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[ESO] Presidential Elections, Updates and More!

Day 1,898, 06:24 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by jamesw

ESO is an unaffiliated, centre-left party which at its root, wants the UK to progress and never stand still. A basic summary of our party would be that we as a community, believe that the main task of Government should be to assist new players in their early stages, through both guidance and financial support.

We will never join a political coalition, nor will we ever back another party's Presidential candidate in exchange for position or favours. We back Presidential candidates based on their individual merits: their plans, their history, their proven approach and their relative 'competence' compared with their competition. The party a candidate comes from has no weight in our decision.

In relation to how the party operates, power lies with those who are elected to run it, and the individuals who the Party President appoints to the in game roles that month. However, our Constitution binds the Party President to act in a timely, suitable and accountable manner at all times, or face a vote of no confidence from members. If you are interested in joining us, we also offer a completely open membership policy: any member is welcome to join and engage with the party.

Firstly, it is my duty as Party President of ESO to inform you of the results of our Presidential poll. Before I give you a nice little image filled with terms commonly used in the feedback given about candidates plans, (Please note that the majority of our members just voted, and didn't offer feedback on candidates, suggesting that the two candidates who received votes, had adequately outlined their plans by summing them up nicely.) It is my duty to inform you that Every Single One has decided to back (with 75% of the vote)

Richard Feist for the presidency this month. It should be noted by all of those who attempt to portray ESO as a party which aligns itself, (a point I have made pretty much every day, and will continue to make), is that ESO has no interest in taking sides.

Candidates for the Presidency are assessed on their plans, their personality, their experience and most of all; just how believable what they say truly is. Richard spoke of a month focusing on basically doing what ESO, as a party, feels has been lacking not just in BigAnts term, but before that too. The graphic posted below shows you what is on ESOs mind these days, and what we want from a President.

It should be noted my tagcloud doesn't give a bigger font based on how often words came up, but rather, gave central position to the most common terms. Any words which were not mentioned more than 5 times were omitted from the results. For those who want to know how to get ESOs support in the future: do not take this graphic as a 'how to', but rather, look at the state the UK is in now: those are the issues at hand, in most peoples eyes. Granted, there are opposing methods and ways to address these, but ultimately the issues have to have a solution. That solution comes from a President leading the nation, and a nation respecting the result of an election and letting an elected President do as his manifestos, candidacy and mandate require him to: what he promised us, the people.

I look forward to the election campaign, and encourage everyone to get involved and ask questions, post feedback, give your viewpoint. However, it would be awesome if we didn't have an election campaign which was a competition between who could buy the most votes for the most articles. There is no 'they did it ____' because the voting of articles as a tactic has gone on longer than most people who are active in the UK have been alive. Enough about the past: perhaps in the future you can donate the funds you would have spent to the Government, or the NHS scheme.

In terms of updates, ESO will shortly begin its final discussion of the month. The plan is, simply, to have an established protocol and 'how to' for Party Presidents, so that the party itself will function at a higher capacity independently from reliance on a Party President to push things along himself.

We will again, bring about new ideas, new approaches, and most importantly, inclusivity to parties, and once again, expect these plans to be replicated by our competitors. However, note that it is not just the policy, or the platform that is important: it is the reasons for that platform and policy. In ESO, the gaining of members is a sideproduct: a vote of confidence, in our product and our methods. It is not the be all and end all: you rarely see recruitment articles for ESO - because being popular alone is not enough. ESO as a party only galvanises such things on a grander scale, when it is in a place where the party can truly claim to be the best. We aren't quite there yet, but by the end of the final round of discussions and the last stage of this 8 week overhaul, we will be.

Members, please note that the group discussion PMs will continue to be used until we are at a place were they can be replaced. The proposals that have been formulated will be presented to you for discussion. We will see how the responses are, and if all goes to plan, we will amend our constitution to reflect the ultimate findings of our discussions and debates as a party.

Finally, it should be noted that we are just a few members below One Vision. I'd like to thank our two man recruitment team for their tentative forays into getting the ESO message out there, but most importantly, to all the new members who have faith in our message, and have joined for the ride. 4 of you now find yourself representing your new colleagues, your party, and your country - and we will continue to do all we can to support you and guide you on your journey.

Upcoming articles will give a more in depth insight into how our congress is faring, how our new members are finding ESO, and most importantly: if they think they made the right choice joining us. Some don't - some decide the gifts of New Era, the voting strength of UKPP or the impressive history of TUP are more alluring than our own humble offerings: as is their right. But those who do stay, and I know they won't mind me saying this, stay for a very good reason. Hopefully my article will be able to do that justice.

Until then,


jamesw Day 1,898, 06:25

For those who want numbers;

Richard Feist - 21
5butjam - 7
Alfagrem, jny, CptChaz - 0

Asid250 Day 1,898, 06:28


Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,898, 06:38

Interesting, I haven't actually seen any Feist articles in the media yet - he's done well to get your backing.

GameChanger Day 1,898, 06:47


On Guard

Ullok Day 1,898, 07:49

"But those who do stay, and I know they won't mind me saying this, stay for a very good reason."
The Cheesecake

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,898, 08:18

It should also be noted that no ESO member is expected to vote for Richard just because he won the poll. As always, use your own judgment and criteria for selecting a candidate to vote for on election day!

Rfeist Day 1,898, 08:26

Thank you for the support, here is my article of intent and I will be releasing the rest over the rest of this week o7

alexg737 Day 1,898, 09:01

Danie, Richard was in communication with PPs long before a public article was released.

"It should be noted by all of those who attempt to portray ESO as a party which aligns itself, (a point I have made pretty much every day, and will continue to make), is that ESO has no interest in taking sides."

Will be good to hopefully work closer with some ESO people soon. And I like the tagcloud.

I think and sincerely hope it will be a clean election campaign by all. Starting early should help keep vote buying down, and the Muck Raker is keeping entertainment in the media during this time.

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,898, 09:30

Little bit surprising but Rich is a great guy so can see why people would back him : )

Good luck in the new race for 4th! (to both ESO and OV) and great to see you guys pulling together so well.

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,898, 10:42

needs more chaz

CptChazbeard. Day 1,898, 10:45


AdmiralNelson Day 1,900, 00:54

Danie, Richard was in communication with PPs long before a public article was released.

yea and ukpp was suposed to be suporting new era this month.traitors and liars are ukpp

WayneKerr Day 1,900, 03:15

@AlottaFuntz, do New Era even have a runner? And where did the agreement we would support you blindly come from?

ViciousDeeds Day 1,900, 03:36

@allotfuntz..... U mad bro????

AdmiralNelson Day 1,900, 04:40

speak to the retards runnin your party waynekerr.seems like they are lyin to you as much as they lie to new era

ukpp run by liars for idiots

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