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[eSA Series] Interview - Hell no we won't go?

Day 842, 16:21 Published in Australia Australia by Thor Jarglson

Introduction - This is part four of a series of article's hoping to provide a balanced representation of the eSouth African situation. This interview was conducted with Bass Junkie a ex-Australian citizen now living in the eUS. He is part of a somewhat outspoken minority, within the EDEN and Australian communities, that doesn't condemn the channers.

Interview with Bass Junkie by Thor Jarglson
________________________________________ _____________________________

TJ: Firstly. You moved away from eAustralia some time ago a few months ago can you tell me what caused you to leave?

BASS: I mainly wanted to get away from all the bickering and constant bitchiness that seems to surround eAustralia. There seems to be a clear lack of things to do, which translates directly to attracting idiots and causing friction. Whilst I have an immense amount of fun trolling certain elements of eAustralian society, it does take its toll, and I was simply getting too tired to keep it up. That, and I didn't want to maintain an active political career; so moving was the best way to stop getting offers for tempting cabinet positions.

TJ: Moving onto the theme of the interview The channers in South Africa have a lot of people claiming there action are immoral and not in the spirit of the game but what do you think of the situation?

BASS: I think South Africa has had it coming. Their previous leadership let Phoenix onto eAustralian shores previously, and I have no doubts at all that they would do it again given the chance. Although the channers did not play with respect, they are still playing the game well within its limits. We are putting all the focus on a group of people that join the game legitimately, use the power of population and process, and install whatever government they see fit. I don't see that as cheating, I see that as a reflection of real life. It may be immoral, but so is most of this game, and so is most of life. If we really want to focus on the bad elements of the game - lets focus on the Phoenix cheating that, instead of creating an interesting element to the game, actually ruins the game for a lot of people. In my opinion, Phoenix is far worse than any PTO group.

TJ: What if this grows from here and effects major EDEN countries, such as eOz or even the US? Wouldn't that just profit Phoenix more?

BASS: I believe the channers have no true allegiance. If they were to grow in such a size as to be an economic threat to Phoenix, there is no way that Phoenix would continue their support. If Phoenix is no longer of use to the channers, they would remove them like a diseased limb. I see this as a threat to EDEN's security, but a legitimate and welcome threat that will hopefully add a few more interesting elements to the game. I'm sure everyone is getting sick of the PEACE/Phoenix v EDEN wars, and adding a third major alliance to that is probably the element of change that we need. If eAustralia or the eUS is targeted, it will be the next phase of the eternal world war.

TJ: Do you think now that eCountries need to start tightening there security to avoid pto's or is there another friendlier route to take?

BASS: Reactive security never works, as the techniques will always change. Today it may be an exploit that gets patched; tomorrow it may be social engineering. If we recognise the goals of the channers and give them breathing room to have their fun and complete their goals, we shouldn't have any problem with them. Most nations should already be actively participating in security and intelligence gathering, and I'm sure any threat can be met with the appropriate measures. Alliances can be used to get voters into threatened countries and get them the appropriate citizenship. I believe the military has been used in the past for this purpose, and I have no doubt it will be used again.

TJ: Do you believe that the war against Brazil/Argentina should be pursued?

BASS: Absolutely, war is the only reason to keep playing this game, and it's the solution to retention problems in every nation. There is also the matter of the vendetta against Brazil that needs to be addressed - eAustralia needs to clear eSA of all foreign control, retain control of the nation, and keep Brazil on its toes with their border. When the time is right, military action will need to be taken to get all Brazilian iron into EDEN hands. Australia will have its time as a world power, and Brazilian iron will be the main force behind it.

TJ: Well there's a goal to look forward to. Are you personally going to return to help out eOz?

BASS: I am currently a soldier with the US Airborne - I will be following whatever orders given. If given the opportunity, I would like to help the eAustralian cause, but orders will always come first.

TJ: One last thing Why do you believe that Phoenix is such a danger, over the channers or other groups?

BASS: I don't believe they are a greater danger, I believe they are more immoral, and make the game less fun. Phoenix uses cheating as their main weapon, rather than tactics and skill. As such, the playing field is uneven and we experience losses where technically we won. Unfortunately this is not possible to stop, as there will always be new ways to cheat, and Phoenix does not have the balls to take the moral high ground. The recent article by Phoenix claiming they are against the channers is hypocrisy at its finest, and is the best example of their immorality. Not only do they claim to be against a group that they are actively supporting and providing military support for, but they claim to be against a method of playing the game, which is far more moral than anything that Phoenix do… My brain kinda died at the end there, need moar coffee.

