[eRepublik Idol]Rules and Registration - Total Prize 250.000 cc

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Greeting Prosperity to all People around the world

eRepublik Idol is an event sponsored by Pizzarayne, Fanaxidiel, Chlife, XsidewinderX and Si Petung, the Competition is a joint project between 5 Countries (Indonesia, Norway, Netherlands, India, and Switzerland) this event will be held in 6 different countries by the 6 stage, Elimination 1, Elimination 2, Battle Round, Knock Out Round, Road to Grand Final and Grand Final. The song will be uploaded on the Youtube and soundcloud so everyone can hear.

eRepublik Idol is an eRepublik singing competition outside eRepublik Game Mechanism, created by Demon War, The Competition start In August 2017. The concept of the series involves discovering recording stars from eRepublik Player singing talents, with the winner determined by the commentator in Article through comment, and points by the judge.


Rule #1 - Everyone can join eRepublik Idol as long as they registered to the competition before the event started. The song dont have to be in english.
Rule #2 - Before the stage begin, the contestant should give a record a song that he/she sing (Must Contain The title of the song and The singer) to judge via Whatsapp, email, Discord, BBM, or Telegram. The record must be his/her original voice
Rule #3 - Violate againts the rules will be given pinalty (reduction of the points) or ban from the competitions.
Rule #4 - Respect each other and dont insult other players.
Rule #5 - Dont spam the mass PM and only message if it necessary
Rule #6 - The official' decision is final.
Rule #7 - Any kind of cheat is forbidden.

eRepublik Idol is a Singing Competition, sing a song and win the prize

More regulations detail you can see here : http://tinyurl.com/eRepublikidol

You need to comment on the article "I JOIN" and mention your country citizenship to register or send PM to me (Demon war/Eraclev) directly..

To send the song you sing and the record you can send it by
Add my Whatsapp number : +6281328799225
Add my Telegram : mfadilgani
Add my BMM Pin : 542AD853
Add my Line : mfadilgani
or send email to : fadil.mochamad5@gmail.com

The song you sing will uploaded on youtube and soundcloud :

Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXz9iNUEjGbkvUjSPKpRV7A

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/user-240296288


1st Winner will get 75000 cc
2nd Winner will get 50000 cc
3rd Winner will get 25000 cc
4th Winner will get 10000 cc

Every participant will get 1000 cc
Winner every stage will get 2500 cc

You need to comment on the article "I JOIN" and mention your country citizenship to register or send PM to Eraclev directly and add as friend because we will make mass PM for participant..

Registration will be close on Thursday, 10 August 2017 - 3550

Supported by

India, Indonesia, Netherlands, Norway, and Switzerland

Sponsor :

Pizzarayne, Si Petung, Fanaxidiel, Chlife, and XsidewinderX

MoFA of eNorway