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[eUSA] Government and Foreign Plans

Day 3,217, 10:09 Published in USA USA by Department of State

Greetings eWorld,

This article shall cover the eUS Government for September 2016 and provide a brief summary of our plans for the current month.

Presenting your September 2016 Cabinet

President: Orikfricai

Vice President: Resoula

Chief of Staff: Israel Stevens

Secretary of State: Wild Owl
-Deputy: Khotko

Co-Secretaries of Defense: Yui, Crimsonninja
-Deputies: zRTx

Secretary of Civilian Affairs: Comet Academy
-Deputies: Ilene Dover, Kodos, Gabrielz_Horn

Treasury Secretary: Evry

Secretary of Media: Fingerguns

Press Secretary: Aramec

eNPR Tech: Yui-MHCP001

eNPR Hosts: Cerb, Israel Stevens

The United States of America intends to have an active month militarily with several invasions being considered - the United Kingdom is likely the first of many. The base of our foreign affairs -our full commitment to Pacifica and friendly relations with both Asteria and Syndicate-are as solid as ever but you can expect a MPP or two to be added to our considerable MPP stack- and for a few to be dropped too.

That's about all for now.

The eUS State Department Team


Department of State
Department of State Day 3,217, 10:12

First reserved for State Business.

Oblige Day 3,217, 10:14


JANO D Day 3,217, 10:18

Hail Colombia
Hail USA o/

Slava Day 3,217, 10:25

If there will be no MPP with eRussia I will fight on my own : where I want and how I want

it is just khotko
it is just khotko Day 3,217, 14:31

Anything is possible if the two countries agree on it.

Slava Day 3,217, 15:14

if you check the current opportunity to sign MPP - eRussia agree on it and eUS disagree. so you have a goal now ))

it is just khotko
it is just khotko Day 3,217, 23:04

For me personally mutual understanding and respect are things of greater importance than the MPP. When these are restored it will be just a matter of time.

Iamnameless Day 3,217, 11:09


Maze Putin Stalfitta
Maze Putin Stalfitta Day 3,217, 11:25

GG, you took Wales! The Asshole of England 😃 😃

Orikfricai Day 3,218, 21:19 wasn't Whales? Oblige LIED TO ME!

Arrden Day 3,217, 14:32

I salute the Vice President <o

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