TJ: It's 4 in the morning here 😛 Well thank you for the interview Bass Junkie, and good luck with your life in the US

BASS: Thanks Thor
________________________________________ _____ _____________________________

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Conducted between 2:30 and 4:00 in the morning so it may be slightly worse than usual
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Calbe Day 842, 16:41

Nice interview Thor

People's Community
People's Community Day 842, 16:49

What Calbe said

Calbe Thorson

Ari Lumumba
Ari Lumumba Day 842, 16:54

not sure how the actions of a president three months ago made us getting taken over by an army of sock puppets "deserved"

Bass Junkie
Bass Junkie Day 842, 16:54

That guy you interviewed is pretty cool.

zamrg Day 842, 17:22

they aren't playing within the legal limits of this game - socks aren't legal, you should monitor chanboards, offsites, irc, their guide on using TOR, temp e-mails, open proxies

HacshFlak Day 842, 18:18

We've never used 'multis' or broken any rules. Such libel should be kept off this beautiful game. Reported.

Bass Junkie
Bass Junkie Day 842, 18:31

Any multiing by channers is nowhere near the stuff we have to put up with from Phoenix.

Ari Lumumba
Ari Lumumba Day 842, 19:12

you saying you reported me is a threat. reported

Bass Junkie
Bass Junkie Day 842, 19:21

You saying it's a threat is a threat. Reported.

Stryke Blayde
Stryke Blayde Day 842, 21:10

Bass, you want proof of them cheating and hacking?

EncyclopediaDramatica (or whatever it's called)
Our old eSA forums

Be warned though, the latter involves you needing a virus-scan and a trashcan to throw up in.

Dycey Farley
Dycey Farley Day 843, 23:03

I love me some Bass Junkie!

You, sir, are a friend of Harvad.

". If we recognise the goals of the channers and give them breathing room to have their fun and complete their goals, we shouldn't have any problem with them"

Exactly the point we werre trying to get across. We used to live peacefully in North Korea til the Russians took over. We have no choice but to become like a common leech.

All we ask for is respect and teh lulz. When we are challenged or some person says "lawl u'll nevar PTO mai country" we have no choice but to act.

The people claiming to be "True South Africans" are a group of arrogant elitist kids who think that by some word of god or gods that eSA somehow belongs to them. They are wrong and we have proven that.

No person or group owns the rights to forever rule a country. If you want to play that type of game, then dont play Erepublik. Go play Risk alone in your basement.

~Harvad University

Bass Junkie
Bass Junkie Day 843, 23:43

Exactly my point. People that have RL affiliations to a country have absolutely no right to that country in-game. Of course the nationalism is increased for them, but this is a game, and this is the Internet.

:. Every country is fair game. If the ex-eSouth-Africans want to keep playing, they can find a country to use themselves, as a lot have done to eAustralia.

Bass Junkie
Bass Junkie Day 843, 23:44

@Stryke: There are no eRepublik laws against hacking an external site with no affiliation to eRepublik, so that proves nothing except how dedicated the channers are to playing. This is exactly the same as people rage-quitting an FPS because they keep getting killed by better players.

Etheodoria Vulpine
Etheodoria Vulpine Day 843, 23:47

Rage Alert.

Spazicus Day 843, 23:57

As much a I agree with you about the infighting with eAus and that the Channers have brought some much needed excitement to this region of the world I still can't justify Harvads actions.

So South Africa was mean to them? Probably not reason enough to basically fuck up Ines real life.

GreyHunter Day 843, 00:02

Fair game Bass?? wait till they start going after your RL email, accounts, credit card.. then come tell me this is just a game for them.. dont cry then, cause we all know where you stand

Tietovallu (the man responsible for the hacking of Ines and attack on her real life) is not a member of Harvad University.

Friends of Harvad like Bass are never targeted. In fact, theyre more likely recruited.

U mad Greyhunter?


Bass Junkie
Bass Junkie Day 843, 01:52

RL is different to the game. What the channers did to Ines is wrong, of course. I would hate to have that shit done to me. When it comes down to it, be careful with the info you put on the net, secure your passwords, and secure your bank accounts.

Stop diluting the issues and sidetracking arguments, it makes you look petty.

Stephen van Joergborg
Stephen van Joergborg Day 843, 09:11

I think this is the only interview I've read so far which shows someone who has actually done their research and understands us and our aims.

Bravo good sir, a voice of reason in a sea of morons.

Stryke Blayde
Stryke Blayde Day 843, 13:19

"who has actually done their research and understands us and our aims"

You mean your aims to get a life?
Sorry, still hasn't happened yet.

Thor Jarglson
Thor Jarglson Day 844, 03:37

I like Mountains, I like rolling hills, I love comments, on my article's XD

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