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[DPP] Our strenuous battle of growth, and how we are not inactive

Day 1,817, 08:49 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Marnix Maximus


Beste Medeburgers,

Sinds het vertrek van Mr. Sphere is de indruk gevallen dat onze partij - de Dutch Patriot Party - inactief is geworden. Echter niets is minder waar. Ondanks het betreurenswaardige vertrek van Mr. Sphere zijn er nog genoeg gemotiveerde leden aanwezig die bereidheid hebben getoond een doorstart te willen maken.

Ondanks onze harde inzet bij het werven van nieuwe leden worden wij belemmerd door de voorheen genoemde gedachtengang. Het is dan ook erg jammer dat een andere partij ons momenteel ziet als een makkelijke bron voor hun eigen ledenwerving. Bij het werven van nieuwe leden maken wij geen gebruik van de ledenlijsten van andere partijen, en hopen dat andere partijen hetzelfde fatsoen op kunnen brengen. Het feit dat alleen nieuwe spelers op deze manier benaderd worden doet mij echter twijfelen dat er ook maar enige sprake is van fatsoen.

Als deze praktijken normaal worden bevonden is het erg lastig voor nieuwe partijen om een redelijke start te maken, en gezien deze situatie mag ik er van uit gaan dat onze partij niet de enige is die kampt met dit soort problemen. Dit is erg jammer voor het politieke klimaat in eNederland.

Gezien onze verse doorstart en nog schamele ledenaantal zijn wij hard aan het werk om onze partij tot één van de top partijen te laten horen. Tot die tijd ondersteunen wij graag gelijkgestemde politieke partijen die tevens het fatsoen op kunnen brengen om hun leden niet te werven uit het roster van een andere partij.

Partij Programma

DPP zet zich in voor beginners. We willen als partij een weg zijn voor beginners die ze naar nationaal politiek niveau brengen. We willen dat iedereen in eNL gelijk word behandeld nieuwelingen of ervaren spelers. We willen ook economische stabiliteit. Dat is nu het geval, maar we willen dat in de toekomst behouden. Het komt soms nog voor dat sommige mensen alleen in het congres willen voor alleen het goud. Er werd vorige maand al Congress Activity Report uitgebracht. Maar we willen dat er ook iets mee gedaan word.

Wil jij dezelfde doelen bereiken als ons? Join ons dan snel!

Als partij hebben we ook een eigen forum. Daar bespreken we alle belangrijke gebeurtenissen in de politiek.

Weet je niet hoe je je aan moet melden voor ons forum gedeelte neem dan contact met mij op.
Ook met andere vragen kan je bij mij terecht. Stuur mij een PM of kom langs op ons IRC channel: #DutchPP

Met vriendelijke groet,

Kamp amersfoort, onderschreven door Amarant


Fellow Citizens!

Ever since the departure of Mr. Sphere from eRepublik the impression that our party has become inactive has spread. Nothing is further from the truth. Despite the regrettable farewell of Mr. Sphere we still have enough motivated members left who have shown both willingness and action in the further continuation of our political party.

Unfortunately the aforementioned train of thought leaves us with a large disadvantage. It is sad to say that our public impression has denigrated to the point where other parties see us as nothing but an easy source of attaining new members. I would like to add that during our recruitment processes we neither condone nor use the membership roster of other political parties to further our membership count. Obviously we hope that other parties have the same decency. Fact is, however, that thus far only our lower leveled members (and thus members new to eRepublik) have been approached with tempting offers to join another party. This leaves me to doubt whether there is any sign of decency left in the recruitment process of said party.

If these practices are seen as normal, it will be very difficult for new and smaller parties to grow and become more prominent. In light of this situation I believe I can assume that our party is not the only one suffering from these issues. This, of course, is very regrettable for the political climate in the eNetherlands.

Given our fresh new start and still meager membership count we are working hard and diligently to bring our party to the top, so it may share its influence with the other larger parties. Until that time comes we gladly support likeminded political parties who can bring up the decency not to blatantly recruit our members into their ranks.

