[EN] eRepublik Plus is out!!!

Day 542, 10:43 Published in Romania Croatia by PeeKaBooh
* What is eRepublik Plus?
eRepublik Plus is GreaseMonkey script written in Javascript that makes playing the game more pleasant.
It is eRepublik user created content made available for other users to use, something that is in essence of this wonderful game.
It uses eAPI in accordance with 6.2 eRepublik law do deliver richer gaming experience to the eRepublik Community.

* Features
There are plenty of eRepublik Plus features so allow me to name just a few:
- Employee wellness shown on All employees page
- Monetary Market page has some tweaks as 'Update' button works every time not just when
30 minutes passes and additional 'Swap currencies' button has been added
- Army page calculates and displays damage done with various quality level of weapon
- Links are preserved for Marketplace, Monetary market, Job market, Companies for sale,
Rankings, Social, Economic, Political and Military stats, Elections, News and Tools

For the rest, go and figure out yourself. 🙂

* Some screenshots
Army page
Job market page
Monetary market page
All employees page with wellness

* How to use eRepublik Plus?
Prerequisites for eRepublik Plus are Mozilla Firefox3.0.10 or newer and GreaseMonkey add-on 0.8.20090123.1.
Once you have these installed go here and download your very own copy of eRepublik Plus.
Once installed, go to your favorite browser game and enjoy.
You will know that script is running by checking eRepublik logo in the top left corner.
It should have small 'Plus' logo near there too. 🙂

* I don't like it, what to do?
Just de-install script from GreaseMonkey and it's gone for good.
If you want to temporary suspend it, right click on GreaseMonkey icon in bottom
right corner of your browser, choose Manage user scripts... choose eRepublik Plus
and uncheck Enable checkbox. Click 'Ok' and you are done.
Or just simply left click GreaseMonkey icon.

* How about licensing?
Guess what? eRepublik Plus is a content created by user for the users. And it's donationware.
That means you are welcome to donate to author of this script whatever amount of in game
gold in accord to your opinion on how much do you think it's worth and author deserves.
Please keep it reasonable. Too little donations like 0.01 gold will just spam my messages,
too rich ones will be given back. Anything around 1 gold IMHO is fair but I appreciate if
you have different opinion.

* Disclaimer
Script is provided 'as is' without any warranties. Use on your own responsibility.
Complete source code is available so check yourself.

* Subscription to this newspaper
Having subscribed to this newspaper you will receive notices about upgrades
and eventual new features of eRepublik Plus as well as bug fixes. So, stay tuned!

Feel free to report bugs or comment on this article.

Kind regards to great eRepublik community,