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|Embassy of MNE|: Stunning Montenegro

Day 1,869, 13:14 Published in Russia Montenegro by Zeljko Vukmirovic

Dear readers,

I hope you all had a great time expecting a new year! 🙂

In this article I want to represent you my native country - Montenegro and it's stunning beauty.

Montenegro has 650 000 citizens and 13 812 km2.

Mountain Durmitor

Mountain Lovćen

Lake - Biograsko jezero

Kolašin - little city on north of Montenegro

Mountain Komovi


Bijelo Polje

Bay of Boka


Sveti Stefan

Queen's Beach

Budva - old part of city


River of Crnojević

Island Gospa od Šrkpjela (Lady of the Rocks)

Well, that would be all for this article, I hope you enjoyed with this little trip trough on of the smallest European country.


|Embassy of MNE|: Stunning Montenegro



AdMiRaL TrEnCh
AdMiRaL TrEnCh Day 1,869, 13:20

No Suto More no VOTE !!! 😛

doe bp
doe bp Day 1,869, 13:28

ima BP ima vote : ))

kronos777 Day 1,869, 13:32

a very beautiful country!

sasapg Day 1,869, 13:32

Melem za oci i dusu : )

dzonyss Day 1,869, 13:34


nimnul Day 1,869, 13:35

Very nice!

IgorBar Day 1,869, 13:42


NKFV Day 1,869, 13:54

awful roads 😞

SINDJEL Day 1,869, 14:02

just a small town in Serbia.....

drfreeman Day 1,869, 14:03


Zeljko Vukmirovic
Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,869, 14:06

Still, we are not smaller and smaller like Serbia...

sasapg Day 1,869, 14:06

NKFV , try to come from Sofia with plane : D

Raziel_Blaze Day 1,869, 14:08

just a small town in Serbia.....

Borislav Gojkovic
Borislav Gojkovic Day 1,869, 14:11

Super slike.
Ali ovo je Sveti Đorđe na poslednjoj fotografiji, a ne Gospa od Škrpljela.

El Che G
El Che G Day 1,869, 14:15


coolinbun Day 1,869, 14:19

Prelepa je Crna Gora...

a Morača, Lim, Tara, Bjelasica, Bistrica, Cetinje, Skadarsko jezero.... ? 🙂

Obersoldat Day 1,869, 14:23

Stvarno odlične slike.Svaka čast!

Merovina Day 1,869, 14:26

How many percent of the population, according to the latest census, is Serb in Montenegro?

And how can a former minister and current Excellency continue provoking so many people of The population in Montenegro?

There is some verry nice roads to the city of Cetinje, which is, probbably, the best place to take a piss or dump... xD

Foxdesetubal Day 1,869, 14:27

just a small town in Serbijust a small town in Serbia..... a.....

Master_Blaster Day 1,869, 14:32

Super slike i cool zemjla a ovi hejteri nek se živi pojedu!

sasapg Day 1,869, 14:37

Neka merovina, da ne ostane bez njega, a taman mislio da se olaksao. Ne ide da nam turiste ostaju bez pise na po puta do mora xD

Merovina Day 1,869, 14:46

Xaxaxax Sale, ali sta cu kad me vuce za jezik? Moramo se malo posaliti..

A nema frke ako ode bugarin, ima miliJoni miliJarde turista kod nas, svake godine... xD

VNK 88
VNK 88 Day 1,869, 15:37


Merovina Day 1,869, 15:52

Nas i Rusa 300 miliJona a bez rusa pola kamiJona...

OVALNI REBORN Day 1,869, 15:55

malo manja i puno lipša kraljičina plaža ; )

Zeljko Vukmirovic
Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,869, 16:06

Unfortunately, everyone can use a computer... And Google Translate today... #pathetic

Merovina Day 1,869, 16:28

Your Exellency, in which way does your reply answer my question?
Please stay focused on the matter and stop changing the focus from the question i posted.

I will ask again:

How many percent of the population, according to the latest census, is Serb in Montenegro?

And how can a former minister and current Excellency continue provoking so many people of The population in Montenegro?

And i might add yet another question:

Do you think your behaviore is proper for a diplomat, an official from Montenegro?

You came to Russia to represent whole Montenegro but you only act and represent the half of the half million inhabitants in my country...

m1shko Day 1,869, 16:29

и я там был, север очень красивый у них, да и побережье ненамного отстает (:

Zeljko Vukmirovic
Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,869, 16:41

You're not citizen of eMontenegro. You are citizen of eSerbia. And I'm not planning to answer any of questions which comes from people of other states. I only response to my Government, people of eMontenegro and people of eRussia - just as a real diplomat. And I am not representing you, thanks to God. And this is the last comment I will write for trolls in this article.

