[ELECTION PLATFORM] A Call for Thought

Day 714, 13:35 Published in Australia Australia by Cerridwen Voeland

I have watched our Country struggle with negotiations for months
I have watched citizen after citizen I have welcomed to eAustralia grow up, get frustrated and leave eAustralia
and, since the return
I have watched our media, our irc channel and our friendships change

But, one thing is for sure. WE ARE NOW A WHOLE NATION. Where we go from here, and the next decisions we make to move forward are up to us.

When a new player starts, we give them guidance, and support, but above all else, we tell them to get out there and LEARN. Right now, this is what we as a nation need to do. We have spent a long time navel gazing - knowing some facts about the world around us, but not really participating. Similarly to how we try to help new citizens with these first steps, we now have to face we ourselves are like new citizens - as a nation standing on its own feet in the wider world. We have to balance the need to make important choices now with the need to resist propaganda thrown our way, on all sides. We need to think, learn and make an informed choice. We owe it to ourselves (and, the rest of the world would probably appreciate it a well 😛).

Let's not in effect two click our way through this new phase in our eLives.


The benefits are easy...
The return of WA is what we always wanted as a nation - and wow has it come around in a spectacular fashion! Rather than a constant exodus of bored and disadvantaged players, we now have our best opportunity to grow, reunite and prosper - including making choices that will effect us on the world stage.

With our new freedom, how we move from here, is not about owing anyone anything. It is OUR nation, and our future will ALWAYS be up to us.
I believe while we've made good steps forward with the eUS and eCanada - we need to consider ALL our neighbours and where we sit regionally. Alliances can come and go, and six months from now who knows where things will stand. So, while I say go with it, we need to balance this with a healthy dose of realism. We need to remember that although we have decided to be PRO EDEN we are and always will be PRO-AUSTRALIA.

Many think perhaps we should fight back and hurt Indonesia for the hurt they did us in taking our entire Nation over a year ago. I respectfully disagree. We will not roll over, or play lap dog to anyone. But, it would be foolish to burn local bridges.

Was this cost too high?
It has been argued that we will be over run by Indonesia and that we will be crippled by the necessary (and increasing) cost of MPPs to protect our borders, it was suggested that our actions must bring instability to the region by some observers in Sol. And, there have even been discussions and questions about the way this entire situation was handled - not the end means, but the HOW.

Regardless of how we got here though, we are now forming alliances within EDEN while still sharing borders with Indonesia, and being a strong voice within Sol.

I have been told that Indonesia would have 'overrun us' by this point, yet, they appear to for now have honoured our choices, as we have maintained until now our long standing patience with them in wanting back our land. We have kept discussions open as a nation throughout the whole process, and I would like to see this continue. Because, this is about us and no one else. Even after the recent plan announced by Patti that was conducted on behalf of Australia, the Indonesian CP, Wander Howard, appears to remain open to making this process easier on both nations.

And, I believe eIndo respects our decision - meaning we now stand on our two feet and can see ourselves as an equal player on the international stage. We have choices - sure, people will argue we have been pushed one way or another - BUT WE DO HAVE CHOICES - meaningful ones, for the first time in a while.

Where we go from here is up to us. I would like the chance to lead and work over the next month with Senate and Cabinet to ensure our interests are protected. This is an epic month in our history, and I believe I have the commitment to make sure we continue to prosper and grow, respect our new alliances, and ensure we remain aware and across the need to maintain good local ties.

I would like to ask this 5th of November, you consider giving me that chance.

Cerridwen Voeland (Cerri)
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