[eUSA MoFA] - Let's Celebrate - Thank you!

Day 4,127, 14:17 Published in USA USA by Carlos3652

eUSA citizens, it has been a long time since I have been able to have the time to be able to put out a quality article. I do so now, because I think this is a moment that we need to celebrate.

I was Minister of Foreign Affairs under Gnilraps Presidential term, when we were invaded by multiple countries (April 2018). We have had hostile occupiers for almost a full year in our cores, with no end in sight. eLadies and eGentlemen, welcome to our present. A present that includes no hostiles in our regions. OK maybe one. Romania has Massachusetts as of today, but we are going to open a Resistance War and we will fight hard to liberate it.

That being said, we have removed Lithuania, MKD (FYROM), Bulgaria, France, Poland and as of this week Serbia.

I want to thank the following countries and allies for their support because without them this would have not been possible. In no particular order:

Croatia, Albania, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Thailand, Hungary, Chile, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Mexico

The governments and people that play this game, are top notch players from around our globe. They have helped us get out of this mess, and they will continue to help us in the future. Big thank you to them from all of us here in the eUSA.

I also want to give a special shout out for the people working behind the scenes and behind the curtains here at home to accomplish this:

And ALSO a big thank you to you, for not only trusting in our government / executive to do its job and liberating us from our hostile occupiers, but also for fighting day in and day out and not losing hope to make this a reality,

Now, let's get down to Post Occupation. We are going to hold specific regions that are connected, so that we can maximize bonuses, and at the same time keep a clear strategic advantage from anyone that wants to come into our cores again.

These 17 regions will include:


You will want your holdings in these regions as they will be the best possible place for your companies. Send me a message with a screenshot of the cost of moving your holdings to these regions and I will help with the transfer. We want all our citizens to be able to Work as Managers as it is an important part of making sure we grow.

The other 34 regions will be used as strategic regions placing 8 other countries to protect our borders. We will have open wars with most of then so that we can farm gold and TP to keep building our accounts stronger as well as be able to dance around laws from any hostile invader. Some of these regions will be USA regions for a day or so, but wont be able to Work as Manager every day, so we invite you to our safe zone.

Remember - Please follow the Resistance Wars that are approved by the Government, Rogue RW's will be shut down.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Again, Thank you for all your hard work. We can step back, pat ourselves on the back for a couple days, but then its back to work and helping our allies where they need us. A new beginning starts here.