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[DPP] Democratic Party of Pakistan [Introduction & Why should you join us?]

Day 1,820, 05:37 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Saif Ali Khan

My fellow Pakistani's,

I am Saif Ali Khan and right now i am the Secretary General of the Democratic Party of ePakistan, today i came here to give a introduction about our Party and to tell you that why should you join it.

We in the Democratic Party believe in fairness and we are very strict on our party policies about everything, Every month before any type of election we make a voting panel to get everyone involved in the party decision's, Let's say if we have any seat empty in the party we would not just give it to some one without no one knowing about it but what we do is first make a panel invite everyone in it and then ask everyone to vote out who he/she want's to be the person filling the seat then they all first vote for their candidate's and then the person with highest amount of vote's get the seat so this was the way how our party work's.

So, now you may have understood that we believe in democracy and that's why we do not make decision's on our own we do it with all of our party member's Consultation.

Right now TheJakal is our Party President and you can see the other member's and their position's in the party in this picture :

So, that was all for now hope to see some of you joining our great party and be the part of a new era.

Join us on IRC : CLICK ME

Saif Ali Khan
Secretary General
Democratic Party Of ePakistan



TheJakal Day 1,820, 05:43

The best party and most honest party in the game! For Pakistan.

untrusty Day 1,820, 09:20

Voted, will join again soon 😛

Policy Day 1,820, 11:25

>The best party and most honest party in the game!

I hope you're not trying to insult PRF by not recognizing the countless amounts of times we've brought Pakistan back from the brink of political take over.

TheJakal Day 1,820, 12:10

Policy back in your days maybe

Policy Day 1,820, 12:39


"Back in your days"-... sure, I'd love to see what you've got for saving Pakistan from the brink of destruction.

Mathew Steele
Mathew Steele Day 1,821, 04:19

great i surely want to join

Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan Day 1,821, 13:45

@Mathew Steele , Welcome and yes you should join us 🙂

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