaign for the empress day elections, don’t miss your chance! Nominate here!

I made a page for eJapan a while back but never promoted it. Facebook is a widely used social media, and the more likes we get the more visible we will become. You can also use it to keep up to date on some things, and share eJapan.

If you like eJapan, like us on facebook too!

If you want an article shared and I haven't, just let me know. As long as it is un-biased, I will do so. This goes for international articles also!

Thanks to everybody who has donated so far, and to those participating in the events. It’s the active people who keep eJapan’s culture alive. Even through hard times.

Minister of Culture and History: Oraizan
vMinister of Culture and History: DankChronic

p.s. a shoutout to Mii for helping with kanji~


Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Day 1,878, 22:09


Aryzn Day 1,878, 22:34

Hey, I'm 20!
Pretty cool. 😛

Oraizan Day 1,878, 22:39

Make sure you participate on the 14th!
You're welcome to write questions too.

Aryzn Day 1,878, 22:53

I will!
What kind of questions?

Oraizan Day 1,879, 23:00

Anything related to eRepublik/eJapan/History of both, is welcome~

Akki Day 1,879, 23:02


Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 1,879, 23:28

last year at this time I was in Fukuoka, it was nice to see 20 years old womens in a kimono

Dio Arachna
Dio Arachna Day 1,879, 00:38


Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,879, 07:21


Shiro Yasha WD
Shiro Yasha WD Day 1,879, 16:43


ardishabutaro Day 1,879, 17:10

submitted question

now give me tanks (۳ ˚Д˚)۳

Gospodin Admiral
Gospodin Admiral Day 1,880, 02:13


Ashikaga Takauji
Ashikaga Takauji Day 1,880, 12:41


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