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[DoI] Working for America!

Day 1,924, 02:46 Published in USA USA by USA Department of the Interior

Recently the DoI staff surveyed all recipients of supplies from Tank Up 2 Rank Up, Meals on Wheels and Bewbs 4 Newbs. Participation in this survey exceeded 50% of all those invited to partake. This participation exceeded our expectations. We gained some very useful information from their honest answers. Before we review the results, I’d like to thank all the participants for their involvement in the survey. You guys are great \o/

The average age of players utilizing DoI services is roughly 6 months, with the youngest being 4 days old, and the oldest having played for 3 years. DoI is serving a wide swatch of players from all walks of eLife.

81% of participants found DoI programs to be very helpful, while 19% found the programs moderately helpful. No participants rated the programs as not at all helpful. At the very least, we’re not doing any harm. Best case we’re making this game more playable for the average player.

However, average satisfaction with general eRepublik experience was more mixed. 32% rated their eRepublik experience as being between to just-higher-than Disappointed and Awesome! There is little DoI can do to change these results unless we could, as one participant question, “magic the economy.”

The average participant requested supplies from 1 or 2 programs, with 2 eligible for all three. A concern raised by one participant is shared by DoI staff.
>> “The biggest problem I am having is that I see the support is not even. I see the higher level folks getting support and the lower level folks getting support. This is causing a real headache for the masses that fall in the middle.” <<
The DoI will be working within it’s modest budget to ensure that all eUS players who need help to be successful get that help.

We gathered data, too, in which type of supply would be more beneficial. Nearly 80% of participants stated they would prefer to receive more weapons. However, only 59% of participants applied for supplies through the Tank Up 2 Rank Up program. In the future, DoI staff should work harder at promoting these programs, so there is more visibility. If future financial environments allow, easing the eligibility requirements of the Tank Up 2 Rank Up program should be considered. Meanwhile we must be vigilant of not vanquishing our D3 forces. Not only would that mean a severe drop in BH gold added to the eUS economy, we do not want to be left with a weak D3. Maintaining a quality D3 is an issue for this CP administration and future CP administrations.

Joining a MU, and directing daily fights precisely where they are needed with decent-quality weapons are necessities. Relying solely on DoI programs will not a successful player make. DoI programs are designed to be supplementary. If you’re looking for a MU to join, consider the eUS Air Force, Rogue Squadron or Easy Company.

Finally, we asked participants to answer this question: There have been 44 presidents of the RL United States. How many men have taken the oath of that office?

Grover Cleveland was elected as the 22nd (1885-1889) & 23rd (1893-1897) President. Thus only 43 men have taken the Oath of Office.

Congrats tucknow for getting that question correct, and providing a full explanation. You’ll be pleased to find some goodies in your inventory!!

Just for the record, Franklin Pierce did indeed take the Presidential Oath of Office. He simply replaced the word “swear” and uttered “affirm” instead.

rainy sunday
Secretary of the Interior

Deputy Secretary of the Interior

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The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Day 1,924, 02:55


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,924, 03:14

good stuff

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,924, 03:24


Tiamati Day 1,924, 03:27

Excellent Report; Colossal "Thank you" to the DOI.

ElvenCRO Day 1,924, 03:39


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,924, 04:28


JyM23 Day 1,924, 05:26


ligtreb Day 1,924, 07:29

Great work Interior!

Haselrig Day 1,924, 07:41


fingerguns Day 1,924, 07:47

You guys are fantastic

kresha123456 Day 1,924, 20:26

sub408 vote32

FirstChance Day 1,924, 20:34


Anthony Creque
Anthony Creque Day 1,924, 20:54

GOod Artiv=cle

Tyrannocopters Day 1,925, 01:02

smashing job guys. 10/10

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,925, 05:49


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