[EA] A better way to resist.

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Articles like this one are public, but politically skewed. They’ll be part of Eire Aonair’s official newsletter. Also, please do not get mad if there is not flowers and poetry.

A week after the last CP elections, things went as they were planne😛 the ILP won. Azaraliiiii was a fair candidate, but we must congratulate Winston Hope Smith for his new term. I just hope that the opposition parties will, this time, have a voice during it.

Yea, there is a gap.

But the key point is that any true opposition force has been able to resist this undivided left-wing victory. It is a shame, that our starving land is not even able to develop multiples political views. The new Conservative party and the LibDem did, but their weight is - without the full support of the center wing – sometimes vain.

Concerning the Party’s Presidency

Elections will take place in the 15th of March, and if I get reelected, here is the plan:

1) THE PARTY PARLIAMENT: I still believe we need our “congress”, and a global thread. I’ll reorganize the charter though. It will be more concise, clear, and provide everyone in the head of the party a precise role. You can check the “test” anyway: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nhaU1ECszHSV38naUxZ-9mnCzEzYeX8FRuiEcrLjeag/edit?usp=sharing

- For example, the Secretary General will be the guy who will write – at least one or twice a month (when big elections take place for example) – the newsletter of the party in a newspaper we’ll chose. Also the party’s thread will be renew at least twice a month, in order to deal with new members. Don’t hesitate to suggest some, as well for general ideas about the parliament or the charter.

- As you probably (don’t) know, Eire Aonair has an old constitution: (http://eireaonair.userboard.net/t70-the-constitution-of-eire-aonair). I thought of abolishing this text, part of an old forum, in order to put some of the big points in the Charter. That will be a kind of renewal, but we’ll keep our “dogmatic points” (free thoughts for example). Of course, we’ll put in on the table right after every member will approve this in the common thread. It might take a while, but we ALL must take part to this renewal.

2) THE BIG DEAL: thanks to DanKar (one of our best soldiers, he arrived this month from Italy, just go check his profile and scores), we planned to create a military unit linked to the party.
It won’t be the official “Eire Aonair MU”, its soldiers will remain free to support any party they like, but you guys will be able to get any support you need (food, weps) and fight for your country. For that, we might need… weapon and food producers. No gold, just this. Then if you’ve got some factories, don’t hesitate to PM DanKar or myself!

3) NEXT CP ELECTIONS: if things haven’t changed since I’ve been started to write this article, Sluagh will be candidate for PP elections as well. We all must see that as a chance for democracy, and welcome him back home as well.
I’ll let you vote for your favorite candidate on the 15th of March, but I just wanted to note that Sluagh might be a good experienced runner for Irish Presidency. In my opinion, he might be way more concerned by this big plan, as this country is in dire straits… If I get reelected, his candidacy will have my full support.

Special thanks

I do not usually want to enhance some members of Eire Aonair as it is never good to make distinctions. And I love you all the same way, you know that, huh? But sometimes things must be highlighted. Then I’ll first thank my cabinet members VP SNIPER55 and Armanych, who did (as usual) the job. As well as those who took part in debates in the first session of the Party Parliament like Uljanov, Alpha.Primaris, dePeatrick or Nithraldur (I forgot some, I’m sorry).

SNIPER55, the Vice-President, and our Speaker Armanych.

Very special thanks to two fellow members, our respected Councilor Klynn and Trito “Sean Connery” Fisher who have been very active, sometimes combative, outside the party this month, especially in Congress.

Klynn and Trito Fisher, look how cute they are.

Of course, thanks to DanKar, we’ll soon have a bigger weight in the Irish political scene…

That is all folks, I've been long enough. Do not hesitate to tell your suggestions and remarks in the comments below!

Love you all, Ar Aghaidh.