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[eNL] Congress Activity Report

Day 1,802, 01:29 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by UNL Congress
[English Version Below]

Beste Burgers van eNederland,

Elke maand worden er mensen gekozen om namens het volk beslissingen te maken voor Nederland. Dit gebeurt in het Congres. Niet elk gekozen persoon, doet voldoende met zijn of haar stem. Wenselijk is het dat de gekozen leden 75% of vaker deelnemen aan de stemmingen binnen het Congres.

Overzicht van de twaalf votes waar dit Congres over heeft gestemd en de opkomst per Partij.

Overzicht van de Congres Leden en het percentage stemmen. (Gesorteerd op basis van Percentage en daarna op Naam)

* Mafceez van I&W is halverwege deze termijn op de Blacklist geplaatst, voor het niet betalen van de Congress Belasting. X Deadpool van TPP heeft besloten halverwege de termijn, zijn functie als Congress Lid neer te leggen.

Dit artikel is bedoeld om Congres Leden te motiveren, actief deel te nemen in het Congres.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Chairman of Congress

Piet Valken
Deputy Chairman of Congress

Dear Citizens of the eNetherlands,

Every month, people are chosen to make decisions for the Netherlands. This takes place in Congress. Not every chosen person, doing enough with this right. It is desirable that the elected members, participate in more than 75% of the voting within Congress.

Overview of twelve votes, where Congress have voted on and turn-out per Political Party

Overview of Congress Members and the percentage of votes. (Sorted based on percentage and name)

* Mafceez of I&W was blacklisted halfway this term, for not paying his Congress Tax. X Deadpool of TPP has decided to quit as Congress Member halfway.

This article is ment to motivate Congess Members, to participate actively in Congress.

With best regards,

Chairman of Congress

Piet Valken
Deputy Chairman of Congress

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RikW Day 1,802, 01:58

Are your tables correct? I compared it too your former report and I'm at the same percentage, that's a little strange with 1 vote more 😉

djirtsdew Day 1,802, 02:10

RikW: You are correct. The second table in both articles has not been updated. It is still only about the first 11 votes. Maybe ElGorro forgot to update the links of those images?

UNL Congress
UNL Congress Day 1,802, 02:25

I updated the wrong table indeed. Fixed the link now.

Gilio82 Day 1,802, 03:33

Great! thnx again for the information \o/

Broersje Day 1,802, 04:07

Thanks for the effort. ^^

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,802, 12:33

Nice job! o7

Kixtart Day 1,803, 03:11

Was wondering if the use of colors in the party overview is really helpful, where a party with a low number of congressmen óne person not voting will cause red where a party with more people it will stay green for a long time. It is a valid point to say a party only use active people, but absolutely each congressman is equal, so óne person not voting independent from the party is equally bad.

Kixtart Day 1,803, 03:12

Colors at individual stats is helpful btw !

ElGorro Day 1,803, 03:16

I think it is, as the party president (who is elected by the party members) is deciding on who will be the candidates for congress and in what prio order. The party can choose to get active people in Congress.

djirtsdew Day 1,803, 04:59

So you shouldn't judge a party by being less green for one congress, but if it stays that way, that party should change something in its congress member selection process.

djirtsdew Day 1,803, 05:04

And let's argue that the colours at the individual stats are boring. You always get green on top, yellow in the middle and red at the bottom. It doesn't really help for grasping the information faster, as you can also find the transitions within a second by going along the list.
Maybe the individual list should be ordered by name or by party to have some use for the colour information.

Yfke van de Zand
Yfke van de Zand Day 1,803, 05:27

Two of the votings were closed BEFORE their stated (originally) deadlines, preventing people from voting.

Kixtart Day 1,803, 06:04

The individual stats I do like. You can easy see who is inactive. The party stats are a bit confusing imho ;- )

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