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[eIndonesia-Ambassy] Greetings from eIndonesia for eRussia

Day 1,820, 07:56 Published in Russia Indonesia by flamfranky

Hail eIndonesia
Hail eRussia
Greetings from eIndonesia

First of all, and sorry for being late, i want to congratulate to newly elected president and the cabinets in eRussia, and behave of our people we hope you have a succesfull month and our relationship can be better.

I am flamfranky is the new ambassador from eIndonesia for eRussia in November period and i have a couple things to do :

1) Creating new Dialogue options for the Executive Branch of the Government of eIndonesia, by getting to know other members of the country you are assigned to;

2) Reporting on major events happening in eRussia regularly, even events of a moderate nature that maybe interesting to know; and

3) Reporting in an Office on the eIndonesian MoFA Room (IRC server Rizon) those events, to your Deputy Chairman in order to see what eIndonesia will do regarding the situation.

4) Help MoFA and MoD in eRussia if they need help and always keep in touch with them at IRC room, PM, or Forum.

5) as a communication bridge between the government of eIndonesia and the government of eRussia

We hope we can maintain a better relationship in the future

signed with friendship



neo_Ryan Day 1,820, 08:03


m1shko Day 1,820, 09:16

hi franky and wecome to eRussia : )

Evil_God Day 1,820, 09:43

Hail Russia!
Hail Indonesia!
Hail Phoenix!

oh wait...

Welcome! ^__^

Jutix Day 1,820, 10:08


Kirill Volkov
Kirill Volkov Day 1,820, 10:54


sleft Day 1,820, 11:50

Welcome to snow eRussia

Kobelev Vladimir
Kobelev Vladimir Day 1,820, 12:29


Jan Karal Chadkievicz
Jan Karal Chadkievicz Day 1,820, 12:57

хейл пеникс o/

no-c-turn Day 1,820, 19:00


nimnul Day 1,822, 02:02

Welcome to eRussia (:

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