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[EA] Attention, an eRepublik Lesson.

Day 1,827, 21:39 Published in USA USA by EnterAwesome

Hello Once again Readers,

This is a text heavy article, feel free to skim or read all.

I wrote like a mad girl right before I told everyone I was going to go inactive for the holiday break, I'm quite the busy bee “so to speak” during the holidays. Anyway, I was asphyxiating from the lack of writing lately and wanted to blow a breath of awesome your way. To support my endeavor I wanted to write something of eloquence and excellence but nothing came to mind, as my mind itself has drifted throughout real life more in comparison to eRepublik.

It has become really apparent how much eRep has changed my way of thinking, not only about deadlines but also responsibility and even finding about myself as a person. As silly as that may seem. Regardless, that is the subject of this long winded article: The affects and effects of eRepublik, to me and possible others, regarding Real life.

I'll try to separate it into categories but just realize that it really is all mushed together.

1- Responsbility

Laziness is the best feeling ever...

I've always considered myself to be responsible. I've taken care of fish, always did my homework, nursed an abandoned kitten back to full health. I consider school being a full time job as it is a big time eater, I put in anywhere between 40-60 hours a week solely for school. No, I don't work as I'm not old enough yet... However, I do have a job. Actually, I have multiple jobs. In eRepublik. It's funny this is a game but ”This game is a job that you don't get paid for” I'm quoting someone here but I forget who told me this.

I'm 3 months old in this game and I work and write for the Department of Education, I work for retention for Feds (well I used to, and didn't do much tbh), I am the deputy secretary of media for Cerbs cabinet, I am a SCO of Airforce and I'm currently shadowing bigcdizzle as Party President. I don't know how much hours I put into eRepublik, but it is a lot. I try to make myself available to make others already hard jobs somewhat easier. To this end this game has taught me how to micro manage a lot of things, and leads into my second point.

2- Finding out more about myself

Am I really a palmtop tiger? (Need to know my character to understand)

Believe it or not I've found out so much about myself as a person these past few months. I'm shy, I've always known that but I've learned how to express myself a lot more. There is something A LOT different talking to people who has no judgement on you other then what you type. You start clean and no one is able to focus on anything but you... you as a person. I'm a terrible public speaker, I've known this too.

Yesterday, I presented to a group of 50 or more people about what I wanted to be when I grow up. I was super confident, I'm never confident. I started thinking... “Where could this be coming from?”. I've learned that I am a genuine person because people on eRep seem to take a liking to me. Sorry if that is a bit cliché, but I truly think it caused me to be more confident. A trait I have desired for a long, long time.

3- Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines.

Every morning is like this when I have a lot of things to do..

I hate deadlines. Don't you? I mean, come on, working under a tight schedule is NOT fun to say the least. However, I do think working under pressure and handling yourself well is a trainable skill. I think it is called time management. I find myself planning my days and giving myself priorities. Okay what is due today? In real life? In eRepublik? When can I get this done? What needs to be done first? I always prioritize real life over eRepublik, obviously.

But, what is kind of scary I've been so accustomed to making plans and scheduling my days that I've scheduled time for enjoyment. Is that bad? I don't know. I don't like it, I'm to young for that sh stuff. I shouldn't be doing that and I feel that is what I have to work on with time management. Something that eRepublik and USA Education system is constantly reminding me.

Thank you for reading all of this stuff, if you read it all. It means a lot to me. Please reflect on the changes that eRepublik has made in your life, and react accordingly. Maybe I'm over thinking this, but isn't that the beauty of it all? Ask questions, propose hypotheses, generalize, and most importantly, Explore.

If this article is awe inspiring to you, fell free to shout it! 🙂

Can erepublik really impact your real life?

Explore your options,
As Always,


Bucephalus92 Day 1,827, 21:49

indubitably deadlines suck, wouldnt be procrastinating on erep right now if I didnt have a deadline for something.

bigcdizzle Day 1,827, 21:52

Voted. I know this feeling so well.

Candor Day 1,828, 00:46

Explore. I found a sekrit room off the shout page behind the big "L". Shhhhhhhhh!

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,828, 03:38

awesome article 🙂 Good job girly

l Donkey Kong l
l Donkey Kong l Day 1,828, 04:42

You form eRep worker union. Demand higher wages.

Ramilas Day 1,828, 05:48

Laziness is the best feeling ever... x2

Henrik Tscth
Henrik Tscth Day 1,828, 05:56

This just goes to show what i've been telling people for year: "Games are not just for fun or lazy people. In fact, there are plenty of live lesson and valuable skills to be learned from any game and especially those with online components." ^^

fingerguns Day 1,828, 07:58

I can absolutely relate to this. As I wrote in another article, the stuff we did in the Feds really inspired me to change my RL work.

This game can be what you make it and what you make it says a lot about you.

Supernana Day 1,828, 08:03

Keep up the good work! All the best to u and hopee u keep enjoying the game.

Apoc256 Day 1,828, 11:06

V+S One the best articles I have read in a long time.

Stan Brown
Stan Brown Day 1,833, 12:49

Voted and Subbed. I can really relate to this, I too can't work, I'm lazy, shy, and I REALLY hate public speaking. This was a good read.

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