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(eIndonesia embassy) Hi eBulgaria .. !!

Day 1,817, 16:18 Published in Bulgaria Indonesia by Wong Alus

Hai eIndonesia .. MERDEKA
Halo eBulgaria

First , I would like congratulation to Mr Greevas who has been elected president and their cabinet

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister: DarkMistress
Vice-Ministers: DontPanicPls, Gias Gouliev
Diplomatics: Demon Lee
Ministry of defence:
Ministers of Defence: amstoyanov, WafreyBG, Empiree
Vice Ministers: TheMarked, V.Antonov, malamber
Ministry of Youth:
Minister: Velislav Djambazov
Vice-Ministers: Talys, Sasha Vladimirovna, Rokamball, Armaga
Minister of finance: ULTRABOTEV

I also want to congratulate the members of Congress who have been elected and spesial thank to primma for approve my cz

And on behalf of our entire people I wish a successful month to all the friendly governments, and I have no doubt that our good relations will continue to grow as they have until now.

I am Wong alus , is eIndonesia ambassador for eBulgaria

Well as an Ambassador I'll have 5 major things I'll be doing:

1. Creating new Dialogue options for the Executive Branch of the Government of eIndonesia, by getting to know other members of the country you are assigned to

2. Reporting on major events happening in eBulgaria regularly, even events of a moderate nature that maybe interesting to know

3. Reporting in an Office on the eIndonesian MoFA Room (IRC server Rizon) those events, to your Deputy Chairman in order to see what eIndonesia will do regarding the situation.

4. Help MoFA and MoD in eBulgaria if they need help and always keep in touch with them at IRC room, PM, or Forum .

5. as a communication bridge between the government of eIndonesia and the government of eBulgaria

in conclusion, We call all our people, friends and everyone involved to remain strong, sturdy, and unite against all the challenges we will face later.
Let us show the world that the brotherhood of our unwavering and also remain focused on our goal really is. we are confident that we can do this!.

PS :
for ALL of our alliance that needs help, we are ready to help you anytime, anywhere. we will help you as much as possible even in difficult circumstances though. If you need help you can PM me.


Wong Alus


A . L . P . H . A
A . L . P . H . A Day 1,817, 16:25

first O7

NKFV Day 1,817, 16:26


Is this your first account? I doubt...

Wong Alus
Wong Alus Day 1,817, 16:31

yes this is my first account 🙂

Taekov Day 1,817, 16:33


NKFV Day 1,817, 16:34

Nice... such a young player and already with interests in the foreign affairs.

Nniikkoo Day 1,817, 16:35

Welcome! 2

dia761 Day 1,817, 16:53


Wong Alus
Wong Alus Day 1,817, 16:54

NKFV: : Thanks's . I just want to have friends around the world ...

primma Day 1,817, 17:26

Welcome! again :😁)

Wong Alus
Wong Alus Day 1,817, 17:45

Primma :благодаря 🙂

akmalaputra Day 1,817, 20:53


Nickholai A. Hel
Nickholai A. Hel Day 1,817, 20:59


Sasha Vladimirovna
Sasha Vladimirovna Day 1,818, 01:46

Welcome! ;>

Sando Griffin
Sando Griffin Day 1,818, 04:20

со текерел ве, брат ми, хас мангел?

Krum III
Krum III Day 1,818, 07:20

Welcome! :😁

SilverF0X Day 1,818, 10:28

Hail Indonesia!!
Hail Bulgaria!!

Mr yOdA
Mr yOdA Day 1,818, 12:03


Sasho Ve
Sasho Ve Day 1,818, 12:11


warrioa Day 1,818, 13:01


Jorgihnio III
Jorgihnio III Day 1,818, 22:24

Welcome, bro!

Herditya The General
Herditya The General Day 1,819, 01:02

met bertugas o7

pepedeath Day 1,819, 03:08

: )

ManolVeliki Day 1,819, 06:13

long life to all ebulgarian brothers and friends

Sir Mort
Sir Mort Day 1,819, 06:21

Welcome! o7

Backo Stoichev
Backo Stoichev Day 1,819, 06:38

Welcome !

skeletiste Day 1,819, 07:49


Jor0 Day 1,819, 08:22

Prodavam shteta 540 hilqdi ako ima jelaesht da me dobavi v priqteli

Bright Sight
Bright Sight Day 1,819, 08:36

Welcome !

attitt0 Day 1,819, 08:46

Welcome !

IvailoSM Day 1,819, 09:26

Welcome !

LitoII Day 1,819, 09:30

Welcome mate!

You might want to check out this article (Google Translate involved 😃) as there are some changes in our foreign ministry. Furthermore, feel yourself welcome on our #bg-mofa channel - if you have any queries, you'll get your answers there 😛

Good luck with your career, as NKFV says - u look to be a very promising cadet : )))

nOnA-HapkoMAH Day 1,819, 09:31

Welcome 🙂

Somwhere in Time
Somwhere in Time Day 1,819, 10:40

Welcome. 😁

LL Aronoff
LL Aronoff Day 1,819, 12:19


Richelieu BG
Richelieu BG Day 1,819, 12:27

Welcome !

Momchil Day 1,819, 13:02

Welcome : )

SandLizarD Day 1,819, 13:09

Welcome ! 🙂)

VelikGogov Day 1,819, 13:18

Welcome !

Bobuuu Day 1,819, 13:20

и сега какво следва ?
поредната безмислена статия качена в топ-а.

StaniliuS Day 1,819, 14:06

да почват да учат кирилица веднага.

G. Mircheff
G. Mircheff Day 1,819, 14:20

^ Na nikoi ne mu puka za kirilicata, ostavi go picha da si deistva shtom go vle4e.

catandfish Day 1,819, 14:37

Hail Indonesia
Hail Bulgaria

DarkoDimovski1 Day 1,819, 15:09


Arcelven Day 1,822, 02:08

/me sok orang bulgaria

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