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[eBNM] Bullion Loan - PReM gold

Day 1,892, 12:40 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by Amli Nujhan

eBank Negara Malaysia, with full approval by all members of Board of Directors; who are all bonded by blood in Parti Rakyat eMalaysia; is a launching a bullion loan to the members of Parti Rakyat eMalaysia.

It is okay if they want to vote for other parties in elections, but being party members can help to keep track of activity and loan progress.

eBNM Loan Application form

The guarantor can be anybody.

Send in your application.
Give us a few days to process it, we'll try to finish it sooner than you expect.

Any question can be forwarded to Marcotje or Godfather II

For further notice:
Marcotje , Muhammad Hifzan
Ministers of Finance

Loan Mover,

Govenor of eBank Negara Malaysia

Minister of Edutainment

Dean of eRepublic Art and Technology,
eUniversity of Malaya [eUM]

To be an eMalaysian and gain life time scholarship in eUM, please born/reborn as an eMalaysian


I n f o r m e r
I n f o r m e r Day 1,892, 12:54

I am proud of to be a PRM member

Idaina Shonen
Idaina Shonen Day 1,892, 14:51

I want to jump to PReM 😛
Lompat party

Hendrig Day 1,892, 15:03

wow you woke up early amli 🙂 or you no not sleep yet 😐

mhifzan Day 1,892, 16:22

@henchee, he wake up early to go to school

RyuYuki Day 1,892, 17:06

Dean of an University need to reach early before anyone else. 😛

Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 1,892, 17:38

Waa..boleh la pinjam gold cmni.. ;p

soyalis Day 1,892, 18:15

boleh pinjam gold ke?
kalau tak bayar balik cmana?

undark Day 1,892, 19:37

nak pinjam duit...... hehe

Amli Nujhan
Amli Nujhan Day 1,892, 20:58

Duit tak leh... gold sahaja

JUJAI23 Day 1,893, 03:07

kalau nak pinjam gold lepas tuh tukar kepada cc buleh?

Firebourne Day 1,893, 04:46

Cool. I might need to take a loan shortly. : P

Hajariyan X2
Hajariyan X2 Day 1,893, 10:16

it's true I have been retired of politic for a while but never never forget my party ....hail prem o7

tukangcilok Day 1,893, 10:53

can i have 1107 gold bullion loan?

undark Day 1,894, 01:43

gila ke apa pinjam 1K gold!!

tukangcilok Day 1,894, 07:42

ke main la... buat beli pabrik Q7 weapon undark

Rintori Day 1,912, 00:47

cool bebeh...ah long x de ke?he3

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