[eMarriage Proposal] Did You Get The Alert, Yulianing?

Day 1,601, 22:06 Published in Indonesia Indonesia by BigBlackLong

The story began at #mentornubi, when I first saw her nick joined the room...
Session Start: Sat Mar 17 08:49:15 2012
Session Ident: #mentornubi

[10:09] * yulianing (cgiirc@A1D52A8C.7EFAEEC.58531744.IP) has joined #mentornubi

...and then she mentioned my nick and set the barrier between us...
Session Start: Tue Mar 20 16:34:13 2012
Session Ident: #mentornubi

[17:17] * yulianing amit-amit kalo sampe kayak kk Nurmillaty
[17:17] <yulianing> dikasi napas buatan sama BigBlackLong

Well, I started to retain "the ball possession" in order to win her heart
Session Start: Fri Mar 30 10:11:54 2012
Session Ident: #mentornubi

[14:31] <Katzumi> buat (koran) aja yulianing
[14:31] <Katzumi> setengah nyawa game ini di newspaper
[14:32] <yulianing> setengahnya lagi dimana Katzumi ?
[14:32] <BigBlackLong> di hatiku
[14:32] <BigBlackLong> 😛
[14:32] <yulianing> wkwkwkwkw
[14:32] <yulianing> udah ketebak pasti BigBlackLong yang nyaut

...and claimed more "shots on goal"
Session Start: Mon Apr 02 10:11:15 2012
Session Ident: #mentornubi

[12:46] <BigBlackLong> yulianing: I am yours *ahak*
[12:47] * yulianing pura2 gak baca tulisan BigBlackLong

...and she started to open her heart...
[13:09] <yulianing> kebelet pipis = dying for a pee
[13:09] <yulianing> wkwkwkw
[13:09] <BigBlackLong> iya itu yulianing
[13:09] <BigBlackLong> dying for a pee
[13:10] <BigBlackLong> just like I'm dying for your smile
[13:10] <BigBlackLong> ahak lagi
[13:10] <yulianing> BigBlackLong: just die already...
[13:11] <yulianing> minta smile aja sampe dying....
[13:11] <yulianing> apalagi minta yang lain...
[13:11] <BigBlackLong> 😮
[13:11] <BigBlackLong> apa aja yg lain itu yulianing?
[13:11] <yulianing> pikir we ku olangan....
[13:11] <yulianing> wkwkwkwk

Public opinion is required!
Session Start: Wed Apr 04 10:40:56 2012
Session Ident: #mentornubi

[12:34] <Ardianta> yulianing:
[12:34] <Ardianta> bigblacklong mana ?
[12:34] <yulianing> wew...
[12:34] <yulianing> koq nanya gw ?
[12:35] <DvipaNusantara> ciee....cieeee
[12:35] <yulianing> emang ada orangnya ???
[12:35] <KrisnaWidyanto> yulianing: Kan ente pacarnya
[12:35] * yulianing clingak-clinguk
[12:36] <yulianing> 😮
[12:36] <yulianing> sejak kapan ?

Finally, I decided to shoot the finishing touch...
[12:42] <yulianing> Selamat ya BigBlackLong, artikelnya juara 1
[12:42] <BigBlackLong> o iya makasi
[12:43] <BigBlackLong> yulianing dah dpt japrem dari Ardianta?
[12:43] <yulianing> udah
[12:43] <BigBlackLong> ooo udah
[12:43] <BigBlackLong> sip dah
[12:43] <BigBlackLong> 😛
[12:43] <yulianing> 😃
[12:43] <yulianing> bukan berarti gw preman ya...
[12:43] <BigBlackLong> iya
[12:43] <BigBlackLong> pre-woman
[12:43] <yulianing> tapi dari BigBlackLong belum dapet nih
[12:44] <yulianing> 😃
[12:44] <BigBlackLong> aihhhh
[12:44] <BigBlackLong> luluh dah gw
[12:44] <BigBlackLong> mau dikasih apa?
[12:44] <Ardianta> yulianing maunya di kasih cinta
[12:45] <yulianing> wkwkw
[12:45] <BigBlackLong> I have already given it to u yulianing
[12:45] <BigBlackLong> eeaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[12:45] <KrisnaWidyanto> Cuit cuit
[12:45] <yulianing> aihh...mateeee
[12:45] <Ardianta> awoekoawke


Well, it's about time, I guess...
Today I have taken the mature decision and have listened to my heart. My heart is always full of your thoughts so much that I can't put anything else in it. This has really been bothering me for some days now. So I have decided to make my feelings known to you.
Dear yulianing,
Did you get the alert?


If gold is the most wanted thing in this eworld
just think of me as its shinny look in your heart

If bazooka is the most powerful weapon in this eworld
picture me as tons of scope pack
which are need to get assembled by your beauty

Since an article says a lot
I wish you will listen to my words carefully

What I mean is today...
I'm gonna grab your love
and you'll be... satisfied even more

One day
It's just going to be you and me.
Hitting out on the battlefield...
watching the victorious moment...
and walking this long and winding road...
with hand in hand

Let me be frank...
for your ocean like eyes is where I sank
I am back to the shores, fit and so fine
To get down on my knees and propose emarriage

As now’s the time

C'mon Cupid, sing a song for both of us!
(click the image below to watch the video)

So shall I ask to you, dear yulianing?
And make me the happiest man on earth?