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(eIndonesia Embassy) Bulgaria , Cheapest tourist destinations in Europe

Day 1,833, 15:46 Published in Bulgaria Indonesia by Wong Alus

This country, that is located in balkan land, holds a lot of beauty behind its hospitality. Yes, Bulgaria is so unique with all its cultural and language difference. Many choice of activity you could do here with affordable cost. You could try to climb the mountain ( like Pirin or Rila mountains), explore the life of big cites (like Sofia), travel from a monument to the other, or travel from a museum to the other. Even, traditional villages could be your tourism-object. And, the most pleasant thing is to take a rest in the edge of Black Sea's beach.

You will feel that time flies quickly if you go vacation to impressive place. If you have only one week - and you are interested in culture & history of a nations - you should put your vacation more to the city of Sofia and Rila Monstry for two days. Next, you should visit Plodiv for two days, then visit Koprivshtista for one day, and finally to Veliko Tarnovo for the last two days. In those place, you will see the highlight of Bulgaria's culture.

But, if you are more interested in beach and sandy area, Varna wil be the right destination. Rather than just sunbathe, you could also see some cultural-historical heritages in this city. There are many monuments and museums. The other choice is Nesebar. This fishery and tourism city is located on an island, where the half of that island is formed of coral reefs. You could also visit Steinernen forest where it contains 50 million years old rock-pillars that reach the sky with their 6 meters height.

You could also visit Albena or Balchik. Some people says that Balchic is the most interesting place in the Black Sea area. If you are interested in the place that contains many cultural heritages - but also in nature - you could add Melnik, Bansko, Belogradchik, AArbansi to your destination-list. Please don't forget to allocate some days to visit Pirin and Rodopi mountains. If you don't have a good plan of which place you want to go to, the trip between places could take a whole day.

The city of Sofia is as beatiful as its name. Sofia, which is the only big city in Bulgaria, has interesting downtown area. This city is surrounded by some good tourism objects. From the station in the center of the city, you could go south, to Sveta Nedelya CAthedral. This cathedral was rebuilt after the bombing on 1924. The strike, which was intended to kill Tsar Boris III, killed 124 peoples. Most of them are state officials.

Beside cathedral, please also visit St. Petra Semerdjuska church, which is made on 14th century. There is National Museum of History near this church. The eastern part of Sofia is dominated by Alexander Nevski church that has Neo-Byzantine style and a monument to commemorate the death of 200 thousand Russian soldiers that struggled for Bulgaria's independence.

Southern part of Sofia is surrounded by Vitosha Mountain, a most-famous ski-arena in winter. In summer, its cable car is also tourism object. It is easy to find lodging in this beautiful city. Even though lodge will charge ten times to tourists, the cost is still affordable.

There are many places in this country that we could visit for those who like to hang out and enjoys many genres of music. We could visit Lodkite which has many bars as the social-place for students and youths in Bulgaria. You may also visit Cutty Sark Borisova Gradina which has many disco-place that offer techno and house music. For those who love hardcore music while eating pizza, you could visit O! Shipka.

Beside those social-places, for those who enjoy Bulgarian foods, you could visit Background Pub which is located in Vitosha 14. In this pub, you could taste Bulgarian food and wine. Ocassionaly, there are live music-performances to accompany the customers.

You could also eat at Divaka too, at the restaurant which is located in bul. 6-ti Septemvri 41a. You will feel the laughter of customers. This restaurant has a good atmosphere. It also has excellent food. You could choose Bulgarian food or some salads. If you are a pizza-addict, you could come to Pizza Palace which is located in bul. Vitosha 34. It provides the best pizza in the city with quick-and-polite-service. Those places have affordable price


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Mr yOdA
Mr yOdA Day 1,833, 15:54


LitoII Day 1,833, 15:58

not only the cheapest, but the one with the highest utility as well : )

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Jack the Weirdo
Jack the Weirdo Day 1,834, 01:14

Not only the cheapest but the one wth the most beautiful girls too 😛

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