Dear friends, thanks you all for such wonderful comments. : )

Zeljko Vukmirovic
Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,869, 16:47

mvcakir, hey old friend! : ) I remember that well, it was really one of the best articles! : )

btw, I miss that journalism project couple of us had in that time! : )

Merovina Day 1,869, 16:53

But Your not citizen of eMontenegro either?

Since yor Exellency dont want to answer my question, then i suppose it is in vain to ask:

In the upcoming war between Montenegro and Albania, do you expect help from Russia?
Du you expect healp from Serbs and eSerbia, since you use the same antiserbian rethoric as Albanians and other arch enemies of Serbs use?

I dont suppose you can provide any satisfying answer to my questions without attatking my ethnicity or calling me names as troll ect ect.. Lika a "true" diplomat... lol

Zeljko Vukmirovic
Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,869, 17:13

How to answer to someone who, although telling lies, don't know how diplomacy works in eRepublik? : D

You are irrelevant to ask me anything, like I said. But everybody sees that you are a just a little troll, I don't even need to say it or prove it. And me being anti-you doesn't mean that I'm anti-Serbian - you are not whole Serbia, again thanks to God - there are a lot of good people there, but you are not one of them - pity for you. : )

In future, I definitely will not answer to your provocations and you can ask Minister of Foreign Affairs of eMontenegro anything you want about Montenegro-Serbian relations.

Merovina Day 1,869, 17:22

Your Exelency, i knew you would be personal and offensive in your reply, whatever you like it or not, you answered more of my question than i asked for...

You show'ed all the readers, at home and abroad, what a competent diplomat you are..

Even when i just asked in a polite and civilized maner, you were not able to act proffesionally but turned offensive at once.

Well that's not only a pity, that's a shame too..

Now in true "montenegrin": E VIVA DIPLOMATIQUE!


JeguljaM Day 1,869, 17:23

Very nice!

Zeljko Vukmirovic
Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,869, 17:25

Thanks Alfons! : )

Georgian Shield
Georgian Shield Day 1,869, 17:28

well zeljko, although you have been fired from a position of minister of education of a country who has 2 new citizens per day, and 1 of them is a multi, (you really have to be talented to get sacked from that position), and exiled to Siberia, i think you arent really important to publish articles, except to make us laugh. You do it well.

Zeljko Vukmirovic
Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,869, 17:36

Oh, I was wondering where is the other big troll... Here it is, just like a first one, sent to tell lies. : )

Go make some multi accounts, that's what you are famous for. : )

Me fired? Hhahahahaha you can do better than that. Or not? Probably not.

I will repeat it for you, also - don't expect to get any comments from on from now because answering to troll are just I waste of time for someone who's doing nothing.

Georgian Shield
Georgian Shield Day 1,869, 17:43

dear russian people, please dont trust anything that mr. Ex minister says, he was thrown out of montenegro like a dog, no one there likes him, plus he went out from his country to use your bonuses and make gold. He is famous for no basic education and a foul mouth. If i am a troll look what are other people saying for him, all the worse!!

Zeljko Vukmirovic
Zeljko Vukmirovic Day 1,869, 17:50

ahhahahahhahaha this was so pathetic. : D

karamela.NK Day 1,869, 17:52

Ekselencijo moj dobri, što si me izbačio iz prijatelje?

Želim ti srećnu Novu Godinu, a sve što želiš nama domaćim izdajnicima dabogda se vratilo tebi i tvojoj porodici kiss

Georgian Shield
Georgian Shield Day 1,869, 17:54

All of Serbs who heard of him make fun of his fails, and people of montenegro consider him a village idiot (true story)

Merovina Day 1,869, 18:04

Ma pustite ljudi baljegu nek smrdi, kad se osusi nece vise smrdjeti...

Arkhimed Day 1,869, 22:40

It's super! The great mountains!

Medveput Day 1,870, 23:40

Что за негра такая? 🙂 Потом дошло что черногория.

Ljubodrag Srpkovic
Ljubodrag Srpkovic Day 1,870, 00:39

Najlepsi grad u Srbiji...

NBaki Day 1,870, 01:14


macak100 Day 1,870, 01:27

Brzo ce ovo u top5 : )

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