[eSA Presidency] The Road Forward

Day 1,174, 15:39 Published in South Africa South Africa by eSouth African Presidency

I would just like to thank each and everyone of you that trust me enough with your country to have vote for me. I will do my utmost best not to disappoint you during this month.

I'm hoping to draw all factions in eSouth Africa together this month. As always we're under perpetual threat of an invasion by Brazil. The only way we're going to beat them is to work together and be smarter than them. I know we have the potential, please don't prove me wrong on this.

The Cabinet

Vice President: Cyberwitch.
Without her help I probably won't make it through this month without seriously mucking things up.

Minister of Foreign Affairs. Enbaros
Deputy: wincenty1

Minister of Defense: zamrg

Minister of Security: chucker71

Minister of Finance: Lazer Fazer
deputy Minister of Finance: Rexdeus

Minister of Domestic Affairs: Fhaemita Malodorous
Director of Information: Mark Morcom

Minister of IRC: Allen Webster

I would also like to introduce a new post - Minister of Reconstruction and Development.
Hamilton Moore was kind enough to accept the challenge of starting it. The only goal of this ministry is to look into every possible way on how to rebuild eSA after the recent destructive PTO.

AS presidential advisors this month I would like to appoint everybody in eSA. Unfortunately I'm limited to Grimstone, Mark Morcom and zamrg. There are one or two I still have to ask if they'd be interested and will do that when I have the chance.

You will notice that I have not appointed any deputies except for the dMoFA.
That is because I hate having to micromanage. Personally I think it does more harm than good.
Each minister will appoint his own directors and deputy. They will also be held accountable for their staff's work or lack thereof. (*edit Adding them as i get the list from ministers)

To all you minister types: Thank you for accepting the challenge of working with me. Here's to a productive month

To Grimstone: Screw you for leaving me such a big pair of shoes to fill 🙂

Let's pull together and go forward and become our country's motto.
Strength in Unity