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[DoI] Welcome to eRepublik!

Day 2,466, 10:56 Published in USA USA by USA Department of the Interior

Welcome to eRepublik!

You've found the introductory article to the Department of Interior, a name you've hopefully heard before. We're here for one, sole purpose; to make sure that everyone has a good start in eRep, and has access to everything they need to have fun here!

To that end, we have a number of programs designed for a variety of purposes! Before you go check those out though, make sure you check out the website for the Department of Education! There, you'll find a number of guides, resources, and links that will help you understand all of eRepublik's mechanics, and help you get involved with the meta-game.

If you have any questions about eRepublik, or the Department of Interior, feel free to shoot me a message!

And if you have any feedback about eRepublik, or the way that we're currently getting information to newer players, please fill out this survey! Completing the form will get you 10 Q7 tanks, and 1000 energy!

Department of Interior Programs

Meals on Wheels - FREE FOOD!
1. Be a US citizen at level 25 or under
2. Grab your profile ID (this is the number at the end of your citizen profile page url)
3. Go to

Bank Up 2 Strength Up - Free Gold for Training Ground Upgrades!
1. Be a US citizen at or between levels 21-28
2. Do not belong to any anti-American group (Party or MU)
3. Visit and apply @
4. MUST fill out that form DAILY, after using Training Ground(s), to receive Gold payment WEEKLY
5. MUST apply at least 5 out 7 days to get minimal Gold reward for applying.

EDUCATION IRC PROGRAM - Free stuff as well!
1. Go to the education channel on IRC at #eUSA-DoE . You can use the same link for the interior program and type /join #USA-DoE to get in there as well. We will allow you to request from BOTH programs, so go today!


Political Parties

Federalist Party No Fed Left Behind - Food and or Tanks for members
1. Grab your profile link
2. Go to

We The People Feed The World - Food for all
1. Grab your profile link
2. Go to

United States Workers Party Fast Forward - Food for most, Tanks for members
1. Register @
2. Find your profile link
3. Visit and post your profile link @,29589.0.html

American Military Party Food & Tank Program - Food and Weapons for members
1. Register at
2. Visit and apply,

The Black Sheep Party In-Game Food/Tank Party Feed Giveaways
1. Join The Black Sheep Party:
2. Participate in the party feed giveaways in-game.

Secretary of the Interior

:::Shout It!:::
Free Stuff for America!


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