[ePak] Kik group chat

Day 2,643, 17:44 Published in Pakistan Colombia by WOLF HQ


This article has been overdue for quite some time, and here it finally is.

Announcing the ePakistan Kik chat group!

Kik is a smart phone app available on both Android as well as iOS. You can download it for free, it doesn't require any phone numbers, and is very secure. It will not display your phone number, email address, or even your real name if you choose not to. Privacy should be of nobody's concern here. 😁

Following are examples of the types of conversations that occur in such a den of wolves:

Philosophy and puppy pictures

Planning for the future?

Threats on our innocence

Anyways, download Kik and send a message to either one of the following accounts on Kik and we will immediately add you to the Kik group of ours:
1- NomanD (The DarkKnight Rises)

2- thegrumpyjakal (TheJakal)

Or just write your ID in the comment section below if you can't figure out how to send a PM.

This enables us to rapidly send and receive messages and opens up a whole new avenue of communication where we can coordinate war efforts, battles, government meetings or just enjoy each others' company!

So, what are you waiting for? Join now an😛