[eUSA Vice President] - The Charles B. DeBellevue Ace Initiative - V2

Day 3,888, 20:43 Published in USA USA by Carlos3652

Hello everyone,

Last week I have announced a brand new project dedicated to the development of the eUS Pilots - The Charles B. DeBellevue Ace Initiative

We already have our first volunteers and we have built the infrastructure needed to coordinate the project. That is why, with this article, I will try to give you more detailed information about the project.

I would also like this article to serve as an application for a Plato Foundation monthly grant to additionally support the participants in our initiative.


- The American Air Rank Program (AARP)

The first eUS governmental program dedicated to the eUS pilots. It started more than a year ago during WDIB2's first cabinet and is still going strong and more popular than ever in these hard times.

We provide every participant with a daily pack of energy if they manage to score a particular air round kill count per day.

- The Warthog Refueling Program

During Gnilraps' last term we decided to give a bonus to the AARP for our active pilots and so the Warthog refueling program was created.

Supervised by me and coordinated by Captain Patrick the Warthog refueling program has been offering regular combat orders for our pilots.


Although the AARP and the Warthog programs are both great they have a major flaw:

They provide food, but no coordination
They provide currency, but no knowledge
They build up ranks, not teams.

So with The Charles B. DeBellevue Ace Initiative we want to eliminate those flaws.

The AARP and Warthog will be kept alive, because they provide the much needed resources for our players during these hard times.

With the The Charles B. DeBellevue Ace Initiative every young eUS pilot will receive additional financial support for advancing their air rank, as follows:

Also, in order to bring The Charles B. DeBellevue Ace Initiative to the next level, our PotUS team agreed on creating a Department of Air Education & Training Command

The department team's goal is to provide the eUS pilots with relevant information about the game mechanics and help them unlock their full potential.

The Department will start it's work helping the participants in The Charles B. DeBellevue Ace Initiative and if the project is successful will expand its activities, including the eUS ground fighters.

Together with regular theoretical sessions on Discord there will be a lot of practical ones, that we hope will produce a solid team of coordinated and effective eUS pilots.


- Have eUS citizenship

- Have a Discord account

NOTE: Players with air rank higher than Wing Commander will not be paid for ranking up by the program, but if interested they are most welcome to join the Training Classes on Discord. If you are interested and want to be included please message me.


As shown above we are dedicating a lot of private and governmental resources into helping our young pilots grow.

In order to provide them with the full material support we would like to apply for a Plato Foundation Monthly grant.

Our request is for a 10 Gold support for every one of the participants in The Charles B. DeBellevue Ace Initiative, reaching no more than the allowed by the Plato Foundation 250 Gold per week sponsorship.

With the gold provided by the Plato Foundation we plan to reward our pilots with a set of Q1 and Q2 houses and a pack of 20 000 Energy, at the end of every week, they have participated in the program.

If approved for a grant we will provide the Plato Foundation board with weekly updates about our progress and the spending of the gold.

Our goal is to run the project for 4 consecutive weeks.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

eVice President of the eUSA