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[EDEN Military Units] EDEN Military Corps

Day 1,775, 08:43 Published in Greece Greece by Greek Ministry of Health

Victoria Aut Mors!

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Salutations from House of EDEN,

As we promised in our last article, with the special occasion of celebrating EDEN’s third year old birthday, we are here to present you one of the most powerful Military Unit in EDEN’s history, a MU that made our enemies tremble in fear when they saw it on the battlefield, a MU that is one of EDEN’s emblems, a unit without which probably we would have lost many battles. Probably many of you already know about who are we talking, and yes, you’re right! We proudly present you EDEN Military Corps !

Eden Military Corps (EMC) is a multinational task force, independent of national armies, that is ready to move fast and strike, mostly at the end of battles.

Established in the Day 876 of the New World, EMC evolved into one of the most experienced units.

The idea behind EMC is to have the best, strongest and most active EDEN's soldiers, always combat-ready to assist every member of the Alliance when needed.

Day-to-day coordination of EDEN involves a lot more than what was detailed above. Not all issues can be written down, nor can they be said publicly. EDEN aims to improve, to find a common ground for all its members, and seek the best of them, upholding the principles stated in the treaty: Mutual Respect, Loyalty, Valour, Unity, Friendship and Sacrifice.

From winning battles on it’s own, to winning epic battles (alongside many other MUs and people) such as Heilongjiang ( also known as Hello Kitty), EMC has shown it’s value and power on the battlefield.

EMC is not only a tanks unit, but primarily is a family where members grow, enjoy meeting people from different cultures because in the end we all have the same needs of having fun in this game.

Probably we could talk all day long about EMC, and we still wouldn’t be able to get even close to the feeling of being one of them or fighting alongside them, so we’ll let some of their soldiers to say some words ( or even more ) about how it really is to be a part of this famous family:


Obviously, I have no clue why people misspelled Einstein's energy formula when picking up the abbreviation (joking 🙂
Now seriously, when I received the invite to join it I didn't think too much. Being part of the unit which goes there where EDEN needs it most was appealing.
How could I describe it?
Actually, there is no need for this.Everyone knows what EMC is. What we do and how.
It's a group of interesting and independent people gathered together by the same dream. Sometimes some of them quite cold, sometimes too hot.
It cannot be otherwise, you know why?
Will tell you this secret only because it's EMC birthday today -> it's because our commanders are beautiful girls 🙂

Victoria aut Mors


3 years has passed and EMC is still here powerful and ready to help. But the most important is the friendship between the members of the unit and the fun we have. Hoping the best is yet to come.

Victoria aut Mors!


Ever since I heard about EMC unit, I wanted to be a part of it and when I was able to join EMC, I didn’t hesitate. Every member is like a friend and it’s a joy to fight side by side with them.


EMC is the elite of soldiers of the brotherhood and i do not mean about strength but mostly about the people there,i could never find friends gathering to make this useless parties in weekends while kicking asses on the battlefield,although there is one disadvantage,i am being commanded by turturica and nenya,seriously who wants 2 girls and especially those 2 to be their bosses?

tasos maximus

I am member of EMC since 12 of April 2012. I have to say that been in EMC family is a big honor. I met many great people there and because of them I have learned to enjoy the game and become a better person in erep and RL for this reasons I will always be grateful to them.


I have really enjoyed being part of EMC. We always fight for EDEN most important battles and it makes me feel very satisfied when I help my brothers no matter who or how.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDEN and continue this great path u started 3 years ago !

Kane 007

EMC has become a real home for me. I don't know where would I be without it.

We've had some hard times and many glorious moments in the battlefields but always enjoying playing together. And there has never been a doubt that it wouldn't continue to be so.

I'm trying to do my best as our motto says "Victoria aut Mors" so as long I'm in this game there is EMC in this game.


