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【eC路边社】 e爱尔兰公投结果出炉,EDEN大树根基可稳?

Day 1,848, 23:13 Published in North Korea China by KevinYu

Original Link:Farewell friends! by The Psych0

Good afternoon eIreland and eWorld, in last 48 hours there was referendum in eIreland, referendum with only one question; Should we leave or stay in EDEN? Results are here.

119 people voted on this elections, 82 (68,91%) voted to leave EDEN, 26 (21,85%) citizens voted to stay in EDEN, 11(9,24%) citizens decided to abstain from voting.

Counters was John Gormley, Ian E Coleman and The Psych0, we have deleted votes by dead citizens, banned citizens, foreign citizens and message has been sent to every citizen who “voted twice” to confirm his vote. Most of them did confirmed one of their votes.

Ireland has been in EDEN for a long time, we have been members in the good and in the bad times. We have been one of those countries who were always present on battlefields, and no matter what happens in the future we will always be happy to say that once, we were members of EDEN.
We have built great friendships in EDEN, firstly with eCroatia who is always be there for us, ePortugal, eNetherlands, eGreece, eUkraine, and many others in EDEN aswell.

So why we’re leaving?
In my opinion people are dissapointed with EDEN, that’s not because EDEN is in hard situation now, that’s not because our alliance makes only 30% of damage, it’s because our alliance is not the brotherhood it used to be, not a true brotherhood. Members of EDEN are fighting against eachother, we are not focusing our damage in battles that are crucial for EDEN, there is a serious lack of communication and biggest of all problems, lack of trust between EDEN countries as well as HQ is obvious.

Irish people are loyal, but we just don’t feel the same passion while fighting for EDEN like we felt in past and we want to feel that again. We had national strikes for EDEN countries, we helped our allies a million times and I’m sure countries of EDEN will show us respect despite our decision to leave.

Irish Government will now plan future steps according to this article, we will consider all our future options and decide how we should proceed but one thing is sure, we will not attack countries who have been loyal to us all this time no matter what alliance we belonged too. Yesterday we had our last national strike for EDEN and it was for Croatian region South Dalmatia, many of us gave all candies and all bazookas just to make our last strike for EDEN more significant. It’s been a pleasure to fight with you guys, and for the last time Ireland is saluting to EDEN.


Farewell friends!

The Psych0, President of eIreland




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