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[eIndia] Sankalp - Determination

Day 1,870, 12:39 Published in India India by Uv Ajed

Sankalp: "Determination: the condition of being determined; resoluteness"

Greetings Everyone,
The past few weeks as usual have been quite hectic and busy one for us. Once again we had to face our share of betrayal. It's disheartening and upsetting to see a friend, whom you had given refuge at the time when he had lost everything, turn up against you, attempt to throw you out of your house and claim your property as his own.

As if that's not enough, they create a channel called #jebeskrave which literally translates to f@#k cows and give us the few reasons.

1. They are doing it to protect India. They will wipe us to prevent us from being wiped by Thai.
2. Since we quit EDEN, they can't trust us anymore. But little do they pay attention to the fact that our MPPs were pro EDEN.
3. They don't want to pay rent anymore.
4. They want to protect themselves from future attacks by Thai & Indonesia.

And after giving the reasons they leave us with 2 options
1. Get wiped and have no regions
2. Get wiped and have a region for congress

And then when we thought that all hope was lost, an event occurred which made us realize who our real friends were

Thank you, Bulgaria! Respect to the real brothers.

I would also like to extend my heartfelt thanks and respect to Iran and Iranians for opening supplies and setting the Indian Battle to utmost prio. Unfortunately the battle for liberation of Tamil Nadu was lost, thanks to the Croatian NE which came exactly the moment we were leading in the battle. The supplies were closed and we gave up our hope.

We have always stood up for our honour and we will continue fighting for it. We have been repeatedly backstabbed and made to fall on our feet. But a day will come when we will rise.
For Justice, Liberty, Truth & Honour!
Uv Ajed


Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,870, 12:47


Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,870, 12:50

Hail Bulgaria! \o/

OVALNI REBORN Day 1,870, 12:56

so you did not apply for CoT membership?
and you weren't refused?
you are suffering amnesia?

keep your allies close and your enemies even closer xD

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Day 1,870, 12:59

lol really? How many more lies are you guys going to use to cover up your own mistake?

SmileBG Day 1,870, 13:00

Jai Hind!

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,870, 13:01

yes, our real brothers in Bulgaria are doing us a lot of help. They were there for us to stop their allies Thailand form attacking us and they will certainly be there to help us push off croatian aggression. Oh wait, no they weren't and no they won't be.

Can the eIndian government please tell us citizens what the hell they plan is for alliances...

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,870, 13:02

also is anyone actually surprised that croatia is attacking us, we have no allies anymore.... god I feel like i am taking crazy pills.

Lets get it together and actually do something.

ShockWavve Day 1,870, 13:18

Sztandar Day 1,870, 13:43

Do not expect anything else from Croatia, they have reputation of cowards and backstabbers - remember how many times they run away or occupied neutral/friendly/allied country for bonuses. Country of permanent fail, I'm so happy we flushed'em in the toilet when leaving EDEN o/

Exphobia Day 1,870, 13:45

o7 Bulgaria is with you. : )

TrueBulgarian Day 1,870, 13:46


Just smile back
Just smile back Day 1,870, 13:47

INDIA IS STILL ONE OF OUR BEST FRIENDS ! A friend in need is a friend indeed, we didn't forget your help before few years !

Simonymous Day 1,870, 13:48

We invited you to leave EDEN together and you didn't. I don't blame you. We have Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary and Polsha close to us to back us and you were in great danger in case of leaving. But when we were allies we did our best for you and vice versa. I hope we'll get close again and be the good friends we are supposed to be. We can't promise to get Croatia and China out of the picture but don't get your hopes off. I think it will come to that after a long affort on each part : )

Krum III
Krum III Day 1,870, 13:50

Hail India!

EDEN is dead.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,870, 13:51

Hello Uv Ajed, sorry, I didn't see your post before mine so apologies. Thanks for the article. At least we have an 'official' article to go with my 'unofficial' one.

NKFV Day 1,870, 13:51


C0RRAD0 BG Day 1,870, 13:51

INDIA IS STILL ONE OF OUR BEST FRIENDS ! A friend in need is a friend indeed, we didn't forget your help before few years !

hanibalbg Day 1,870, 13:54

Old friendship is always more important than the alliances.

Hail you, friends!
Bulgaria hails India!