My first day in EMC, long time ago 25.05.2011:

09:30:31: <Wandutza> o/
09:30:37: <Legica> o/
09:30:40: <diuras> brateeeeeeeeeeeeee
09:30:41: <Legica> just in time
09:31:01: <Wandutza> brateeeeee diuras 😘
09:31:32: <TonySimion> done 123454:)
09:31:52: <Anandel> oboj is on fire 😃
09:32:26: <diuras> yap
09:32:35: <diuras> I love this bastard
09:32:37: <diuras> hihihi
09:32:39: <Anandel> 🙂
09:32:45: <normekk> Wandutza: o7
09:32:53: <Anandel> hi Wandutza
09:38:03: <normekk> 2 more minutes
09:39:29: <Anandel> win \o/
09:39:49: <normekk> 🙂
09:39:54: <normekk> hard round


Not long ago I'm in the EMC, but at this time I always saw very good feelings, cooperation and partnership. Always willing to fight for the Allies, at all times and try.
It really is an honor to share the battlefield with them.
Victoria Aut Mors!


I think if I've learned anything about friendship, it's to hang in, stay connected, fight for them, and let them fight for you. Don't walk away, don't be distracted, don't be too busy or tired, don't take them for granted. Friends are part of the glue that holds life and faith together. Powerful stuff.”
Love You EMC!!!!


Honored to be a member of THE BEST
Honored to participate in battles among with people all over the world and fight as one team.
To our enemies: beware, EMCs are coming

Hail EMC!
Victoria aut Mors!


We are the ones who represent the great strength of Eden. If EDEN needs us, if EDEN calls us, we are here to bring up its glory now and forever .

Margaret H Thatcher

I love EMC! One of the most prestigious military units in the e-world, it's always exciting to see our committed soldiers from all around the biggest alliance coming together to strike together in critical EDEN battles. The unit helps define EDEN's common purpose, and it's a fantastic group of characters to boot. I'm extremely proud to be a part of it.

M Bogdan

EMC: elite forces of EDEN, when they enter, enemies tremble!!!

mr kouva

EMC is a family. I joined here 8 months ago and met great people to whom I joke and watch the battles waiting for commander's orders. EMC doesn’t mean only a strong team because we have people like oboj, tasos maximus, lord vaako, kane 007 there, it also means a place where we can spend quality time with friends and I thank you all for this.
Victoria Aut Mors!

Marcus Suridius

I was never as strong as the other soldiers within EDEN but I fought like a man possessed, while fighting in far flung places seeing the EMC avy's popping up and thinking how i'd love to see an Irish one. A long time ago, April 2011 to be exact. I was invited into EMC and got a very nice welcome from a good friend Diuras saying "welcome to the jungle" and "Marcus I'll kill u". I knew then that I was right at home, since then I have been fighting with my long time good friends in all sorts of nations. I can join the EMC room and have fun, its not only about hitting to help but about fun.


EMC is the only place where you can get the joy of affecting the fate of a battle with funniest erep players that don't let you get bored.


Even though I am a recruit in EMC I think that the best way to describe us is that by partying we win battles!


In this evening my childrens ask to help them prepare for sleep. Maybe a parent provide them a feeling of safety. In the same way our allies should feel because we are here to guard them.

Juan Manuel Rodriguez mdq

Is an honor for me to represent Argentina in this wonderful group, fighting on the battlefield side by side with some of the most important soldiers of the alliance, share an IRC room, follow a battle, move to any country and fight hard together, on seconds, to change the course of the most important battles of eR. I think that is the highest aspiration that an eR´s soldier can have.

EMC is not only a group of mobile soldiers ready to fight for the member countries of the alliance, EMC is a great group of international brothers trained to be ready to join and fight with everything, every time they come in action.

Thank you eArgentina for giving me the opportunity to represent my country here and thank you EMC for letting me be part of this wonderful group!


EDEN a brotherhood that transcend real matters - hope it last for ever


Since my beginnings I have admired EMC. I used to fight in some battle and towards end when the damage was needed most I would see EMC parading and solving any problem we might have had. My heart would grow inside me telling to myself "I've fought alongside EMC". I wanted to grow so that one day I would be part of this elite force of EDEN. And.. I made it.
Victoria aut mors o7

I had to check my logs to see how long I’ve been in EMC, and it appears I joined the channel in early October 2009. So 3 years will be full very soon, yay! A few years ago EMC was a key factor in EDEN’s success and the unit won a lot of battles on its own. Nowadays, due to game mechanical changes, it’s a bit harder. What still applies though is that when you see EMC’s flags on the battlefield, they still lift the spirit of EDEN’s side. It’s one of the most legendary MU’s of the whole game and it has a lot of traditions.

