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[eRep Economy] The Imbalance

Day 1,895, 09:11 Published in India India by Xicor13

Economy,my so called forte,lets see what I got

Disclaimer - I am writing this based on my knowledge,it may be wrong & if right I expect people to have written about this before also,but whatever,Im typing,stop me if you can 😛

Well,here I am,writing an article on the imbalance in eRep economy,which is gonna result in 0cc being present in game somewhere down the line.

Let the Crap Begin

Well,of late,I came to notice that the value of gold compared to cc is falling non stop,well,its not something you people dont already know,but well,it is something given a little thought,exposes a huge hole in the economy module of the game.

Lets get to the Maths Shall We

Big Bang = Bot Removal

Well,in this section,I am going to do a basic study of the economy before the bot's removal from the economy module.

What we had before was,a constant flushing in of both CC & Gold from the admin and flushing out of it by the players,well if you ask how,then,gold was supplied to the world constantly through medals and the bot pumped in currency,but as the bot pumped in way too much currency to be coverred up in gold,the price of gold to currency rose,leading to gold becoming affordable only for the ones who use the "3rd currency" to buy it 😛

But still,in this way,though gold buyers were at an overwhelmingly huge advantage and it seemed very unfavourable to the non-buyers,we could at least play the game without too much trouble

And then it happened

Here,we study the aftermath of the bot being removed from the game. In this case,the golds were still being constantly flushed in by the admin,through medals and purchases both alike,but here,we had no inflow of the CC from the side of the admin but,the outflow still remained,many companies are built using CC and all that CC goes into the land of no return.

Yes,I agree that CC costing companies are not a good bargain nowadays and whatever,but come to think of it,CC is what our general markets operate on,though it all can be done by gold and IRC,but,CC still holds equal importance (not value,importance) in the economy module. To me,only this explains the constant decrease in the value of gold against the CC.

And at the End of it All,



Yours Truly
Xicor (Teutonic Caesaris|Rohan)



Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,895, 09:15

ShockWavve Day 1,895, 09:22


That's all Folks

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Day 1,895, 09:23

nice article...the game admin's have invested in the game for the past 4 years. its time they want to cash it out. expect more of offers in the coming future.

eisenmutter2 Day 1,895, 14:39

the goldprice goes down because
1. no more currency from nowhere (bot) coming in
or at least just very few (because without bot foodraw would never be at 0.03cc for example)

2. goldbuyers now not just bring damage to the game via bazookas like before but they bring their gold into the game to build rockets and the first thing they have to do is:
hit the MM to change the gold to cc (to buy weapons with the currency)

so we came from massive cc flow (bot) to a massive gold flow into the game (rocketbuilder-goldbuyer)

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,895, 16:19

Stolch Day 1,896, 21:16

The price of gold will reach 0.05 eventually and then will fluctuate between 0.05 and 0.06. Thr eason for that is that 0.05 is the cost for issuing money of all countries, since there is only 1 curency in the game all countries can issue CC and thus there is little chance of achieving an agreement to get the price of gold even lower.

The moment the price goes to 0.06, countries will start printing money and bring it back up to 0.05, then as currency exits the game it will go back down to 0.06 and so on.

This will be the equilibrium point, unless plato reinstates the different currencies for different countries. It will also make the Gold price stable so in one sense it will bring stability to the economy and prices will no longer depend on gold price as often it has been in the past.

They seem to be learning but at an incredibly retarded pace.....

Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Day 1,897, 05:26


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