Raymond Aubrac
Raymond Aubrac Day 1,870, 13:55


Valentin Krastev
Valentin Krastev Day 1,870, 13:55

For Justice, Liberty, Truth & Honour!


Have No Fear The End Is Near
Have No Fear The End Is Near Day 1,870, 13:55

INDIA IS STILL ONE OF OUR BEST FRIENDS ! A friend in need is a friend indeed, we didn't forget your help before few years !
+764976497649674976547 х2 хD

Morrpheus Day 1,870, 13:56

Old friendship is always more important than the alliances.


Wildrunner Day 1,870, 13:58

Croatia congrats for hitting the absolute bottom in this game. Betrayal, well that's nothing new or unexpected from you but this thing with the channel's name and all the insults just goes to another dimension of retardation...

NKFV Day 1,870, 13:58


The eHistory will retain their names as the destroyers of maybe the greatest alliance in this game.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,870, 13:59

Hmm. Am I detecting a pattern here?

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Day 1,870, 14:00


kompirski Day 1,870, 14:00


CaMoMuHaBaM Day 1,870, 14:01

Old friendship is always more important than the alliances.


Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,870, 14:01

Yep, that's a pattern all

Alex.L Day 1,870, 14:02

God save everyone from Croatian brotherhood

OVALNI REBORN Day 1,870, 14:03

Sztandar, is your highway to bonuses wide enough?
Say hello to Czechs will ya? xD

jororg Day 1,870, 14:06


NueveOcho Day 1,870, 14:08

Thank you Bulgaria o/
Cryatia failers and backstabbers, like their turk lovers

Pelgarian Day 1,870, 14:09

Old friendship is always more important than the alliances.


VelikGogov Day 1,870, 14:21

Old friendship is always more important than the alliances.


CFovetS Day 1,870, 14:24

It's funny all the comments here. The outcome of the battles will still be the same though.
It doesn't take much effort to comment in an article. But we will see how little Bulgaria fights for India while they are taking on Turkey. I don't know why anyone expects anything different.

Asswhoopin Day 1,870, 14:26

India is not my friend.I cant trust you - when Bulgaria needed you you said no.

Exphobia Day 1,870, 14:27

Little Bulgaria is currently raping Turkey. 😉 Look at the map. We will be deleting Greece also aaand WE WILL help India.

rtdimitrov Day 1,870, 14:28

o7 India
Bulgaria is with you!

Wildrunner Day 1,870, 14:29

^ Little is still more than none tho.

WafreyBG Day 1,870, 14:36

Hail India!

Bulgaria will protect you! o/

Krum III
Krum III Day 1,870, 14:36

CFovetS, if you want to see what Bulgarian friendship means, check the eWorld map on 1 Aug 2012 and three weeks later on 23 Aug 2012
Focus on Bulgaria and Chile and their possessions before our airstrike in South America and later after the airstrike - the same countries.
Of course, you may check on Chile now, as well.

Naturally, we couldn't have done it without the help of our allies, but the initiative was ours.

Krum III
Krum III Day 1,870, 14:38

It's not us who keep bonuses at the expense of our allies. It's not us who are strong in the press only!

Velibor Dolas
Velibor Dolas Day 1,870, 15:17

eCroatia called eIndian officials to a room called "jebeskrave" (translation fuckcows) and then threatened to delete eIndia unless and "maybe" leave them with a congress...Thats Croatia for give them shelther from Serbia for 9 months and they repay you like this...its the exact reason Poland has switched sides.

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,870, 15:21

@Velibor Dolas: Maybe you should have been alive when Poland switched sides, I can assure I was and wrote about it, it had nothing to do with croatia and everything to do with creating an unstoppable alliance... don't stick your neck out into areas you clearly don't know...

Sztandar Day 1,870, 15:31

Roger Griswald pls

Loland left EDEN cuz of Cromania and everyone knows it

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,870, 15:40

@Sztander: sure was it just Croatia or was it one of the 20 other EDEN members that were part of the alliance then. It is a joke to say that Poland left EDEN because of one country in a network of dozens. Grow up.

SexyCicko Day 1,870, 15:44

you left cuz you wanted bonuses, everyone knows it

nexus2012 Day 1,870, 15:57

I want to appologize in my name to eIndia for not respecting your hospitality and I certainly do not like what happened and what is happening at the moment and probably in close future.

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