We’ve been in some epic battles. Winning the epic fight in Hello Kitty was great. I remember waking up 4am to win a battle in Canada.. I’ve met and talked with some great people through EMC. It would take a whole article to write all the memories about epic battles and all the great people, but I don’t think I’m allowed to do that. So..

.. I want to salute all the soldiers who have fought with us in EMC during these years. I also want to give credit to all the commanders who have put in tons of hours just so that EDEN could win some battles and our soldiers could have some fun while fighting. Major thanks to Smara who’s basically the definition of EMC! Thanks turturica, who has been keeping EMC alive for the past year or so. Well done everyone!

Victoria Aut Mors! o7

I first entered in the enchanted world of EMC as a soldier. But this well oiled fighting machine quickly won me over and I decided to ruin it … I’m kidding, I decided to get more involved! And as the following will show, I REALLY did! For the next couple of months I was the captain for my country which basically involved some almost boring tasks – refilling, going through applications but soon that changed. After some clashes up in the chain of command, it was decided that EMC needs to be a little more independent and needs to have its own people (aka not the overworked MO’s) in charge with making sure the orders are being followed and deal with the aftermath. The most active country captains were gathered and so thus a new era for EMC begun. I kid you not, for those days we were the baddest, the maddest, the best and always not sleeping enough. People stopped me on the eStreet for more information on EMC, some asked me to tell them when to get up and see us strolling, exterminating ONE’s/ Phoenix’s/ Peace’s hopes. I never did them tell though because when ”EMC fights” is on need to know basis. The next big change for EMC came in the v2 period. If Timberlake was bringing sexy back, well EMC was undoubtedly bringing COOL back. We had squads with catchy names such as Café, Ninja, ROFLcopters etc. Due to changes in game mechanics, it seemed like EMC was becoming absolute and it even took a break while we tried to rethink the strategy. After many sleepless hours, some persons lost along the way, a slight caffeine addiction, we reopened EMC for business or kickass-ery, if you prefer.Due to the changes, EMC’s impact in the battles is incontestably different from when it first appeared on the battlefield, but , as the soldiers will gladly tell you, EMC is about more than just the weapons, for us (I still consider myself part of EMC), is more like a state of mind, it’s like pure awesomeness. This probably explains why EMC always had many followers and some even insisted on expressing their love even though it wasn't shared. Some, like Battalgazi, could not take no for an answer -

Unfortunetly I am not good with dates, so I can’t recall precisely when I joined EMC, but I think it was around september and I remained by its side for almost two years in an official or just pure slavery positions, but it was always worth the effort. EMC is and will surely remain a place where soldiers alike gather, kickass and add their contribution to the outstanding display of fraternity, to the place where things are done properly (you might know it as EDEN).
(I sure do hope that the awesome EDEN PR guys will make this article as KICKASS as EMC is)

Lord Vaako

EMC is love, the best group without a MU in this game.


EMC: the spearhead of EDEN army.Cοnsisted of citizens from all over the world, chatting and having a great time all day long and rapping EDEN's enemies in any possible front.It's exactly what this game is all about: having fun!

Victoria Aut Mors


I am proud to be a member of the EMC. It is always a pleasure to fight shoulder to shoulder with the best soldiers of EDEN. EMC soldiers are primarily loyal to our alliance and then to their eHomelands. We are always where and when EDEN needs us. EMC motto is the way of eLife of any EMC soldier - Victoria aut Mors o7


It was the beginning of June 2011 when I joined the EMC chan. It was the first time I was in any EDEN’s chans and I remember I was a little shy, but also I wanted to learn fast as much as I could.
I was lucky to meet people who wanted to teach me, with whom I had fun so many times and fought side by side with them. Some of them are still here, some left, some new joined. What EMC is today is a part of them all and I thank them for this.
We come from various countries, we have different backgrounds, we don’t always have the same opinions, but we have a common goal - we are big kids who play this game to have fun.
I want to thank them all for making the days funnier, for fighting like crazy as they do, for their patience when waiting orders and not killing commanders. 🙂

It is an honor and a great joy for us to be the ones presenting you EMC.

