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[eCom] A guide to the Politburo

Day 2,298, 08:49 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by The eComintern Treasury

Dear Comrades,

As previously stated in this article, a position in the politburo has major benefits and responsibilities.Only those who are willing to lead a new age of left-wing politics should consider a role in the politburo. In this article, I shall teach you: 1. How to earn a position in the politburo and 2. What roles are available.

Earning a position isn’t merely about being passionate and knowledgeable about communism, you also must be: respected by your comrades, show a willingness to move up the rank structure and have ideas that can benefit the eComintern and its members. Here is a step-by-step guide to reaching the higher ranks of the Internationale…

1-Become a member of the Representatives’ Council- Becoming a member of the Rep. council allows you to voice your opinions about how the eComintern should be run and there is no other way of continuing up the rank system if you are not a member of it. It is also a solid foundation, as if a politburo member loses their spot from the rep council then they must either actively look for a new party to represent (doesn’t have to be the party they are in, but the party is more likely to accept if you are) or risk losing their position if an election is called against them.

2-Become a leading member of the Council- This would involve putting your ideas into motion and helping the Internationale via: translating eComintern articles into your home countrys’ language, advertising members’ articles, donating to the treasury, making graphics, helping with the production of articles and/or helping other parties with recruitment.

3-Call for a politburo election- All this involves is messaging the official rep. councils PM with which position you want to run for and why you should be nominated. Then a member of the politburo will create a google form in which all representatives will vote for who they want to be in charge of that particular role. You will not need any majority to start an election, but it would be recommended in order to have a chance at winning. An election can only be overlooked if, A: there is no representative that holds that position in the politburo or B: the representative that holds that position at that time decides to step down and there are no other competitors.

4-Persuade the Representative council to vote for you- Show off some of your ideas that you are looking to introduce if you come into power. If the candidate does not win, then the candidate reserves the right to leave the rep. council.

Secretary General- Currently held by Sir Rex Fleddington, is required to manage paperwork and write articles. Also responsible for the treasury and any issues that may occur within the eComintern in general. Can call an international meeting.

Spokesman- Currently held by Fitzgerald.13, is in charge of any forms of communication in general including: IRC, Forums, Messages. However these are just examples and any other communication links would also be controlled by the Spokesman. Can call an international meeting

Commissioner of visual information (officially CVI)- Currently held by Ayame Crocodile, is in charge of the creation, development and distribution of any type of graphics that the eComintern needs.

Councillor- Currently held by Prince of Austria, is in charge of the education and welcoming of any new members. This includes welcoming parties, in general, and welcoming new representatives.

Executive of Diplomatic affairs (officially EDA) - Currently held by PatroclusMega, is in charge of the management of statistics. This involves keeping the rep. council updated on newly joined parties and any information about individual parties. Can call politburo meetings only.

Secretary of Social awareness (officialy CSA)- Currently Open, is in charge of making interviews for the eComintern newspaper, and creating global surveys. Can call politburo meetings only.

Thank you for reading this short step-by-step guide, I hope it has helped you in understanding the system in which the eComintern is managed and how you can rise through the ranks.



Fitzgerald.13 Day 2,298, 09:12

i think EDA is a special unit for drugs crime 😛

Sir Rex Fleddington
Sir Rex Fleddington Day 2,298, 09:15

I know the american drugs department is called DEA

Fitzgerald.13 Day 2,298, 12:41


penjualbunga Day 2,298, 09:16


Juan Harlock
Juan Harlock Day 2,298, 15:55


PanConMayonesa Day 2,298, 16:49

Voted !

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 2,298, 21:30

A new pretty title :3

I'm going to have to get a bigger mantle to put these on 😁

But srs anyone who fancies taking CVI feel free, Until then I'll do my best o7

S T R A N G E R S Day 2,302, 10:37


faugnero Day 2,312, 17:04


Chomsky Noam
Chomsky Noam Day 2,315, 03:37

voted and subscribed

Drug Stari
Drug Stari Day 2,497, 10:41


Lioncoeur Day 2,733, 12:08


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