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Day 1,826, 20:21 Published in Pakistan Serbia by Shin Gouki
Citizens of ePakistan,

The time has come upon us where we must choose what is best for ePakistan. The time for congress elections is here. I, Shin Gouki, Party President of the Democratic Party of Pakistan request all ePakistanis to take active part in the upcoming elections. We thank all of our loyalists for having voted for DPP in the CP elections as well as the previous Congress elections. I hope our loyal voters will once again vote for DPP. We have had a tough first term and we're not hiding underneath the beds like our opponents, we're facing the troubles of ePakistan and solving them.

I would like to announce that DPP is promoting newer players to run for congress. The priority for election will be given to players who have never been elected as a congress person before. I would like to announce the official DPP candidates and as I had mentioned before, all DPP candidates are required to fill the candidacy form. Those who have failed to fill out the forms will not be put forward as official candidates. The form link is at the bottom of the article and I suggest all those who have failed to do so to be patient for the next elections.

DPP Congress Candidates:

Daineal Mac Carthaigh
Shin Gouki

It is unfortunate that Saif Ali Khan has suddenly left the DPP, we hope he can give us a sound reason for his actions. We hope he will return to DPP soon. We wish our candidates the best of luck.


Shin Gouki
Party President

Congress Application Form
ePakistan Citizenship Form


Waruda Day 1,826, 20:30


Strywgr Day 1,827, 04:53


Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,827, 04:54


Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,827, 05:00

Upto ....

Zeeshe100 Day 1,827, 07:03


Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan Day 1,827, 10:21

I am in eUSA for a job to do TheJakal know's it i will come back as soon as the job is done.
Thank you.

Cthulhu.. Day 1,828, 14:08


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