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*[ENG] Happy New Year [2013] ...

Day 1,868, 15:09 Published in Chile Chile by Zer0Xx
[ENG Version]

It's a new day, another year, another month, the one that is beggining, and the one we must face 😃
But what better way than to spend with our family?

These people (Family) that over time have always supported you, those people you see daily, with which you feed, with which you watch TV, go for a ride, with those who you laugh, and with whom you remember and spend beautiful moments?
It's a new year, where you can enjoy that and more

But we must not leave behind those moments with others that sometimes we take them as part of the family (Friends), with which you also go for a ride, watch TV, laugh, enjoy, you eat, and you do other things

Remember, it's a new year that begins, withnew goals, new friends, more time to spent with loved ones: D
And that how we must take it, and enjoy today and delight with them, because this happens only once every 365 days
, God has blessed us and he gives us more time living together, and we hope that although there are differences between countries in-game (Wars) and out-game (also Wars 😕), we are all friends, we are all brothers and we have to love each other and respect ourselves 😃

I wish you a Happy New Year 😃

My people is celebrating and waiting the new year

From my beautiful country HONDURAS

If I get 200 subs today and tomorrow:3, I will gift 5 golds to 1 player who is between the first 50 comments in the article !

Greetings! With Love Zer0Xx
Member of the MU: Phoenix Rage
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darthsidious2.0 Day 1,868, 15:12

1 lugar.

Eduardo Atlas
Eduardo Atlas Day 1,868, 15:21

2 lugar

Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Day 1,868, 15:24

cago podio

PsyCokenin Day 1,868, 15:24

medalla de bronce

Happy 2013

smeddy Day 1,868, 15:30

happy new year,i hope so that will be wishes from croatia

WintersFury1 Day 1,868, 15:33

rofl 0.1 gold per person lol you probably wont pay this debt off either and its only 5g

lucky789 Day 1,868, 15:33

Happy New Year..

XavieraC Day 1,868, 15:36

Feliz año. \o/

Terrixfull Day 1,868, 15:36


Fullgore Day 1,868, 15:43

medalla de caca

Happy New Year !!

Atomicserb Day 1,868, 15:53

All the best!

Jvanvi S
Jvanvi S Day 1,868, 16:32

Feliz 2013.

PD:La 3era foto es de la fiesta universitaria en la plaza de Salamanca,precioso lugar.

Judoka7 Day 1,868, 16:36

Feliz 2013!

Zer0Xx Day 1,868, 16:41

Feliz 2013 :3

Los jugadores de los países Latinoamericanos esperen el artículo en Español en 1h, con premios tambien 😃

Shouteen esto: [ENG Version] Happy New Year To the countries at the east hemisphere And check out the prize ! Only to people from countries non-spanish spellers

TemujinBC Day 1,868, 18:35


j4k4rt4 Day 1,868, 20:01

Feliz 2013

Gael Cavannari
Gael Cavannari Day 1,869, 23:52

in inglish

naelnoalnoel Day 1,869, 00:12

Happy New Year for Honduras
God bless us o7

fpoblete Day 1,869, 10:54

What does beggining stands for?

Troll Mode: ON.

Falric98 Day 1,869, 15:26

feliz 2013

Chimera775 Day 1,869, 16:09

Entendi caleta.

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