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[DoI] IRC Incentives Program!

Day 2,057, 08:29 Published in USA USA by USA Department of the Interior

eRepublik is a game built around community, the players and everyone involved. The Internet Relay Chat system (IRC) that the eUnited States uses is a fun and exciting way to meet other players, receive help, and get more involved with your nation, your party, and other entities. Because those who use IRC tend to enjoy the game more, get more involved and often stay around longer, the interior department today is launch a new pilot program, an IRC Incentives program.

All members of the eUS are welcome to join #DoI-IRC , the channel of this program and say hello to any new players that come online. Players under (or at) level 27 can receive an incentive bonus of 5 Q7 tanks and 100 health when entering #DoI-IRC and going through the program with one of the op-ed IRC Staffers in the room. The staffers will help you not only get involved in IRC, but assist you with registration, the game, and finding MU’s and/or jobs that will help you. This program is designed to get people more involved and the Interior agents are here to help you!

Under level 26? Ready to earn your incentive reward? Join us on IRC here and get involved in the program! Channel Link

Interior Staff Need

The Interior department is also currently looking for staff members for most of our departments, anyone interested message Irule777.

Department of Interior Programs

Meals on Wheels - Free Food!
1. Be a US citizen at level 25 or under
2. Grab your profile ID (this is the number at the end of your citizen profile page url)
3. Go to

Bewbs 4 Newbs - Free Food!
1. Register @
2. Find a great bewb pic and your profile link
3. Visit and post your chosen bewb pic and link @

TankUp2RankUp - Free Tanks!
1. Be a US citizen at or between levels 25 - 29
2. Do not belong to AFA or any anti-American group (Party or MU)
3. Visit and apply @

IRC Incentives Program - Free Food + Tanks!
1. Be a US citizen between levels 20-27
2. Do not belong to AFA or any anti-American group (Party or MU)
3. Visit This IRC Channel and talk to an Interior Staffer

eUS Armed Forces & Militias

eUSAF Flight Training: Apply Here - Free Tanks & Food!

Flight Training is the official eUS Armed Forces bootcamp. They will acquaint you with the game, and introduce you to the way that Military Units operate. You will recieve daily supplies, and battle instructions to maximize your damage. At the conclusion of your Flight Training course you will move on to higher level eUSAF Military Units

Political Parties

Federalist Party A Helping Hand Free Tanks & Food!
1. Grab your profile link
2. Go to

USWP BR4iNs f0r z0MBi3s - Free Tanks & Food!
1. Register @
2. Find your profile link
3. Visit and post your profile link @

We The People Feed The World
1. Grab your profile link
2. Go to

Secretary of the Interior

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First reserved for the newbs! Remember to also check out our donation article and help the Interior!

Alexander Atem
Alexander Atem Day 2,057, 08:31

V+S looks great!

irule777 Day 2,057, 08:36

#DoI-IRC is also open to everyone who just wants to hang out!

Steve Wright
Steve Wright Day 2,057, 09:37


RaccoonGoon Day 2,057, 11:27

Gogo DoI. Getting more people involved for the win!

jkeller4000 Day 2,057, 19:27

how do we know if our mu is an anti American mu? my daily order has been to fight against American allies for the past two days? do i need to think about finding a different mu,or are some battle strategies to fight against allies?

nick.bergman Day 2,061, 15:55

Unless we were trying to return a region to an ally via RW, I can't think of a single reason why any eUS MU would have that as a daily order...unless they were working against our interests. I would consider finding another MU (SHIELD would be a good choice)

jkeller4000 Day 2,061, 18:01

oh i figured it out, my mu leader did not know how to set the do to auto fight for the usa, so it defaulted alphebitaclly, and so it always faught for argentina. but i told them they were being really lazy and did not know how to run a mu, so they figured it out 🙂, insulting people sure gets them to change their behavior, i always wondered why people got so insulting, but now i realize it works.

but thanks for your input!

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 2,057, 21:44


Rupert Hallamer
Rupert Hallamer Day 2,059, 09:25


runefar Day 2,272, 20:20

I have recently joined this group.But dont worry I will fight hard fir this brotherhood.

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