Partij Program

DPP is committed to beginners. as a party, we want to be a road for beginners to bring them to the national political level. Everyone has to be treated equally in eNL starters or experienced players. We also want economic stability. That is now the case, but we want it to maintained in the future. It happens sometimes that some people only want in Congress for gold. There was already released a Congress Activity Report last month. But we want that something happens with that information.

Do you want to achieve the same goals as us? Join us soon!


As a party, we also have a private forum section. Here we discuss all the important events in politics.

Don't you know how you should sign up for our private forum section please contact me.
Also for other questions you can contact me. Send me a PM or visit us on our IRC channel: #DutchPP

Best Regards,

Kamp amersfoort, endorsed by Amarant


PariahDog Day 1,817, 08:56

I wholeheartedly agree. We are active, and it's not particularly decent behavior to directly approach our members and tempt them to join your party with lucrative offers we are not yet in a position to make.

Bautista Diego Reyes
Bautista Diego Reyes Day 1,817, 09:01

Indeed, temping other members from a different part is not acceptable in this community. We recently overtook the Dutch Labour Party, which I already find an achievement.

Lets continue our great battle for a great position. o7

ElGorro Day 1,817, 09:23


Marnix Maximus
Marnix Maximus Day 1,817, 09:29

bedankt Elgorro

Dave Brinkman
Dave Brinkman Day 1,817, 10:59

succes met de nieuwe start V&S

Broersje Day 1,817, 11:07

Let me guess which party you're talking about. ^^

Marnix Maximus
Marnix Maximus Day 1,817, 11:09

You have got 1 chance to guess

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Day 1,817, 11:51

Lol. After a good 8 or so members came from DPP and joined DLP saying that the party was inactive, I approached Mr. Sphere on trying to merge the parties since we're the only left-wing parties. Since he is very inactive, and his response wasn't really a response, I approached each and every member saying if they want to join, feel free. Simple. I was only interested in merging our parties into one big party so we could have some chance in getting into congress, not stealing members. 🙂

PariahDog Day 1,817, 12:00

We're not talking about DLP, X Deadpool. At the point when Mr. Sphere left the party was indeed not incredibly active anymore. From that point onward, however, a few members have decided to stick with the party and make it work regardless of Mr. Sphere's presence. From that point onward our membership count rose again, but unfortunately that was also the time when our newest additions started to get messaged by another party.


PariahDog Day 1,817, 12:03

If you truly believe a party is dead and have approached the current president offering an alternative for the members and he (or she) agrees, then there is really no issue. I still would not do so myself, as active players interested in eRep politics will leave by themselves, opening them op for possible recruiting.

Also don't mistake this post for a hostile one. Misunderstandings can happen, but we want to make sure it does not happen again.

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Day 1,817, 12:08

Hm. If it wasn't directed at us, then I guess I know who it is.

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,817, 12:34

Good to hear you are active and good luck with your plans. I can understand however if other parties sent invites because it seemed you were more or less inactive. Wouldn't directly call this an indecent proposal, rather a mistake.

Marnix Maximus
Marnix Maximus Day 1,817, 13:03

When we didn't get new members we received no invites from other parties. But from the point when we began te grow (2 days ago) new members received invites. So that isn't an mistake I think. waiting until smaller parties get members and then invite them. There has to be some activity when a party grows.

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Day 1,817, 13:21

Kamp, I sent a message talking about the inactivity of the DPP a week before congress elections offering DLP as another alternative to combine our left-wing ideals. So if it was only a couple days ago.. then can I guess the name of the party?

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Day 1,817, 13:32

Eh, nevermind the guess.

PariahDog Day 1,817, 13:45

Naming (and shaming) is not the point of this article. What has happened, happened. With this article we hope to ensure it does not happen again. The primary intention is still for this article to serve as a notice of activity. We are active, and we are willing to help any player who wishes to join our party, eventually culminating in helping our entire country.

Gwom Day 1,817, 14:02

DPP is a good party, I wish you good luck!

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,817, 16:06

Personally I think it's great to have more different parties into Congress. That means more views and thoughts will be heard. So please people don't try to steal eachothers members.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,817, 16:06

V+S btw!

Reinier Claeszen
Reinier Claeszen Day 1,817, 16:22

Good luck DPP! o7

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