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[DPP] Democratic Party of Pakistan [Party President Election's]

Day 1,815, 15:10 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Saif Ali Khan

Dear Party Members,

As you all know Democratic Party of Pakistan is the ruling party of Pakistan now and many who don't like this are planing to PTO(Part Take Over) so from now on we will have a meeting every time to select a candidate for the position of Party President.

As you all know right now TheJakal is the party president and he is doing a very wonderful job and he been the party president for a very long time now and as all of you know that our part is a Democratic Party which means everyone is equal and everyone has the right to give out his or her opinion.

So from now on we will make a list of candidates who have the ability to run a party and are also well known around the world and do know how to deal with other countries.

I as Secretary General have the responsibility to make sure the right person is getting a chance to run the party so i ask all of you to nominate your candidates who have the ability of being a Party President and then we will vote here first to choose the final candidate who is going to run for the Party President.

1. Choose you candidate (Reply here with a name you want as Party President it can be you too.)
2. After everyone have choose'n their candidate we will vote here.(Deadline of choosing you candidate will be 10th of every month.)
3. The person choose'n with all of your votes will run for the Party President in the election's and we all will vote for him/her and he/she will be our official candidate.

Thank you
Saif Ali Khan
Secretary General
Democratic Party of Pakistan



TheJakal Day 1,815, 15:11


Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan Day 1,815, 15:13

Hail Pakistan.
Hail DPP.

Policy Day 1,815, 15:15

It's not rape if it's surprise mullah sex.

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,815, 15:17

☪☪☪ PRIDE ☪☪☪
☪☪☪ POWER ☪☪☪
☪☪☪ PAKISTAN ☪☪☪

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