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Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I was eAlive enough to check the map properly, not to mention write a report about the eWorld. But that sneaky Little Finger dude zRTx tricked me into writing stuff, so let’s see how it goes.

I’m gonna try to explain the situation in the eUS a bit and do a quick walkabout around the eWorld, comparing its looks now vs the way it looked when I started my beauty sleep.

Who knows, maybe someone will even read it and it may even help someone.

So let’s go for it...

Some music first.


* ‘Occupation’

* Economy

* Training Wars







The last time I was MoFA the eUS looked like that

As G. Carlin used to say - ‘S**t out of luck and jolly well F***ed’

It was the time when we were trying as best as we could to cut the eUS from it’s ‘sitting on 2 chairs’ past and set it on the right course, making some friends in the process.

That right course was anti-Asteria or what later became CODE. It was a super risky move with the prospects of the eUS being liberated ever again being almost non-existent. But the eUS took that course and it turned out to be the right course.

I am proud to say I was part of the bestest team, working on that case - rainy sunday, Lisamunusira, The Mike and above all Carlos , who spent so much time and loads of rl money to see it all done. Later zRTx and Colin. I ‘eDied’ before it was completed, but these amazing people did it.

So now the eUS is part of CODE and free.

Ummmmm, wait - that map doesn’t seem too different from the one above? Dafuq, you’d say (the ones who care)

Well there are some fundamental differences with the map above and I will try to explain.


I am calling it like that, cause of the recent articles in the eUS media and some comments here and there.

A better name for it should be - allied countries’ military bases in the eUS core regions.

If all 50 eUS regions are free the eUS becomes an easy meal for a group of hostile countries to conquer and rotate as they want for as long as they want.

In the current case with allies only being in specially chosen regions the eUS is protected as regions can easily be swapped, borders shut or a hostile country rounded up and ganged out of the eUS cores by an allied team effort.

Moreover the constantly opened training wars (see below) allow the above to happen extra fast and efficient, if needed.


Another difference of the current vs the past eUS situation is that the eUS keeps its economic hub regions constantly free.

This allows for the eUS and other players to benefit of max resources in their production all the time in all industries, but Aircraft.

So, in case you are wondering where to put your holdings here’s a tip:

- For Food industry - Washington D.C.
- For Weapons - Kentucky
- For Housing industry - Florida

These regions are all not a part of the Training war rotations and will always be kept connected with the capital to ensure max bonuses.

The eUS is also utilising the recent concession game mechanics, renting some bonuses to allied countries, adding some additional daily income to the treasury.

Training Wars

As mentioned above the eUS is having quite a few Training wars with allied countries in the eUS core regions.

As a general Training war rule of thumb remember - the allied country wins the direct war and loses the US Resitance wars.

IMPORTANT: Since the allied countries have specific regional locations in the US cores, I must advise you NOT to start Resistance wars randomly, because as some regions are rotated others are a constant military base and will be defended.
Always check the eUS National wall where someone will likely post a list of approved Resistance wars for you to support and earn some gold out of it.

The eUS also has active Training wars with China and Canada.

In those two cases, unless specifically instructed against it - the eUS wins the direct fights and loses the Resistance wars.

The training wars provide both important strategic placement of our allies in the eUS and also allow significant gold income for the eUS fighters and pilots.


Ever since I was eBorn Asteria dominated the eWorld with well-planned wars shutting their main opposing countries before they got the chance to do a thing. Asteria was the powerhouse of the eWorld, they had all the resources and Training wars + a bunch of satellite alliances in their orbit.

Their main opposing countries, the so called anti-Asteria, were scattered and not organised, mostly screwing themselves internally. As Keers/Spite once called them in an article - ‘pirates’. Most of the time they were completely wiped out.

The Asterian status quo started to shake a little bit with the awakening of Croatia and Greece, properly combining forces with Turkey, the ANDES countries and the rest of the anti-Asteria camp countries.

And for better or worse a lot of the action shaping the current ePresent happened in the eUS cores, having at that time almost all top Asteria and anti-Asteria countries, grinding eachother there.

Soooo, what’s the situation now???

Dunno really, just making a comeback, but let’s have a look.


I was having my beauty sleep when CODE was created, but it was a logical continuation of the increasingly tight relations and good communication between the anti-Asteria camp.

Ever since it’s creation CODE seems to kick ass really hard on pretty much every continent.

We can see the once globally spread, mighty empires of Serbia, Romania and my rl country, Bulgaria have been reduced significantly, with Bulgaria’s cores being occupied by CODE/ANDES countries and we even saw Greeks drinking ouzo in the Romanian cores.

What is the reason for CODE’s success?

I have seen explanations like - your bot army is better than my bot army, and pay for win. Yeah, probably Lemmy's pockets are too deep and CODE bots are Stronger than the Asterian bots? Again, dunno really.

I am not a bot specialist - never had or managed bots, but I can’t see a single top or medium country lacking bots or shared accounts… It’s the shitty state of the game and it doesn’t seem like it’s changing anytime soon.

But I think motivation is not bought with money and I am able to see surge of highly motivated CODE country players, sending messages ingame and on Telegram and participating in coordinated strikes.

And these people ain't bots, but actual players trying to squeeze some fun out of this game. Which is admirable! And these people are not only active, but help each other which is extra amazing.

A simple example of that is what Warbhoy started with the so called Airforce Network, coordinating in real time pilots and MUs from the CODE countries on an alliance level.

I wish I was as active, as I used to be before, in order to participate properly.

I just hope that surge of activity will continue and I also hope CODE will remember where they started - Pirates, wiped out and with nothing to lose.

Keep that spirit guys!
Don’t be pricks and treat others the way you wanna be treated when beaten up!

Keep spreading BRIGHTNESS!


It seems like Asteria has been completely eliminated from South America and Peru (Asteria member state) completely occupied by Croatia, Chile and Greece.

That makes ANDES the Dominating force in S. America. And we can also see Argentina and Chile spread in Europe and Asia too.

I cannot say much more about ANDES, cause I have not been in touch with anyone there for quite some time.


By looking at the global map one can see ASTERIA has suffered significant losses in the past months. Both South and North America were lost completely, including the long time Romanian and Serbian colony - Canada. Peru, the Asterian member in S. America is completely occupied by Croatia, Chile and Greece.

What surprised me a lot (when I noticed it some time ago) is that Bulgaria joined Asteria. I still don’t get why? I have imagined a Bulgarian, Macedonian and Lithuanian alliance as HYDRA (see below), but yeah, dunno what happened there and why it happened.

And it turns out Slovenia left ASTERIA very recently, not that it comes as a shocker.

Iran, being the main Asterian production site, is currently keeping it's resources at maximum and has a similalr strategic arrangement to what the US has, but with Romania, Serbia and Spain.

Anyhow - I hope that ASTERIA will sort their stuff and do something, so that we can all have some fun.


I am not sure when was that one created, but it seems like it was a logical course of action for it's member countries, with the only exception of Bulgaria joining Asteria instead.

It seems like that alliance is being beaten hard by joint CODE and ANDES attacks with France’s cores completely occupied and N. Macedonia only keeping their cores and Indian colonies.


It's still alive???

That's pretty much all for now. I hope the eWorld Walkabout was useful to someone 🙂

Thank you all for reading