EMC Commander: turturica

EMC Captains: Nenya, BaNeS, Lord Vaako

Victoria Aut Mors!

As we promised in our last article, EDEN Media Team will countinue this series of articles and will present you in the following days, Military Units from EDEN Member countries. Stay tuned !

Thank you for reading,
Your faithfully,
EDEN Media Team

Victoria aut Mors


Gray Tabby
Gray Tabby Day 1,775, 08:45

Victoria Aut Mors !

RoaiTG Day 1,775, 08:46

Great Job, Victoria aut Mors.

cristi4seby Day 1,775, 08:47


columbia Day 1,775, 08:49

Victoria Aut Mors !

RlZBOT Day 1,775, 08:49

7o 🙂

turturica Day 1,775, 08:50

Victoria Aut Mors!!! \o/

kushtrimzz Day 1,775, 08:52


Bogdan Armand Sibrand
Bogdan Armand Sibrand Day 1,775, 08:52


Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,775, 08:52

Love fighting and having fun with my eFamily, never will change

Victoria aut Mors o7

antjerci Day 1,775, 08:52


mdjole Day 1,775, 08:53


M Bogdan
M Bogdan Day 1,775, 08:55


Atsalenia Day 1,775, 08:56


Victoria Aut Mors

FAF CarolM
FAF CarolM Day 1,775, 08:57

Argentina EMC FTW! JuanMaaaaaaa

mr kouva
mr kouva Day 1,775, 08:57

Victoria Aut Mors o7!!!

HannyaTR Day 1,775, 08:57

Ordular ilk hedefiniz Akdeniz'dir, ileri!!!

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,775, 08:59

EMC Captains: Nenya

ROFL many croats won't join emc cause of her

alzena Day 1,775, 08:59

Victoria Aut Mors !

love you all, kissessssssssss : *******************************

CRIS 99 Day 1,775, 09:02

Victoria Aut Mors! o7

LivFlo Day 1,775, 09:03


Admiral Yamamoto
Admiral Yamamoto Day 1,775, 09:03

Respect o/

ChewChewShoe Day 1,775, 09:05

Dicky and Columbia < 3

bg-pobednik Day 1,775, 09:05

Not bad, but not enough

Dryblas Day 1,775, 09:05


Rebelsy Day 1,775, 09:05


NoAngels Day 1,775, 09:05

o septispe

GET TO DA CHOPPAAAA Day 1,775, 09:08


FRin Day 1,775, 09:09

Victoria Aut Mors !


Arrlo Day 1,775, 09:10

ohai EDEN's finest

Sky.Hawk Day 1,775, 09:11

o7 EMC

Silent Night
Silent Night Day 1,775, 09:17

Voted 🙂

Toverlani Day 1,775, 09:17

i`m ready to join on EMC :3

SEP II Day 1,775, 09:19

"Nemesis and TOvers approves this article"

titillica Day 1,775, 09:20

Victoria Aut Mors !

buru Day 1,775, 09:20

good article, bad song choice 😉

Arrlo Day 1,775, 09:24


dracones4ever Day 1,775, 09:27

o7 EMC

M Bogdan
M Bogdan Day 1,775, 09:27

MHT, don't worry, failers gonna fail.

titillica Day 1,775, 09:28

Damn you, party president in Brazil, who approved a TOver as a congressman. Smart ass dumb.

oboj Day 1,775, 09:31

: )
Victoria aut Mors!

Tony Simion
Tony Simion Day 1,775, 09:32

Victoria Aut Mors ! o7

Rommel Erwin
Rommel Erwin Day 1,775, 09:36

Used to be EMC a long time ago, maybe I could join again : ))

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 1,775, 09:38

Victoria Aut Mors !

Saint Nikolay
Saint Nikolay Day 1,775, 09:38

I was in EMS half year.
Victoria aut Mors!


R3spect0r Day 1,775, 09:38

ε τον τσιγαρο ρεεεεεε

Vlad Sabau
Vlad Sabau Day 1,775, 09:39

Victoria aut Mors

Defactor Day 1,775, 09:44


BaNeS Day 1,775, 09:44

Victoria Aut Mors! o7

Claudiu976 Day 1,775, 09:46

o7 EMC!

DIABLORD Day 1,775, 09:47


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