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[ENG/SRB] Country President Candidature!

Day 1,901, 12:50 Published in New Zealand Serbia by Straxinja

Fellow citizens of New Zealand!

I'm happy to inform all of you, that I will run for Country President.

I'm sick of standing on the side, and waiting for some miracle. We made our destiny!

First of all. I'm just like you. Citizen of beutiful New Zealand. I'm not very experienced player, but we all can do same. No matter are you weak or strong, young or old! If you want to help, you are welcome!

If you want to help our beautiful country, if you want to be part of the team that would try to make some progress! Contact me!

Our citizens can't fight for True Patriot. We fight for our allys, and we do some good damage!

Goals that Goverment would try to reach:

I won't promess, something that I won't do.

Good luck to kawala023!

Dragi građani Novog Zelanda!

Srećan sam i počastvovan što vas obaveštavam da ću se kandidovati za predsednika Novog Zelanda!

Dosta mi je da stojim sa strane, i čekam neko čudo! Sami stvaramo svoju sudbinu!

Prvo, ja sam kao i Vi! Običan građanin prelepog Novog Zelanda! Nisam previše iskusan igrač, ali smatram da svi možemo da doprinesemo jednako! Bez obzira da li ste jaki ili slabi, mladi ili stari, ako želite da pomognete našoj zemlji, DOBRODOŠLI STE!

Ako želiš da pomogneš našoj prelepoj zemlji, ako želiš da budeš deo tima koji će pokušati da napravi napredak! Kontaktiraj me!

Naši građani ne mogu da se bore za Pravi Patriota učinak. Borimo se za naše saveznike. I doprinosimo lepom štetom!

Ciljevi koje će Vlada pokušati da ispuni:

Ne želim da vam obećam nešto što ne mogu ispuniti!

Srećno kawala023!


Tabithi Day 1,902, 01:49

Don't think you had to point out you were a noob since its quite obvious you are:

Few points and Questions:

1. Aus is fighting for survival against Indo and Chile, we're going to have a Training War with them how? Even if they get some sort of deal sorted they'll need time to recover. And hitting them while getting attacked like that is just being a bunch of bastards.

2. Expand on better life for all you're not being very clear there.

3. Free food and weapons? Where is the money for that going to come from exactly since the little we have is going to have to go into this apparent training war? Take the time to look at the economy section of our country page and when last we had a donation to the bank, then come back to me on that.

4. More citizens how? We've tried that before.

5. Expand on faster progress and help at all times.

D O N G S A L Day 1,902, 02:06

@Tabithi all what you say x2

Tabithi Day 1,902, 02:26


Straxinja Day 1,902, 03:13

Listen, all can be done with agreement. I can't remember last time when we fight for true patriot.
I agree that they need time to recover. My oppinion is that Argentina and Chile messed things here. Better life is free food and weapons. I'm not very experienced player. but we all can make some progress together! 🙂
I realy don't know where the money goes, but with good organizations, New Zealand can be better place to live.
More citizens, same as Chile. Agreement with allies. And good organizations.
I'm not best choice, but I will try to make some progress! With help all of you.
Best regards. 🙂

pacifyer Day 1,902, 07:34

New TOlanders: what do you expect, KICK THE SERBIANS TOVERS OUT OF NZ!!!!

Tim_Holtz Day 1,902, 15:54

>TW with Australia

lol no

Trento96 Day 1,902, 20:30

You have the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party's endorsement. Good luck!

Spud of Doom
Spud of Doom Day 1,902, 21:33

I'm pretty uncertain about all these economic ideas. Training wars are cool, but Aus is in the shit right now so I doubt they would be interested.

CrackShotNZ Day 1,902, 22:04

What the hell Trento?

EternalLightStream Day 1,903, 00:43

Hey you are too confident,man,...but if you really serious to be CP....make sure you got your bunches of allstar-oldbies to be hired in your cabinet list.......and learn more about game mechanics...don't be ignorant or you will get impeachment as goodbye wavehand

auck Day 1,903, 07:45

good luck !

Straxinja Day 1,903, 09:24

Thanks to all for your comments, suggestions and critics!
As I said, I'm not the country, we all are the country. So, we will all work for our country.
Economic idea is: Transfer CC to National Bank, and than, all citizens would get free food & weapons. We could make some dialogue with Chile, for Australia. We can have better life. o/

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