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[EN]Changes in the game

Day 1,339, 03:31 Published in Croatia USA by Anwnimos

Credits to : Dennis The Greek
Newspaper :
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Today Plato woke up having on his mind to make some changes. These changes is one new mission and three new medals of which the two of them are not available yet.

He added a new mission named "Rumors" in which you have to find 5 different pieces of a weapon and assemble them in you storage. These 5 different items can be found in any battle and by assembling them you can make a bazooka.

The 5 pieces are the following:
M6A3 Rocket
Trigger Kit

By using Bazooka in a battle you can defeat your enemy in just one hit making a damage of 5000/use.

Pros: A new weapon without spending money
Cons: Maybe it will be difficult to find all the pieces

To uncover the following missions you have to achieve the above mission.

2nd Mission
"We are facing harsh times, soldiers need to be fed"
"First you need to get some raw materials.!"
In this mission you have to collect 500 food raw materials and 500 weapon raw materials from your buildings.
In this case you have to own the relating buildings or use gold.

3rd Mission
"Finished products. Good job, you now have enough raw materials so get those factories up and running! We need food and weapons!"
In this mission you have to work 10 times in a food company and 0/10 times to work in a weapon company.

As I said before, there are three new medals. The new available medal named "Mercenary" is about defeating 25 enemies in 50 different countries of a total of 69 countries according to the table.
Pros: Five gold when you achieve the goals
Cons: Requires time and you have to change location
Credits to : Dennis The Greek
Newspaper :
Please vote and sub his article.
P.S. if any Croatian wants the Croatian translation to be added, please give me that translation 😉 because i know that google translate will fail 😉



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