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[DoI] SeRI Progress and Next Steps

Day 2,455, 11:54 Published in USA USA by Civil Anarchy

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Greetings America,

As I recently announced in the last DoI article, the first steps in the new SeRI program are underway. After a few days of spreading around the recruitment links as a part of the program, we've already seen an average increase of 20 new citizens per day to the eUnited States over the past few days. On a few of the sites, eRepublik has been able to reach the Top 10, but only due to the relatively lower competition on a couple of the sites chosen. Moving forward, we'll be integrating more competitive sites which, in turn, should bring in more people. The obvious drawback is that we'll be requiring more support for these sites.

Considering that fact, I encourage anyone who wishes to help out the program to sign up for our Recruitment Reminders. Once we reach a critical mass of volunteers, we'll begin sending out messages to people via the personal message system, as a daily reminder to vote for the links. While I know this could be a tad annoying, the idea of the program is to make it as similar to working, training, and fighting as possible. If everyone, every day, were to vote for these five sites, we'd be in the Top 25 of every major ranking site, as well as the top site on a number of the mid tier sites.

Understand that at a lot of these sites, there are thousands of people checking out games, and many of the top sites average tens of thousands of players over the course of a month. Achieving a top rank in some of these areas could give us a significant advantage over time, and be extremely helpful in adding new blood to the eUS Community.

In addition to this program, we're also going to be introducing something called the Link Mentor program. The responsibilities of a Link Mentor are very simple; You must report, on a weekly basis, how many referrals you receive from a certain website, and send out messages offering to help and mentor anyone who joins through your referral link. In exchange, you will be allowed to keep any gold profit from your specific link. In addition, you may feel free to help spread the link with your referral link if you have the extra time.

If you have any interest in joining this program, please apply here.

As a final note for the Recruitment segment of this article, we're currently looking for anyone who has proficiency in video editing. Oblige has offered to donate 100$ to the program to support a pre-roll add campaign on Youtube, which will probably yield a moderate amount of results. In order to do this, though, we need to have an ad to play. If you have any skills, any ideas for brainstorming the ad campaign, or are willing to donate any additional money towards this campaign, please contact me via Private Message.

On the subject of other Interior programs, after a fairly lengthy transitional process, all Interior programs have been effectively transferred and are operational. I did have one issue, though, about a currently existing program. Nothing really substantial, but I simply felt as though the program lacked.....flair. You see, when I first saw BU2SU, I was really confused at what that could possibly mean. I remembered Tank Up 2 Rank Up, or TU2RU, which had a bit of a ring to it. However, Bank Up to Strength Up......doesn't even rhyme. I just don't feel any ring to it whatsoever. So, Artela, after agreeing that there just needed to be a bit more flair to the program, agreed to help me think of new names for the program. Listed below are a few possible names for the program that we thought of, so feel free to vote, or otherwise make your opinions known on the potential new names, or even just suggest one yourself!

1) Steroids4U
2) Work Out to Berserk Out
3) Training for Maiming
4) ??? (You Decide!)

Personally, I'm partial to WO2BO, because instead of actually posting any sort of article or anything, I'll just post motivational workout posters and call them messages. For example;

That's all for now. If you have any questions about these programs, or want to get involved in either Recruitment or Retention, we're still looking for help! Just contact me with your interest!

Until next time,
Civil Anarchy
Secretary of the Interior


eliwood_sain Day 2,455, 12:21

Work out to 'zerk out (to keep the syllable count consistent)?

Sideswipe Day 2,455, 13:06

Excellent job.

P.S "But Vote Here Too" wasn't working for me.

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,455, 14:37

Same here.

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 2,455, 14:14

My suggested name: Git Er Done.

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,455, 14:38

Voted! I signed up again. I have no video editing skills unfortunately, hopefully we can find somebody!!

Arrden Day 2,455, 14:48

BU2SU <o

Arrden Day 2,455, 14:50

Changing the name for what reason? I kept the name similar to TU2RU in respect to IS Stevens program. I replaced it with a much more productive program BU2SU (<o) and now you want to change the name....for what exactly?

Arrden Day 2,455, 14:52

Also since when is the Department of Interior using personal papers for Interior business? The Department of Interior has its own Newspaper. Which I might add has gone almost dead. So why not start putting out articles on the DoI Newspaper so the Noobs can ACTUALLY SEE the programs that are there for them to use.

