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[EN]Storage Renting - Update

Day 1,665, 16:26 Published in Portugal Portugal by CryingLightning

Hi folks

I am happy to announce that we just reached the mark of 49k of space for renting

Once more I can ensure you that everyone involved was interviewed, and if something happens to your stuff I will pay it by myself


We have upgraded the system in order to make the system easier

To start with the form has been updated - Updated Form

Secondly in order to get your goods back you will receive a password in order to avoid being scammed

We also had improved the system so that you can send a friend to pick your things. You only have to warn us about it and make him pay, instead of you (This way he/she will find out that you are a great eFriend 😃)

Furthermore you will know the name of the person that has your goods and that person will also receive the password to avoid scams!

We also created a new rule
In case of eDeath, geting permanent ban or not paying after 2 weeks of the contract the goods will be sold and will be devided for all tenants as equal

You can not forget that which contract lasts for 1 week and as to be renewed by the end in order to get extended.

Once more here is the price list

Being a tenant

Our lawyers just finished the tenants regulation

Let's see it

1-After we receive an order the manager will send a message to all the tenants and if you are the first one to answer you will win the order. Just in case you don't have enough space you won't receive the order.
Your payment will be 70% of the income from the order, that will be paid in the end of the month.

2-The good's owner will know how has his/her goods to survey them. After the payment to the manager of the firm, both tenant and costumer will receive a password which will be used to make sure that there aren't any scams.

The employee of month which will be measured by returning speed and warmth will receive 5% of all the payments made to the firm during that month

Remember if you want to make a few extra bucks by the end of the months you should join us!
Sing Up Form

The manager/owner/publicist

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Storage for Renting:


CientistaPT Day 1,665, 17:30

Parece-me mesmo uma boa ideia. V 😉

Julio de Matos
Julio de Matos Day 1,665, 23:11

o património será dividido por todos em caso de ban?

se forem clientes tugas tens aí um negócio da china!

SandwichKiller Day 1,666, 01:05


RuiPt Day 1,666, 01:49

e se for ele a levar ban??

aí é que é bom negocio!

CryingLightning Day 1,666, 02:17

Sarcozy, ban? eu ?
Se tal acontecer tudo sera devolvido, e alias, os 69k de espaço so 30 é que sao meus!

H U L K Day 1,666, 05:33


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