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[外電]eRepublik Official Summit 2013 (2013全球高峰會)

Day 2,038, 10:31 Published in Republic of China (Taiwan) Republic of China (Taiwan) by AforApple

來源:eRepublik Official Summit 2013

We are glad to accept the invitation of the Greek community of holding the 2nd eRepublik Summit during the meeting in Thessaloniki. Therefore we would like to announce that the 2nd eRepublik Summit will be held on Saturday, 29th of June, from 16:00 to 19:00, at the Capsis Hotel Thessaloniki, meeting hall “Theodora‘”.

As you may remember, the first Summit was held in December in Bucharest, when we talked about the military module, presented the new map and celebrated 5 years since the launch of This time, the main topic of the summit will be the economy - together, we will try to find ways to improve this aspect of the game. Our staff will also present some of the things we were working on lately: a new user experience to help keep more of the new players engaged in the game, a redesign of the battle page, a new forum, new Military Unit features and many more . Depending on the available time, we would be glad to approach other topics and listen to as many suggestions as you can make.

Anyone who is an eRepublik player and is attending the International Meeting is welcome to the Summit, given that you register here:
Participation Form

Filling out the participation form is mandatory and will help us prepare the logistic side of the event. We certainly wouldn’t want to discover that there isn’t enough place for all the attendants! Note that it is not mandatory to fill in your actual name and surname, or your phone number, those are optional. You do, however, need to fill in your eRepublik name.

The organization team has also set up a phone line that you can call to get information and/or assistance for any matter. The number is +30 6976 828 092
This phone line will be available during business hours. From Thursday the 27th and until the end of the event it will be available at any time.

For information on the meeting points, how to get there, and the schedule, you can visit the meeting website here:

See you in Greece!
Your eRepublik Team



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Albert tseng Day 2,038, 11:39

經濟模組= =

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V 雞只有美工組強而已.....

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