Arrden Day 2,455, 14:54

A FREE GOLD Program for new players to upgrade their Training Grounds faster to gain more of an upper hand on the battlefield for eAmerica and help keep discouraged new players from quitting, "LACKS FLAIR" Did you get that everyone?

Civil Anarchy Day 2,455, 17:05

Comment deleted

dmjohnston Day 2,455, 15:03

Arrden rage. Color me surprised.

Arrden Day 2,455, 15:11

2 DoI articles in 45 days!
Newbs I talk to have NO CLUE about the DoI, BU2SU (<o) or Meals on Wheels. When I was appointed SoI I personally worked VERY hard to rebuild a Department that was left in shambles with all but 1 of its Programs going completely Inactive. And you know very well this is not at all the first time I complained directly to you about the inactive state of the Department of Interior.

dmjohnston Day 2,455, 15:27

I've addressed the lack of media activity in DoI multiple times in the last couple of weeks. This article is the 2nd in the last few days.

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 2,455, 18:00

Yes, it does lack flair. I didn't say I was killing the program, so all of that stuff is clearly still in play. Like, where in this article did I say the program was bad? This comment literally just seems like you trying to start a fight.

And why is using a newspaper that has more subscribers worse? I'm intending on using the DoI paper for statistical updates of the current programs, and articles explaining these programs in the new steps, which the DoI and DoE are working on as we speak. We also announced that in the previous article, so you would've known this if you had read them.

Changing the name based on what people want is a way to generate discourse about the DoI. Your concerns about newer players knowing about these programs are valid, and are exactly what we're going to be doing in the upcoming days.

Gnilraps Day 2,456, 05:14

Someone please keep Arrden away from newbs.

Trickstir Day 2,455, 15:28

Comment deleted

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 2,455, 17:18

I would be inclined to disagree, as it appears that there has been no public discussion about the program for a month. At worst, we only have to contact the ~50 people in the program at this time, which we do on a regular basis anyway. At best, we get a little bit of extra public discussion about the program, even if it's only by name. I will personally inform any of these people of these changes.

Wooky  Jack
Wooky Jack Day 2,455, 18:03

Why does it have to rhyme?

SHIELD has HAMMER Strength Training. Suits it nicely 🙂

BamaBettie Day 2,456, 07:28

Yes it does. 🙂

Synesi Day 2,455, 18:41

If you got someone to post 4 comments in a must be doing something right.

Arrden Day 2,455, 19:08


Arrden Day 2,455, 19:08


Arrden Day 2,455, 19:08


Arrden Day 2,455, 19:09

BU2SU <o 🙂

Pfeiffer. Day 2,455, 19:34


nick.bergman Day 2,455, 19:00

Tweaking the Weakling?

Arrden Day 2,456, 11:09

BU2SU <o

BeeBeeBee Day 2,456, 03:34

Flighttraining -

BamaBettie Day 2,456, 07:30

Hey BeeBee. I remember my Flighttraining. 🙂 It helped me figure out a number of things as a newbie. Now I'm running the HAMMER Program.

BeeBeeBee Day 2,456, 10:29

Thats AWESOME - There are many very talented players who came through FT and have gone onto SO MANY different projects and positions - 😃

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 2,456, 03:36

Coke up to Poke up?

BamaBettie Day 2,456, 07:31

Voted article and all the above links.


Henry William French
Henry William French Day 2,456, 10:46

BU2SU <o

Dave Gulya
Dave Gulya Day 2,456, 18:39

TGA=Training Grounds Advancement. Keep it simple. Use the terms the game uses, especially for newbs. It's tough enough to keep track of all the stuff out here as it is.

Cholan II
Cholan II Day 2,457, 04:37

BU2SU o7

Arrden Day 2,457, 11:58


kyerby Day 2,457, 11:04

I have been a p/h participant in this program from the start and feel no need to change its name from what it currently is. It has been a success and I am working on a 90 day contract with all 4 centers fully upgraded partially due to this program.

Arrden Day 2,457, 11:58

BU2SU <o

Triwolf03 Day 2,457, 11:08

I don't see the reason to change the name of the program just because to me BU2SU is fine. Rebranding it and not changing the program seems silly. Maybe work to make the program better somehow and then rename it 😃

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