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[eUSA] The Politics, The Revolutions and The Quest

Day 1,861, 06:10 Published in USA Pakistan by av khan
RONALD GIPPER REAGEN (RGR) apparently, isn't a good person. He has lied and used underhand methods to achieve his political goals. The methods which as a matter of fact are not so different from methods of other rather more respected e-politicians around. He has been banned several times for making multiple accounts. Moreover, he has shown time and again that he has no respect for different laws of eUSA. Yet, all of this could be overlooked since some people simply enjoy the games that way no matter how incomprehensible it may seem to others and one would learn over time that people shouldn't be judged over that.
However, there are other facts, may be half-facts, which can't be overlooked. Apparently, he has stalked several people here and in RL. And some people even reported his misbehavior towards other people in RL. That is quite enough to think that one should try and stay away from this person.

In any e-political community there are people, people who have been here for long, people, who have worked hard to gain the political power. Hours and hours spent in deliberations and discussions. Days upon days of fighting and cajoling. They got it, one way or the other. One can divide people with political power into two very different kinds. One kind is of those who know how to tackle people, manipulate them, not always wrongly, and get the benefits. The ones with the brains to handle the populace. The other kind is the hard worker type. They might not know how to manipulate the masses. They do have the will and the genius to work hard and even improve the task they are given. Such people are naturally loved by the masses which in turn slowly makes the first kind accept them. They have to do it. It is the part of the process of handling the populace.

There are two other kinds of people as well, as far as political world is concerned. The first of these are the ones who are talented and quite like the people who form the first kind of the people in power but their views are radically different from them and they have to be smaller in number. These people simply end up taking the beating for their radical views but one should note that its these people who bring about revolutions when they can. Last are the masses, the sheep who are simply there just to be shepherded by the first kinds of both sides. Who simply, don't care and would go wherever they are taken with some simple controlling measures but their importance lies in the fact that without them neither can the governments be made nor the revolutions started.
The revolution begins when the first kind starts lagging in handling the people. When they become so sure of the supremacy of their power they start moving ahead of their bases. Sometimes they move so far and forget so much that they don't even notice they are losing their bases and then suddenly, the revolution strikes.

Situation in eUSA about a year and half ago was that eUSA was a super power but a considerably weaker super power; due to its numbers. So immigrants were welcomed. One could easily get a legal citizenship pass by filling out a form and knowing a couple of well-placed people. Sure, they were given CS but unlike newbies they weren't specifically helped in settling down, if any wanted to settle. Sure, there was a system, there still is, where any really active person who really knew how to find his way could have settled down but what RGR was doing wasn't done. He would, in fact, pm every immigrant who entered eUSA and formally invite them to join his party and it can be safely assumed he did the same for newbies. The ones in power forgot to cover their bases and even those who innocently joined eUSA became his allies. Who would refuse the offer of some, supposedly, hot-shot politician while others don't even want to talk with him? As he made his bases stronger, as the number of his friends grew they invited more and more people and multiplied. With the trouble growing, RGR along with his friends came to the heads with those in power. Then finally, they realized, became alarmed and started taking emergency measures. Measures like cutting down the bonuses, cracking down on anyone and everyone who didn't agree with their policies. Regardless of whether or not it actually stopped the ones trying to take over, it started alienating more and more people who slowly started moving towards RGR or at least separating themselves from the conflict and this is where eUSA stands at the moment. If proper measures aren't taken it will only get worse with time. Even if one could reduce the inflow of illegal immigrants. How long would the ones who are following the govt. right now follow it with current policies of smashing down on anyone who even think of disagreeing slightly with the policies of government? That is, the question to ponder upon.
The answer would neither be found in the use of total and absolute force nor in totally letting it go. It will have to be mild show of force coupled with negotiations, not with RGR, with his friends and allies. With the ones who have nothing against eUSA and its integrity but words of RGR. Citizens who are disappointed by the ones in power and those who are just pure-gamers playing only to win. Eat away some ego to save most of it. A separate department could be made or simply interior and education departments could be used to do what RGR does. Make the immigrants and the newbies feel needed. If perchance, all this doesn't make any difference. Nothing will, because eUSA is in a swamp and its sinking.

The question for those rebelling is a pretty simple one. RGR and AFA might win but is there any surety RGR wouldn’t go back on his words once he has what he wants? What sort of treatment would one expect from a stalking liar who only cares about being president for once? Would these strong and angry people numbering hundreds allow eUSA to have the bonuses rebels want? What’s more, when the ones in power right now regain power and one can be sure they will regain it even if they lose it. You will be branded as traitor for life in the country you actually wished to serve.
The answer here would certainly be found in negotiations. Perhaps not with the people in power but with other reasonable people. There are actually pretty good parties out there who are not actually fond of the govt. and the people in power but they hate RGR even more, so they are basically choosing the lesser of the two evils. You could actually present them a better solution beneficial for them and yourselves.

The quest for the correct solution will not be easy but it will certainly be fruitful.



av khan
av khan Day 1,861, 06:14

I have been resisting the urge to write something for many days due to my studies but when I started writing I guess I wrote a bit long one. I know many people might not agree with me but I have said what I have with the best interest of eUSA at heart.

Waruda Day 1,861, 06:42

Ajay ruins browser games, and by extension he is ruining the US. Some in the US community want the game to fail and even if on the opposite side of the PTO, they passively condone his behavior. I would wager some even emulate it to a degree in social circles. The problem is when it starts to set a precedent, and I believe this is being achieved.

Gnilraps Day 1,861, 13:08

I think you are correct.

Syz2 Day 1,862, 19:32

Well I'm half asleep, but voting for whatever I got from it.

There are some people who should be in office, and even some who should be in office but just right now. AFA is causing those people to lose through the unity process. But certainly its a necessary thing to get the lesser of two evils. Too bad AFA is around to prevent us from finding the right person.

Iamnameless Day 1,862, 22:38


invaluable Day 1,863, 00:34

F0ck is wrong with you... Ruining browser games..? Get a f0ckin life, lol...

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,863, 00:38

Ever heard of these things called paragraphs?

and lol ^

Viarizi Day 1,863, 01:26

The elites arguments are getting dumber by the day...
AFA is now responsable for creating the idiotic system of unity?! That was just created by corrupt politicians who do not want to lose their status and want to keep on robbing the people, AFA is the biggest party in the US, it is time to let the people's choice rule.


TheJakal Day 1,863, 02:43

Ajay is a rock star, he will do what George W. Bush did for USA.

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,863, 03:42

Well said.

^TheJakal: Hahahahaha! You mean wreck the economy and embarrass everybody, right?
^^Viarizi: Please go home and annoy people there.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,863, 03:44

It is the arrogance of the 'Flufferist', who believe they are right and everybody who would stand against them is the enemy, which has brought America to the brink of being conquered without a shot being fired in our defense; the 'Flufferist' would rather see America get PToed than to give up one iota of power.

Candor Day 1,865, 01:50

Well thought through. You're thinky.

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