[EDEN] A New Member and Other News

Day 740, 14:34 Published in USA Greece by Greek Ministry of Health
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Recently due to the arguments involving Poland, Peru, and Argentina, there have been questions of if EDEN's member countries still have those brotherly ties that helped us defeat PEACE. While there was much speculation, after a beautiful display of coordination and unity defending Croatia and Finland, it seems safe to say the brotherhood hasn't really changed, and is as close as ever.

When Serbia and Hungary, two of the largest former PEACE countries attacked our Croatian brothers in Northwest Croatia and Slavonia everyone knew it would be a tough battle. However that did not stop the Allies from rushing in to help. Massive amounts of coordination and strategy were seen, with some armies distributing extra or stronger guns in order to better fight off the attacks. There were times when Croatia looked lost, however in the end the Allies pushed hard and drove the attackers back, securing both territories.

Not only were we able to keep Croatia safe, but we were also able to keep Finland secure from dual attacks from Latvia and Russia in the region of Western Finland

I would like to congratulate EDEN, the Brolliance, and the allies on a job well done, but the good news doesn't stop there.

I have to admit that i was wrong when i said in the 1st paragraph that the brotherhood hasn't changed. We're actually changing quite a bit. However its not in the way you may suspect an alliance to change. We aren't moving apart or fighting over trivial things. We aren't going the way of Atlantis or PEACE. We are however getting a little bit bigger. That's right, we're getting a new member.

The United States of America has been working closely with EDEN for a long time as a member of the allied forces and of the Brolliance. As both they and Canada were attacked during the start of WWIII, they also played a key role in reclaiming North American regions. After they were almost destroyed they went through what is perhaps the greatest comeback in the history of erepublik, and now have all their regions, power, and glory restored.

They are always eager to help their allies out, and their leaders, from Gaius Julius to Eugene Harlot to Josh Frost have been regular participants in allied discussions. There has been talk of the US joining us for some time, as current president Josh Frost mentioned it as one of his goals in his presidential campaign and has mentioned the issue again in his latest article. After the issue was voted on, the United States of America will become a full member of EDEN! We welcome our brothers from the US with open arms and can not wait to continue working with them as we have been for many months now.

Of course, the EDEN flag will be modified yet again to include the stars and stripes of our new members, however it isn't ready at this time. When it is all fixed up, the new logo will be posted in this article. We encourage you to use the new flag instead of an outdated one whenever you are writing an article about EDEN or need to use our logo.

Welcome to the Brotherhood, America!

EDEN Media Director