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eEstonia-neither in the sky or earth

Day 1,808, 10:57 Published in Estonia United Kingdom by Pargali Ibrahim Pasha

This article is about eEstonia I like most eCroats one of my favorite countries. The history of this small but proud country through the ages is very similar to our beloved homeland and therefore we did not received a strange thought at the beginning of the text.

As is well known not only cherish sympathy for them, but a smaller group of RL eFinish played under the banner of RL and beautiful country.

Because of all these beautiful and proud country 'is neither in heaven nor on earth.



Ruben           Lagus
Ruben Lagus Day 1,808, 11:03

I received a strange thought. Is it normal?

Viskaja Day 1,808, 11:14


I.See.Wiener Day 1,808, 12:23

I received a strange thought. Is it normal?

Albertti Day 1,808, 15:32

Pane seent ja peksa p*hku....

I.See.Wiener Day 1,808, 16:04

that helps if you get strange thoughts? Albertti knows : )

Ripulipillu Day 1,809, 00:36

this is very nice artigle my brother kiristijanity:D

rasisti seppo ei anna muonaa
rasisti seppo ei anna muonaa Day 1,809, 01:53

good jobs crristianXD you will be a great politician here in Estonia, we must Natural enemy russia to win this game.

Pedersprii Day 1,809, 04:11

Greit artiglos also estonias kristijan my frendl.

Rey_Est Day 1,809, 08:25

How drunk must one be when he starts thinking that it is possible to win this game?

Enrii Lindebaum
Enrii Lindebaum Day 1,809, 09:17

If Estland is so beautiful then which is the most beautiful waterfall here? ???? ????

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